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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ufologists found on Mars building similar to Japanese tomb

Looking at the satellite pictures of Mars, a group of ufologists discovered the hill, an unusual form which is very similar to the ancient Japanese tomb of the III century of our era, built for the Emperor. Hunters traces of extraterrestrial civilizations were quick to say that they were able to detect the construction of aliens.

And the hill on Mars, and Japanese tombs are shaped somewhat like a keyhole. Such resemblance ufologists tend to explain the fact that in the past aliens have lived among humans and between the human and alien civilizations was a cultural exchange.

It is worth noting that many people who professionally study space and even visited him personally (including the head of NASA Charles Bolden and astronauts Tom Jones and Leroy Chiao) at various times declared that does not consider impossible the existence of life beyond Earth and even alien civilizations orbiting distant stars. However, to the “discovery” of the self-proclaimed experts, such “Martian tomb no serious specialists in the majority of cases, skeptical. At the time, as do ufologists are inclined to write off the lack of official comments to their reports attempts of foreign space agencies to hide certain information in the space agencies lack of response noted a reluctance to attract additional attention to the already unworthy of him. However, in this particular case, experts at the American space Agency decided to comment on the news, according to them, the mysterious building is only a hill, resulting in an absolutely natural manner.

Surveillance of ufologists often are of more interest to psychologists than to astronomers, because their example can illustrate the phenomenon of pareidolia — visual illusions, forcing to see in an unfamiliar and therefore mysterious outlines of familiar images. Only recently this phenomenon has allowed engines to “see” in Martian rocks and the shadows of the unusual shape of the skull of a dinosaur, the remains of Bigfoot, petrified shells the remains of a prehistoric fish, live rock, giant gorilla, camel, cave paintings, man-made pyramids, and the robot arm, a landing zone for the UFOs and even the man in the suit.

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