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Sunday, March 25, 2018

To proceed to the “Duelist”, the Director Mizgireva took 30 seconds

After the premiere at the International film festival in Toronto, picture of Alexei Mizgireva “the Duelist” shown in Moscow. Became her producer Alexander Rodnyansky, since “Leviathan” by Andrei Zvyagintsev difficult path to Oscar nomination.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

Alexey Mizgirev and Vladimir Mashkov at the Moscow premiere of the film.

42-summer Alexey Mizgirev — student Vadim abdrashitova, he, unlike many of his colleagues, is well conversant with the profession. In 2007, bright made his debut with the painting “Flint” has received “the Silver leopard” for directing at the festival in Locarno for the film “Tambourine, drum” was shot exceptionally tough and very masculine pattern, not leaving any hope for a brighter life. “Scrapper” — an unexpected move for him, too beautiful and somewhat glamorous picture for the Director, whom I used to wait irreconcilable statements on a contemporary theme. “I read Russian dueling code, printed in 1910, when no duels were not, — says Alexey Mizgirev. — It has detailed the procedure of the duel. I didn’t know that there is a replacement and may shoot another person is challenged to a duel. And caught the word “replacement”. This is now a story, which I came to the producer. Rodnyansky agreed to work on it for 30 seconds.

“A question of honor is a very important and timeless concept associated with understanding yourself, — says Alexey Mizgirev. — People think more about success and less about how it is achieved, but it does not mean that the feeling of honor is lost. The size of Bank accounts and apartments this is your personal dignity today.” Mizgirev has made a film not about XIX century, and about how should feel the people who took away the most important thing — his own person. This is the story of the killer, to pay for murder.

The pattern is beautiful and ambitious, but it has no breadth of scope, as constrained by the boundaries of the modern city, a small decoration. We see the streets of aged St. Petersburg, which would see the streets of other cities, say, Martin Scorsese or someone else from Hollywood Directors. In them there is something unreal and theatrical, although on the screen — only the real thing. 95 percent of the historical props, carriages, guns purchased outside the country. We have none of that. Only in exceptional cases the authors of “Duelist” had something to recreate. Taking the history of past years, they tried to talk about living people, like us. Not always it is read, and the past becomes the present. Weapons are also used genuine, however, loaded with blanks. Felt its poetry and magic power, it seems, for the first time in our cinema after the “Makarov” Vladimir Hotinenko, when it healed an independent life and began to control the man.

There was talk that the film will shoot in English. However, Alexander Rodnyansky said that such intention was not just considered different options, knowing that on the big screens today dominates visual attraction created by Hollywood. And in order to attract foreign audience to the Russian picture, you need to meet certain standards. But it was clearly understood that in the case of the English way the film will lose domestic authenticity. “I think this picture is so deeply permeated the national code that the English language would have destroyed it,” — said Rodnyansky. Hollywood creates myths. We also have something to offer the world, for example, the Golden age of Russian history, that is, the 19th century Saint Petersburg as one of the most beautiful cities. Rodnyansky believes that this space in the future will be to inhabit different characters. Although it is clear that the romantic period ended, and even James bond turned into a sweaty character.”

The co-producer of the movie was a businessman Gleb Fetisov (the company “Fetisov Illusion”), included in the list of Forbes. This is not his first film project. In 2014 he participated in the production of the film “In sport only girls”. As for the “Duelist”, then this story, he was immediately interested: “It is extremely close to me in spirit. The protection of honor and dignity for me. I frequently and seriously had to defend his reputation. For more than 30 years I live permanently in case of force majeure. Many times been in a situation of the duel when it seemed that there is no such human law, which will help to resolve the conflict. And now I have to defend myself from false accusations. An example of the main character Yakovlev convinced that you can achieve if a strong spirit. The film fills you with confidence in the power of truth and the inevitability of justice. So for me it was not a question, to be or not to be co-produced. The film is powerful, timely, accurately articulating a very sensitive moral issue.”

Starring Pyotr Fyodorov, who is incredibly beautiful on the screen, so even ladies, pale beside him, and Vladimir Mashkov. Pushkin in adulthood. Pyotr Fyodorov is proud of the fact of appearance of such paintings in Russia. He played a real hero — a fearless, sexy and noble. Vladimir Mashkov turned into a villain, and this, in his opinion, — the most sincere people: “It was a fascinating journey into another world. My hero needs to hide their wickedness, that all were convinced of his rightness. The most difficult is to find such sincerity. My hero — God of lies.” If he loves, as it seems, or is it just a game? “Love is an unidentified feeling, which people can forget about the honor, and, on the contrary, it can inspire to fight for honor,” — said Mashkov. Each of the actors seriously thinking on the subject of care. Pyotr Fyodorov and he stood there at gunpoint, remembered as vanished all the unnecessary out of your head in rush hour. “Duel — said Mashkov, is not death in a hurry. In that moment, when man stands against his opponent, he can show his best qualities. I have the duel never stops with himself. Sometimes you want yourself to duel. I remembered the medical term “mirror neurons”. I tried to catch them in the Director, it’s his material. My partners was also transformed. We made a trip on a roller coaster inside me.”

In “the Duelist” was filmed beautiful German actors: Franziska Petri, familiar to our audience at “the Betrayal” by Kirill Serebrennikov, and unique stage actor Martin Wuttke, who came to Moscow on tour with the “Berliner ensemble”. Francis never tired of repeating that the meeting with Vladimir Mashkov — a gift of fate. She is passionate about Tarkovsky and happy to work in Russia. Wuttke knew a lot about this city thanks to books and the guidebook, but its mystical component opened, just arrived in this city. “I understand why have you invited me,” he says. — The Germans played an important role in the life of St. Petersburg. But for many Russians a trip to Germany was required.”

What will be the Petersburg for our audience, it is difficult even to imagine. Unusual for perception, dizzying and a little Hollywood, it requires from the viewer some of the overcome and to enter the duel.


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