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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The prohibition of “AUM Shinrikyo” Russia is seeking “heritage 90”

The verdict of the Supreme court finally banned the activities of the sect “AUM Shinrikyo” in Russia, few were surprised. But surprised why it happened just now. We are talking not about the “Japanese exotic” but a totalitarian cult that achieved in the 90s of unprecedented success and received in Russia as many adherents as in Japan.

The founder of this cult, which arose almost thirty years ago, in 1987, became Chizuo Matsumoto, known as Shoko Asahara. Even before becoming “great teacher”, he was keen on alternative medicine, the occult, and the sale of “healing tools” violation of Japanese legislation, by the mid-eighties, he founded the “Association of magicians AUM” and soon, in one of his trips to Tibet, met the Dalai Lama, who saw in Matsumoto, a Buddhist guru of the new formation. Partly this has helped to attract new cult followers.

“Our battle group, located in Japan, will begin the systematic destruction of the population: women, men, children and the elderly”

The word “AUM” is derived from known to almost everyone of the mantra “Om” and “AUM Shinrikyo” is literally translated as “the course of true of AUM”. As for doctrine, it is a typical goritski syncretic cult with elements of Buddhism and the occult. In other words, the main element of the sect, and its Foundation was and remains himself Shoko Asahara as a kind of unquestioned authority that can help everyone suffering, but subsequently all of humanity. At some point, to facilitate recruiting converts in Western countries, the guru has proclaimed himself the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

Worship practices are quite primitive. According to the most Matsumoto, he “magically” reveals the “human energy potential”, initiating his internal energy “Kundalini” method “shaktipat”. Speaking in Russian through the imposition of hands on the adept Asahara “held the Kundalini from the coccyx to the third eye, thus making the adept “dedicated”. Also “shaktipat” could make a particularly close disciples Matsumoto, who in this respect has become a kind of “avatar” Asahara. All in all, “AUM Shinrikyo” was developed 20 degrees of initiation.

Saved Asahara, I must say, not from abstract evil, and from the “masons and the secret world government”. To be saved from this scourge, one “shaktipata”, of course, little should be devoted to the cult all his life. To donate money, lobby for the interests of the sect, to unsubscribe in favor of their property, to work in his factories for food, a good attitude and for the advancement in the internal hierarchy of a cult is nothing new in this sense, the “great guru” is not invented, but about the commercial side of life totalitarian sects never forgot. Trade literature, amulets and photographs of Asahara, as well as collecting donations from followers was put on stream. By the mid-nineties, the sect consisted of 37 different commercial companies.

In Russia the cult infiltrated in the Wake of perestroika in the late eighties, and immediately began to gain popularity. On TV even demonstrated conscious of cult cartoons – as “normal”, that is, recruitment was carried out from a very young age. For adults there is a daily one-hour broadcast on radio station “Mayak”, and “mass initiation” was held in the Olympic stadium. Was in charge of the Russian direction of Fumihiro Ziou, previously Minister of foreign Affairs”. Subsequently, when Asahara put, he was a contender for the leadership, but eventually became head of the sect of “Hikari-no VA,” or “Circle of light”. Doctrinally it is almost the same as “AUM Shinrikyo”, just with a new leader. Soon the sect had more than 10 thousand followers. At some stages of development of the cult of a number of Russian adherents even exceeded the number of Japanese.

In Japan, the cult moved to outright crime is still a few years before the famous terrorist attacks in the subway. There is evidence of intimidation and even murder of people who opposed the cult and its leader. There are also suspicions that a year before the sarin attack in Tokyo in Nagato (and also in the subway) “aumbry” held “rehearsal”: then killed seven people, but in the end the result went to deadlock. She “sarin attack on 20 March 1995, was the apotheosis of the activities of the sect. Versions about the motives vary, but sectologists inclined to believe that Asahara had planned in the Wake of the chaos to take power in Japan, to fight the infamous “masons and world government” more actively. Japan needed him the whole thing as a necessary resource for fighting. Did not grow together – Asahara sentenced to death. The sentence, incidentally, is not enforced. Moreover, the “aumbry reading prison, which contains their guru, made it a place of pilgrimage and the authority of Asahara in the inner circles of the sect remains unquestioned.

At the same time the sectarians held a “rebranding”. Today the “AUM Shinrikyo” is better known under the name “Aleph”. There are other names – “Sensi”, “Atman” and “Lotus”. The leadership of the sect renounced the methods of Asahara, saying that now they are extremely peaceful people. Changed recruitment methods. If the campaign was conducted publicly and on a large scale, now the recruitment is through personal correspondence in social networks and through the creation of closed groups. For example, you are invited to see the “unique methods” of yoga, and call for a web resource, where by paying a certain amount, you get access to the closed part of the content, and this content consists of photos and books Shoko Asahara.

The Russian authorities have attended to the presence of a dangerous sect in the country immediately after the Tokyo attack. In the spring of 1995, the Ostankino court of Moscow ruled to liquidate the sect upon a private lawsuit, but in the register of banned organizations, it has not got, just changed recruitment methods and became more closed. In 2000, the police detained a group of followers of the cult of weapons and explosives, which planned to release Asahara”, the leader of the group Dmitry Sigachyov subsequently sentenced to eight years in prison (or not sent, the Prime Minister of Japan, but found in a search letter, the terrorists promised to “begin the systematic destruction of Japan’s population: women, men, children and the elderly”).

On this, it would seem that the history of religion in Russia was to cease, but “non-traditional Buddhists” were people very persistent. And when Montenegro was an entire “Congress” oumouri the hotel “Perjanik”, among the “congressmen” were citizens of the Russian Federation in the amount of more than 40 people. Information on them was transferred to Moscow, and then on 5 April 2016, the MVD and the FSB raided several dozens of apartments in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where they found a secret cell of the cult. Finally on 20 September the sect was included in the list of banned organizations by the Supreme court at the request of the Prosecutor General, as seen from previous experience, does not mean the disappearance of her adherents.

Brewing a natural question – why for the final prohibition, “AUM Shinrikyo” it took more than 20 years?

As the response best fits the textbook phrase “the heavy legacy of the nineties”. Since then, Moscow was literally off the legislative regulations, the formation of which at the time was based on the doctrine of liberty of conscience (remember that many British migrated to America, seeking refuge from oppression in the religious part), which related to destructive sects were in our country is quite timid. Legislative practice in this respect was one of the most liberal in the world that allowed representatives of the most exotic and dangerous cults to feel free.

After the decision of the Ostankino court cult has really gone into the shadows for a long time “aumbry”, that is, not shone. In the case of Vladivostok sect (then “Aleph”) has publicly condemned the actions of those arrested, saying something like “arrested the wrong eletovci, we have no relationship”. This, incidentally, is a fairly common practice in totalitarian cults to abandon their own followers, if any of their illegal actions. Thus, it is believed that the cult of our law enforcement officers “were” quite a long time and only waited for a convenient moment to cover the entire network of cells “AUM Shinrikyo”.

The media continue to report that 10 thousand followers of the sect in Russia, however, this figure seems inaccurate. It probably is about 10 thousand people, in one form or another interested in the teachings and practices of “alternative yoga”. The asset of the sect – with regular practice degrees of initiation, donations and conscious faith in the great guru amounts to a few dozen people. However, a dozen people was enough to make a terrorist attack in Tokyo.

As for practices of opposition, the ban of the sect is, of course, good. But mainly the essential information prevention, so that maximum number of people knew when they called “yoga for a new miraculous technique”, it can be banal recruitment into a cult. And it’s not just the fans Asahara. Recruitment through social networks has become a new and widely-used method of spreading the most monstrous doctrines. The countermeasure here is one – an appeal to common sense and well-developed critical thinking.


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