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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The phenomenon of the President of the Philippines: why Duterte not afraid of the United States

Philippines continues to be condemned internationally, as their President Rodrigo Duterte, which is known to the General public curses and promises” to Obama, the EU and the UN, adopt more stringent measures in the fight against drug traffickers. On average in the island nation killed 44 people in a day as a result of pre-judicial police killings, which, according to the authorities, aimed at eradicating drug trafficking. However, in response to his criticism of the international community hears only curses the Philippine leader.

photo: youtube.com

“Will kill more people, die a lot, every dealer, – said Duterte, winning the presidential election this year. – Until the last manufacturer of the drug won’t kill you, we and I personally will continue to fight.” Largely because of such intransigence Duterte earned the approval of the local electorate… But not of the West, the countries which have long been considered partners of the Philippines.

The mutual defense Treaty was signed between Manila and Washington over half a century ago, and then began to develop a network of American bases on the Islands. The partnership between the two countries – this story is not only about the American influence in the region. For the Philippines, was an important US support and to address purely regional issues. As already wrote “MK”, the territorial dispute over Islands in the South China sea is almost pushed off foreheads Philippines and China, who threatened to occupy a controversial space force.

“The United States needs us in the South China sea,” once said Duterte in September of this year. But the question is about possible assistance to the States up in the air soon in the same month, Duterte called President Barack Obama a “son of a bitch”, commenting on the criticism of Washington over a bloody war with drug trafficking in the island nation. Later Duterte “sent” and the European Union

Watch the video on “the President of the Philippines called Obama “son of a bitch”: “I will curse you!””

Analysts believe that a rigid application of Duterte that are addressed to “ordinary people”, largely due to the political culture of Southeast Asia. But, in their view, such explanations there is another reason. “The Philippines is now in a serious political game – said the “MK” head of the School of Oriental studies of the HSE Alexey Maslov. – They are now perceived solely as an American beachhead in Southeast Asia. But today the situation has changed so that America can be disadvantageous for many reasons. More and more ideas of Asian unity.

Once the rough shouts from the Philippine President was in the US, just a few hours China said that the Philippines will support trade, investment, etc Philippines for the last hundred years was perceived as a country going rather to the West. Now it has become to interfere with them to establish good contacts with their neighbours as for ASEAN and China.”

The expert notes that its proposals China wants to “buy” the favor of the Philippines in the territorial dispute.

“For a long time Philippines lived by renting its military bases, – says Alexei Maslov. – First of all, an agricultural country and in a small degree – industrial. There is manufacturing industry. Mined copper, gold, chrome. Developing oil production, but the proportion is small. But the manufacturing industry in the total GDP of the Philippines is from 75 to 80 percent. All the rest is the location of the Japanese or Chinese manufactures of electronics in the area. Now the Philippines is quite active in the field of agriculture: a lot of supply to China, because China is the largest importer of products. The US in this economic construction lost its role.”

Watch the video on “the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte the European Union sent “to hell””


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