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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Roldugin said, why Obama is not left alone with Putin

Cellist Sergey Roldugin, who is now in the Kremlin his friend, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the order of Alexander Nevsky, “secret” told the journalists, RIA “Novosti” about the personality of the President.

photo: youtube.com

Additionally, praised cellist and leadership qualities of the President: “Besides the fact that he has a team, as a rule, last word remains behind it. He decides for himself. And so he respected both friends and enemies in the world.”

According to Roldugin, to say “I said so, and so will” can only be Putin, not the American or European leaders. Unlike the Russian President, they always will even hide the agreement,” whereas he is not afraid to take responsibility for themselves, and not afraid of even the most acute issues.

Said Roldugin and about the concert in Palmyra, held after the liberation of the Syrian city. It turned out that after the speech, “a man was killed when our convoy went out, but at this point the creative impulse, no one thought about the danger. In addition, said the cellist, “where every stone were our gunners”, and three hours before the concert the whole area was denuded by artillery fire so that “there was nothing I arrived”.

Said the musician was also asked by journalists about two billion dollars found in his offshore accounts, then the name of the friend of the President became known to the General public. Roldugin said that he could not adequately answer the question, whether asked in the courts, wanting to protect his name, however, will soon present “a new ambitious project, which will largely answer all the questions.”

Thus the question of the source of funds he stated that the “benefactors” and in that moment, when he needed money, he “went to the experts”.

Recall that, according to the President of the Russian Federation, the funds found in offshore, Roldugin has spent on buying musical instruments.

Watch the video on “Direct line 2016: Roldugin has spent the cello more than earned”


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