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Friday, February 16, 2018

Roldugin and Luzhkov, Putin awarded, wowed the audience with revelations

The ceremony (they were handed to President Vladimir Putin gathered in the Kremlin people who in other circumstances could hardly be under one roof — from pilots to clergy and locksmiths. In the crowd of invitees was highlighted by two people – first, Yuri Luzhkov, on the contrary whose name in the list of recipients instead of becoming simply and clearly means “the city of Moscow”. And secondly, cellist, friend of the President and hero of the offshore scandal Sergei Roldugin.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The ex-mayor, September 21 celebrated its 80th anniversary, continued to accept congratulations. On conferring the order “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree, he, in his own words, learned the day before from the “good people.”

– How to combine the award of such awards with the wording of your resignation – “in connection with loss of trust”? “the journalists asked.

– Can not be combined! – with obvious irritation Luzhkov exclaimed, ” I wouldn’t want to go into, but it is important to my attitude, moral and ethical moment. The order “For merits before Fatherland” – not just high reward, it’s a sign of the return of timelessness, in which I was immersed in for several years.

Dmitry Medvedev congratulated you happy birthday?

– Who? Luzhkov had deliberately pretended not hear.

Prime Minister of Russia …

– No. And this is the only case where I would not be congratulated, ” snapped Yuri.

Journalists, Luzhkov said that has not received an offer to return to politics. But this does not mean that such ambition is not there.

“80 years – to me unknown date – he said to Vladimir Putin after the award of the order of,’ I’m not retired, are engaged in agriculture and they grow buckwheat, which provide our red banner Baltic fleet. In addition, I tried to know the problems of agriculture and made some conclusions.”

These findings ex-mayor, he said, wanted to personally share with the President. And, to intrigue him, said: “I am Confident that the development of agriculture in the future may give us the abandonment of oil and gas.”

Read the story “Yuri Luzhkov revealed the secret of his resignation: “This is revenge”

Unlike Yuri Luzhkov, the other hero of the day – Sergei Roldugin – to ask for an audience with the head of state was not necessary. The musician knows Putin since 1977, and in the main, he assured journalists, President since then has not changed:

– He once said perfectly: “I Have no different approach to problems, as the interests of the state”. You see, in this regard, it is not changed, it has always been and all these interests are defended.

But in tactic decisions, the President did not become numb. The information war, and he is not afraid to answer the tough questions. I secretly reveal detail: protection Obama decided to leave him to talk one-on-one with Putin. The same figure!

– What is now more concerned about President – internal or external challenges?

– Putin does not share this issue. I always admire the fact that he is not afraid to take responsibility for themselves. Unlike European politicians. You can say that it is dictatorial. But it does not happen – it needs to take responsibility in contrast to Merkel, Obama, who even agreement hide. By the way, I know who wins in America! suddenly taken aback Roldugin correspondents. And, ” for a little mind, said: “trump will Win!”

Is Putin who said that?

– No, not Putin. It told me a wise man from the East, whose name I cannot call. But I travel a lot, communicate with different extraordinary people, they are with me sharing my thoughts. I myself Brexit and at first did not believe, I am not a politician.

But you and the President will probably be happy with the victory of trump?

– I have no euphoria. Before and after the victory – they (the candidates for the post of President of the United States – “MK”) different people.

Naturally, journalists could not help but ask Roldugin of the offshore investigation, which is recorded at the expense of the musician millions of dollars allegedly received from participation in questionable transactions. The answer was short. And, at first glance, seemed quite sincere.

– When you have a toothache, you go to the experts. When I needed money, I also went to the experts. Why I do not give interviews on this subject? Because I’m not qualified to answer. In a conversation about Tchaikovsky I hit a source. And the comments about “give money” – me to the second word knock. I went to the specialists of the highest class, and I’m grateful that they helped. I know that there is really all right.

– In court for defamation to serve you?

– No, then I’ll do just that. And I have concerts, the students… Even my students are caught near home and ask about it. Soon I will have another Grand project, which will remove all questions (obviously about where the money is spent – “MK”), – said the musician.

Its current award – the Order of Alexander Nevsky – Roldugin has received for his previous project – a concert at freed with the participation of the Russian military Palmyra.

“To play there had in very difficult conditions – the temperature on the stage reached 54 degrees, – shared his memories of the musician, Is a true feat of the guys from the orchestra – this heat, and they sat. I went to the shadow, scoring pegs, so they didn’t. But still could not finish to the end, although no one noticed”.

According to Roldugin, the military has provided unprecedented security measures that the concert was held: “There is in every rock were our gunners. And three hours before the concert in the side of the terrorists sent so many “outgoing” anything “incoming” there has not come.”

Cellist for so long and in detail talked to journalists that Vladimir Putin had already left. He silently got out of the hands of the head of state award and immediately went to his place.

But Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who was awarded the order “For merits before Fatherland” II degree, at the ceremony surpassed himself, metaphorically singing “Hosanna” to the President.

– The right hymn we had in the XIX century, – declared the leader of the liberal democratic party, and raising his hands to heaven, began to recite, not forgetting to cast an eloquent glance toward the slightly stunned GDP.

– God save the Tsar! Strong, sovereign, reign in the glory of us! Reign of fear enemies king of the Orthodox!

Other winners, of course, also did not forget to extol the achievements of the President and wish him many years, but to surpass Zhirinovsky, of course, no one could.

I remember you together with Dmitry Medvedev walking through red square, and Mr. Hvorostovsky sang: “Here come the soldiers!” And I thought, what a heavy burden rests on the shoulders of these soldiers. Visit us to take a breath and plunge into a different aura – was invited by the GDP Director of the Geological Museum, Russian Academy of Sciences Yuri Malyshev.

– Your policy has allowed our country to again intervene in the international schedule, thanked the General Director of the MIG Corporation Sergei Korotkov.

But Stanislav Govorukhin and Metropolitan Krutitsky and Kolomna Juvenaly after Yuri Luzhkov was asked not to write them in old age from the accounts. “Let them circling over me, my hawk, we pavoueim, dammit!” quoting Turgenev Director. “People, like wine, with age becomes stronger. I’ve spent my whole fortress will dedicate the Church and the Homeland,” – the promised 71-year-old Juvenal.

Putin in his speech tried to find some words for each laureate. But the longest talked about police killed by militants Magomed Nurbagandov, to whom his decree has awarded the title of Hero of Russia.

“You raised a real man, a true warrior. The whole country is grateful to you for your son,” the President said to the parents of the deceased. And all those present said:

– Our way of life ends sooner or later – is as they say, is not discussed. The question is: how we lived or how we died….

Really, think about it everyone. Including recipients of top awards.


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