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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Putin instructed to enter the resort fee in Russia: it will collect hotel

President Vladimir Putin has signed the order about introduction in Russia of the resort fee, the income from which can be directed at the development of sanatorium-resort complex. Since the resort fee is a fixed amount which is paid by vacationers, immediately raises several questions: how will be people with money, what will this collection, it will bring real benefits to the resorts of Russia?

With these questions we addressed to the Vice-President of the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers Vadim Viktorovich Prasowe.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Instruction on the introduction of a resort fee is only one of a number of orders signed Thursday by the President on results of session of state Council Presidium on improving investment attractiveness of Russian resorts.

Thus, by 1 March 2017, the legislation must be amended, which implies the vesting of the Federal tourism Agency rights of advertising products, including informing hospitals and clinics about the possibilities of sanatoria and resorts.

And before 1 April 2017 should be considered for creating territories of priority development in the resort, and by may 1, has been developed and approved strategy of development of sanatorium-resort complex of the country.

– Vadim Viktorovich, you already imagine how you will be charged the resort fee?

– There is not a lot of options. From the point of view of practices that exist abroad, and from the point of view of logic, doing so is preferred in areas of tourist accommodation, i.e. hotels.

What amount is it?

Minister of tourism of Crimea, for example, felt it necessary to call the amount of 300 rubles as a lump sum.

Regardless of the number of days of stay?

That, in my opinion, is injustice: people came for a weekend, a week or a month, and always pays the same. This is probably not very correct. Abroad there is a practice where the resort fee is established for each night. It is clear that he charged at the same time, approximately at the rate of 1 dollar per day.

– Talk about the introduction of a resort fee are more than one year. There were some difficult moments that hurt to take it?

– Yes, the debate going for a long time. And I wonder why the pilot project was not implemented 3-4 years ago in some region in це5лом and did not look at efficiency? Fears that tourists may be put off by the amount of 300 rubles, probably not relevant here. But anyway, the amount of the fee has not been determined, the proposals are different.

The second point is the collection mechanism. If we are talking about a decent hotel or Spa where guest registration does not cause any issues, is one thing. But how do you want to take into account guests from the private sector, mini-hotels, guest houses, from which, presumably, is not all-white? Then you need to figure out how to make one law common to all.

– There are successful examples that prove that the collection helps to develop resorts?

– Of course there is, and lots of them. In Europe, the market for legal, formed, therefore, by themselves cities look different than our resorts. But, I believe the time will come when our cities will put in order, hair combed, clean tavern and squatter. This takes time and money. Resort fee may contribute to this. As long as the money went to the development areas, and not settled in someone’s pockets.


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