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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Pamfilova has canceled elections in 9 areas: “mystical coincidence”

The CEC head Ella Pamfilova said the abolition of the election at 9 polling stations in Dagestan, Adygea, Mordovia, Belgorod, Rostov, Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg. In every region human rights defenders sounded the alarm, talking about “carousel”, ballot stuffing violations during the election campaign. In the Saratov region, for example, observers drew attention to the “mystical coincidence”: the 62 sections of the party “United Russia” has received 62.2% of the votes. However, these elections are “a blueprint” violation is not yet recognized. But in other regions of the trial is…

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Olga Lokshina.

In Dagestan, according to official data, the polls came 87,51% of the population eligible to vote. However, observers say that in some places the turnout was inflated tenfold. For example, residents of Derbent say that for every polling station in the city stopped several buses with the voting. All the passengers on additional lists voted for “United Russia”. In addition, according to the leader of the Dagestan Yabloko albert Esedov, nearly all areas were seen “carousel”, but even with its light turnout was not supposed to rise above 25%, so the authorities decided to throw 50 to 70% of the ballots with a checkmark in the ruling party.

However, not only throw, but also attributed. Plot No. 1056 Dagestani capital observer of the party “labour Union” said that the polls had only 200 ballots and Protocol 2000. Even funnier happened at plot No. 1135, where the counting of votes, the ballots poured out of the urn, turned off the light, and when turned on, the papers were already several times more. Member of the Public chamber of Dagestan Shamil Ablaev even said that after the closure of polling stations in Makhachkala, the urn with the votes actually were abducted by the chairmen of the commissions, which, not explaining anything to anyone, took them to an unknown destination.

However, the elections were canceled only in the village of Gotsatl ‘ Khunzakh district of Dagestan. As the locals say, improvised the head of the district said Yusupov came to the plot No. 1669, to throw a pack of bulletins, but they were prevented, resulting in a fight ensued. The urn was broken and voted blanks burned, reported later Yusupov. Now the head of the area waiting, when justice will overtake the unknown intruders.

Co-chair of the movement “Golos” Gregory Melkonyants proposed to create a special group which would check the accuracy of official turnout in Dagestan. Pamfilova agreed and even said that she’s going to visit the Republic.

In Adygeya elections were annulled only on the plot No. 123 in Maykop. According to the head of the Republican CEC Nurbiy Samokova, during the counting of votes of the members of the election Commission did not consider more than 1 thousand ballots, despite the fact that only the ballot box has been omitted 5583 Blanca.

In Mordovia the elections were canceled, plot No. 574, situated in the school of arts in one of the villages near Saransk. Observers found in the basement of a warehouse filled with ballots with votes for “United Russia” and its single-seat districts Rinat Hirova, fake electoral lists and so on. The organization of the store, apparently, took on the headmistress Adeline Schadow, which, according to the proposal of “United Russia”, had previously been elected Chairman of the precinct election Commission. The investigative Committee has opened a criminal case for falsification of election documents (paragraph 1 of article 142 of the criminal code).

photo: youtube.com
A broken ballot box at a polling station №1669 in Dagestan.

In the Belgorod region the elections were canceled, plot No. 1198, members of the election Commission which took advantage of the absence of observers to throw out the votes for “United Russia”. The secret is out thanks to the fact that one had gone away you left the camera on a mobile phone… the Investigative Committee has already dealt with the issue.

However, fraud also occurred at plot No. 233 and No. 684, where the electoral Commission was trying to manipulate the ballots voted at home. In the first case the forms was more than it should be, and the second person is just not left to those who could not come to the polling station. Law enforcement agencies are investigating the circumstances of the violations, but the election in both cases is still considered valid.

In the Nizhny Novgorod region voting invalidated at plot No. 2211 No. 2411 — members of both commissions seemed to believe in their own impunity and in broad daylight I decided to push boxes bundle the voted ballots. In the Rostov region on the plot No. 1958 election was canceled for the same reason.

Violations of the elections in St. Petersburg drew the attention of even the head of the CEC, Ella Pamfilova. She arrived to the Northern capital for a meeting with members of Ticks and Boom, which reported that the government aimed at open and fair elections. The head of the TEC №2 Olga Lokshina already freed from the authority because of the mass complaints and violations. Lacsina, for example, refused to accept allegations of violations after September 18, and also in due time did not enter the data of TEC protocols in system gas “Elections”.

photo: youtube.com
Olga Lakhina

The bulk of violations were recorded by the party “Yabloko”. According to preliminary surveys, Apple had to take a confident second place after the party in power, and eventually in the legislative Assembly they will have two seats instead of three. Here’s how explained the situation to one of their candidates in the legislative Assembly Halkowski Maxim: “the Most clumsy fraud were recorded in the Kirovsky, Primorsky, Kalininsky, Krasnoselsky, Moskovsky, and Pushkinsky districts. There was a classic “carousel” and the massive rewriting of protocols. In the centre of the city acted more subtly: drops the cadets of military schools, who voted first in uniform and then went to vote in civilian clothes.”

“Hot spot” of election day was the PEC №616, where recorded “carousel”, and revealed her journalist, who ended up with the administrative Protocol.

The number of minor violations — such as the opening of the ballot boxes without announcing the number of canceled ballot papers in the PEC # 1333 — even recorded on video. The number of precinct election commissions also “exceeded the plan” — that is, there received more votes than recorded in the lists (the turnout in polling station №1990, for example, amounted to more than 100%). However, this is explained by the proximity of industrial enterprises and a large number of voters with absentee ballots.

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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