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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Maria Maksakova: “I am strong, but weak I am”

Premiere of the video “Strong and proud” no coincidence, of course, fell on Monday — next day after the elections, when counted, announced and commented upon the results of the vote in the Duma. Maria Maksakova, Opera singer, soloist of the Mariinsky theatre and the now former Deputy, emphatically expressed his musical “FA” (meaning “Phi”) about what is happening. “Stupid” is not mowed. Got up and left, expressively showing the output of the middle finger (figuratively)…

photo: Vladimir Shirokov

The song is in principle quite simple, if you don’t count, by whom, how and in what circumstances public. Such could sing, say, Lolita. And Loline hysterical tone in singing Opera there’s even tapped (“I’m strong and proud, going alone through the city… We are different… I’m Sorry, I’m powerless…” etc.). The anguish and suffering happen in the background “talking” entourage: the heroine comes out of the doors of the state Duma in suit, business woman, go-go, throwing in the course of some papers from the folder (probably secret of the Duma documents) soleninskoe on freshly laid tile, and transformed into a colorful dress downright portly red-cheeked, doiceau” posters 30 years, comes suddenly (on foot!) right up to the entrance to the Mariinsky theater in St. Petersburg. And there are already blooms on the stage of the shaped diva… singer — composer Bajan (last name unknown) and the young Director Ivan Kit (the Russian spelling of his name also unknown) — went down in history is the fact that fastidious Ms. Maksakova changed for the first time an Opera role on stage.

The move is timed to the noisy outcome of the deputatka of the state Duma, and for the first time, Ms. Maksakova managed the first day to collect almost 100 thousand views on the Internet, and by the time send the text, the “ZD” number of clicks close to a million! Such success singing Opera diva has never had. But as parliamentary brawler — has already happened. Notes on its demarches published including “MK”, collected for half a million views. As the Deputy of the last convocation, she occasionally arranged a “celebration of disobedience” in the ranks of its own ruling faction — Edrotov. I abstained from the unanimous approval of the so-called “law of scoundrels,” deprived orphans prospects for overseas adoption, it was proposed to repeal the law banning gay propaganda, explaining in amazing pink outfit from the podium of an important collection of his obscurantist nature…

In General, do everything to fail the so-called primaries back in the spring when the ruling party was excluded from the future state Duma elections here too such obstinate and unwanted candidates from their ranks. So it’s time for smart move from Mary was enough.

About how she’s all “rigged”, the singer honestly told “MK”, explaining why he had no regrets about the Duma and is not afraid to be booed by fellow sopernikami for “tricks” with the “low” music…

In the clip, Maria Maksakova was transformed into a portly red-cheeked, doiceau” posters 30 years. Photo: press-service of the singer.

■ ■ ■

— So, Maria, “Strong and proud”. It is clear that this is not just a song, and a slap in the outgoing political past…

— Rather, it is a summary. My work in recent years.

And what is it — sadness, disappointment, anger? The text and visually it’s pretty half-tone, except for the phrase: “We decorated the ashes rhinestones”… joy is Not sure.

— It was an experience! In any case. I always understood what the Caliph for an hour. So I never acted to the detriment of a creative career, and nothing in this sense has not stopped and is not lost. There are no negative consequences (from MP) for me was not. And so it was very interesting. Why not to visit?! And anyway, the sixth convocation (GD), in my opinion, will go down in history as the worst way…

— That is no offence?

— Actually the song existed by itself. And visualization in the video is just our addition on the subject of some topical interest… the Song is full of drama, and text, and the music is quite hysterical. Initially, the heroine is talking to, actually with her lover, not with a large and inert state apparatus. The song is about love! But staging course has been relevant, so much so that we by the number of hits was in the top five of the Internet in the early days.

— When ripe idea to make this “knight’s move”?

— I have this idea matured after the (lost) primaries (Ms. Maksakova accusing them of fraud. — Approx. ed.). It was clear that it was time to draw the final line. And I expressed some feelings that, in my opinion, in tune with many people today.

— The music world was in sweet anticipation of the new Opera album, and you dropped all pop smash hit…

— There is an old joke: can a physicist do business? They say, to open a restaurant, a physicist can, but the businessman to open a new item is unlikely… And there is almost the same. One side — good. The other — more difficult. Technical features are of course present. But to say that in the morning I would like to sing a pop program, and in the evening to go and “Bang” Eboli (Princess in the Opera “don Carlos”), it would be an exaggeration. But within reason, if it happens in one day and the voice is resting, it is possible, in General, and to combine.

— One-off experiment?

— First clip. I release a pop album! Five singles, a few covers. Something like that. Pop, pop — I don’t know how you say it…

— Well released — and we understand…

— I’ve never tried anything to sing pop in a Frank manner.

— Not afraid to run in his academic environment to the criticism and sarcasm? There are in fact not very encouraged such “matching” to the stage are the highbrow snobbery…

All depends on what man has achieved in his career. Opera is really elitist art. So snobbery, in principle, justified if the person has no serious achievements on the Opera stage, and he hit, say, the stage, and even frontire some Opera background, which, in fact, no. But if you already held, then any experiment is just fun and funny. In my case, I think these conversations are stupid. I’ve done so many, what is possible and impossible, on the Opera stage… self-Evident that by expanding the range of its capabilities, I’m not going anything to fundamentally change. Opera is my favorite calling in my profession, I love my job. Her even work can not be called. Just the happiness I get from contact with great music. I gave all my life, starting with three years to study music… And to work at the Mariinsky theatre has always been a limit of my dreams. In 2009 when I debuted on this stage, a dream come true. I am grateful for this great happiness.

In the end, Sergei Lemeshev was also an Opera star who shone at the same time and on the stage…

— Classical music too, because it is extremely different. There is Baroque music, which requires a special execution. There’s Rossini, Verdi and Wagner… Inside each is almost a separate genre. And vocal techniques are quite different: there are valid, invalid… there is a Clear distinction in music are very blurred, more importantly, to each the music was targeted, it was interesting to at least someone. And gradation is high, is not high — it is ridiculous. Sometimes the stage is very high. And a classic is such that it is shameful for her.

— That is, blows from their artistic Director Valery Gergiev to not afraid?

— Oh, Valery Gergiev has forgiven me already an MP, so when it is generosity, I think I have the right to expect consideration and in the second case (pop album. — Approx. ed.).

— Now that the MP has ended, he must have sighed easy… and congratulated?

— We are now open season. Will go in a few days. Hope I will get the repertoire for next year. Basically, my life has always been subordinated to the repertoire. And the fact that I’m going back to the old schedule, the event for me is very pleasant. Priority in life has been, and remains for me one.

Is you so confidently realized after failing in the primaries?

— These primaries, you know, I just decided to put a fat point that was not painfully hurt for aimlessly lived years. In life everything can be reduced to absurdity. I am convinced that was better than most, and resonated with a large part of the audience — the voters and citizens. Therefore, it was not fleeting or insignificant phase of my development. The fate gave the opportunity. I had personal experience to make sure that this wall has no door…

— I think you got burned with this MP?

— I have one huge plus, is hoped to go not only to the State Duma, but in places is terrible. I there met their fate (the wife of Denis Boronenkov, Communist deputies, also failed in the last election. — Approx. ed.). It completely changed my entire life! When a person first gets married at the age of 37, and even for such a clever, handsome man who treats me! So I can’t say that about any regret — at least for this reason. I gave birth to a stunning son. Everything looks just like in the fairy tale about Cinderella…

— Although the coach turned into a pumpkin, but the Prince was…

Ha ha ha… Well, if we talk about something else, then there was good moments. A lot of interesting people, interesting communication. It was interesting to work with our speaker Sergei Naryshkin, and the Committee (on culture); it was nice to see at the meetings Govorukhin, Kobzon, Drapeko, Bortko. Our Committee was created a special world, with foundations, I’m very close. I grew up in such an atmosphere. This was the atmosphere of my house!

— Of course there are examples of actors Reagan and Schwarzenegger in the government, but seem to be in any Parliament in the world, there are so many sorts of actors, athletes, getproposal who call themselves “journalists”, and other actors — the public for non-core public and political activities. And now they became even more! What are you all looking for? It is such Russian specifics?

— Bad is not what they themselves are charismatic, popular, famous. The bad thing is that in our Parliament, with the degree of bureaucratization in General, the state apparatus, the person without legal training to do almost nothing. Just the first five years he spent on improving his skills before will understand what this road — bill, which, for example, he wrote, the signature of the President… Unless that person really wants to be helpful in their work, and not just pozhertvovat political party.

— So I say: what is it you are looking for? Okay you had a legal education in addition to Opera, the law on patronage wrote and shot…

All depends on what the Parliament is for show or for quality? Push buttons — the art, in General, is not too large. As in the Supreme Soviet of the USSR someone else asked the question: “I see a button “vs” and the “Three A’s”. But where to click if you “FOR”?”… It is bad when it creates the atmosphere of “netadvance” uncomfortable questions. And to ask them, you need to follow a certain path of development, and this development, alas, apparently, not encouraged.

— Your colleagues in the Duma reacted to the “Strong and proud” song?

— Yes, very positive! Those with whom I’m friends, members… My friend Elena Nikolaeva, for example, also already not a member, true, but five years in housing, a great professional in this business. She also loves to sing, has performed our skits and wrote to me very much pleasant. And personally, said. Many others like it.

— Your partner for Christmas duets at your skits in the Duma Chairman Naryshkin — reacted?

— We are not yet talking… But when will the album as a whole, I certainly will give him.


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