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Friday, February 23, 2018

High-profile arrests in the LC has acquired important details

Not many people understand that the situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk vary considerably. Including in terms of corruption schemes tied to the Ukrainian elite – past and present. Big arrest of the Minister of energy of the LC is almost heroic attempt to destroy the old bandit scheme. But the success of this operation depends on several important factors.

The arrest of the Minister of fuel, energy and coal industry people’s Republic of Lugansk Dmytro Lyamin was carried out almost live. The Internet is filled with commercials featuring the resistance and is badly beaten during the arrest Lyamina, giving the first indications in the style of Ukrainian prisoners of saboteurs. Sympathizers turned out to be quite a lot, especially that the military operation, the MGB proved to be very helpful: sympathetic Ukraine, Russian media has organized the week was full of sentimental stories about “sitting in the cellars,” the disgraced former soldiers of the volunteer units from among those whose commanders either did not want to be part of the structured armed forces of the DNI and LC are or were involved in banditry or smuggling.

“Personal cars now arrested the Minister Lyamina with huge amounts of money inside had been detained several times by Russian border guards”

The departure of the city of the President Carpenter also coincided with the arrest of Lyamina and his entourage, which gave additional reason for the rumors. Ukrainian media had fun as they could, and because of this their “skills” no one is to pay attention to messages about “revolution in LC” and “escape Carpenter.” The head of the Republic and indeed a few days was not in Lugansk, he was in Moscow, and came back and announced the creation of the national Commission for the fight against corruption (well, should this case to lead if another way did not work).

Manual operation to arrest Lyamina in secrecy was exercised by Colonel MGB LC Leonid beekeeper. Are now carried out additional investigative actions, in particular, conducted inspection in one of the chains of Luhansk, which theoretically may be associated with the illicit trade in humanitarian aid, prosecution, scary in any war; in fact, it’s looting). However, the main claim to Lyamina is illegal coal trade through front companies. There is even evidence that about 90% of extracted coal in the LC went to the Ukraine with the subsequent section of the profits through shell companies and accounts, cashed in Russia.

The secrecy with which the MGB LNR had surgery, suggestive. And so it is clear that the supply of coal freight trains from Luhansk across the front line in Mariupol (geographically the scheme is such) without major system “protection” and protection is impossible. This delivery did not stop even in the most intense periods of fighting, but just at that part where the railway crosses the front line of heavy fighting.

The scheme operated not only in the past few months. Earlier, against the existing system actively supported the Cossacks “first call”, in particular, the group dremova, that she would like to “sit in the corner”. Specific conditions were created in the Lugansk, which is supplied with electricity from the CHP long-suffering Happiness village under the control of the APU and volunteer battalions, including the infamous “Aidar” and “Tornado”. This CHP plant supplies electricity to the entire Lugansk, which is why the humanitarian situation in the city last winter was much worse than in Donetsk. Yes, Donetsk is more fired, but there was warmth and water and Lugansk was in a terrible humanitarian blockade. Now the front line is firmly established along the river, and the Luhansk thermal power station became something of a fetish. The quirk of the Soviet planned economy, it was supplied with the usual “waste” coal,” anthracite and costly, as it was mined (and is still) nearby, including the town with the telling name Anthracite. In the end, the supply of Luhansk TPP unprofitable, but strategically it is indispensable. Another thing is that the export of anthracite is the most profitable business in Lugansk, on a par with trade of food and medicine. In the LC, as, again, the humanitarian situation (unlike the military) there was harder than in the DNI.

The fact that the situation with corruption in the field of coal trade in the new Russia is close to catastrophic, for anybody not a secret. There were two camps that are constantly struggling for coal and “humanitarian aid” to those who have got access to them, and those who could not or did not. The second camp gradually spilled over those who are by this business are “squeezed”. In a stable minority were idealists – the representatives of the “romantic” generation novorosskie revolutionaries, initially fought not so much for the “Russian world” as “against the oligarchy”. They slowly but surely pushed back or destroyed. And now there is no sufficient data to objectively investigate the circumstances of the death of the Poor (“Batman”), the Brain and the Wonders. It was very different in character and lifestyle, and ideological views. But all of them – for different reasons – do not really understand how the authorities were Igor Plotnitsky is a born bureaucrat, a former small businessman, an official of the regional administration, earlier it does in the case of the new Russia is not seen, but in may 2014 became the Minister of defense LNR.

The main military achievement of major Carpenter, who finished once Penza artillery school, was the destruction of a volley of “Grad” column of the 79th airmobile brigade and the 24th motorized rifle brigade of the armed forces under zelenopolyem. This column was supposed to go to the Russian border and “block supply”, but was completely destroyed in one volley of accurate battery. Loss of APU was monstrous, and how would the commander of this operation Carpenter received the formal status of a hero, though hardly personally supervised the aiming sight and the angle of attack.

Carpenter became very convenient from the point of view of “curating”, as it is not used in Lugansk military authority and for this reason readily accepted outside help. He did not have his own combat experience, did not possess the controlled groups, but was considered “socially close”, as it maintained relations with the former leaders of the “Party of regions” (including unproven business partnership). Old ties with the environment Yanukovych became the main reason of what now the Carpenter (and in his face and LNR) enjoy more preferences from the “curators”, rather than the obstinate of the DNI and its poorly controlled Zakharchenko.

As the Donbass is closer to Rosieposie Carpenter and his men have until recently seemed unshakable. But in the last few months the leadership of the LC was initiated open attacks in the media, and only in Russian, but in Pro-Ukrainian position. In particular, published the intricate schemes of business partnerships in which Carpenter was presented almost as the head of the local mafia – “don Corleone” Luhansk spill. Most attributed to Carpenter’s “merit” is clearly higher creative level, but the trend is clear.

The main charge was connection with the old community of Yanukovych, to maintain their position in Kiev now. We are talking about the smuggling of coal that really is able to be carried out only in the presence of high-level intermediaries on the other side of the front “host”. As a “leader” in the chain of intermediaries indicated Rodion Miroshnyk, former press Secretary of Yanukovich, and now – assistant Carpenter. It is believed that this character, now actively supported the creation of a “Commission against corruption”, carried out the movement of coal. Not personally, but through intermediaries, for example, the assistant to the President Poroshenko Sergey Kusari. All activities are carried out through front companies, cashing and produced the artisanal way, as if in the 90-ies. Personal cars now arrested the Minister Lyamina with huge amounts of money inside had been detained several times by Russian border guards. The actions of the Russian side was the letter of the law: the border guards confiscated the money, designed the protocols, but the status of a Minister of the unrecognized but supported the Republic were allowed to avoid personal arrest. Russian law enforcement to do anything about it could not, and for Luhansk coal trade one-time withdrawal of a couple of million dollars in cash was complete bullshit.

But the local MGB has all the powers to this Orgy to stop. However, at some point, the impression that we are talking about the personal war of the head of Lugansk counterintelligence Colonel beekeeper, which do not take prisoners. There was talk that the MGB officers and investigators of the Prosecutor’s office “tenants”, they say, now they will shut down the brake, and in their Windows and the machine will roll a grenade. After the murders of the Poor and Brainstorming such a prospect did not seem fantastic. The beekeeper, by the way, the officer of the old school, local serving first in the OBSS, and then in the security service Department for smuggling and famous for the fact that he refused a bribe of one million dollars in cash in the times of absolutely frostbitten Ukrainian smuggling. This is the rare type of officer who fights primarily for the idea of law and order and went to the LC for reasons of practice, rather than formal ethics (“someone’s got to do it”).

Principle has now become a question not so much about the fate of detainees, but about how long the MGB and the MVD of the LC will be able to continue anti-corruption campaign at such a high level of arrests and “landings”. Long, monstrously extensive scheme of corruption relations are in these tops that little nobody seems. The relationship of the former oligarchic tops of Lugansk with the current Kiev regime is obvious, however, that the oligarchy Lugansk will be to maintain its position in the LC for quite some time, there was no doubt. Another thing is that these “socially close” ties and relied “curators”. Relatively speaking, the people of Ephraim (the former Governor of the region under Yanukovych, its actual “owner” as Akhmetov in Donetsk) it was easier to find a common language, than with the romantics and “celebarate” first call “Russian world”. The result was a large “handling” of Lugansk (Donetsk) and the retraction of the “new elite” in corruption.

And we’re talking only about the angle, forgetting even about the looting of “humanitarian aid”, polycarbona the exchange of prisoners and disaster medicine.

Unexpected departure of a Carpenter in Moscow directly linked to the fact that the head of the LC can not control the actions of the MGB and the MVD, which came close to the most significant corrupt relations in the country. The key issue may be the situation in army logistics: Moscow volunteers, past honestly everything you could were forced to own money to buy their own helmets and vests, it is not forgiven.

Carpenter openly sought help from the part of the “curators” in Moscow, which relied on “former” and “socially close”. It seems (or seemed) that this trend won and alternatives to reliance on former members of the oligarchy or the “Party of regions” in Moscow do not see. However, there is the example of Donetsk, which is nothing like that. Not, of course, to believe that the elite there and clean coal through Makiivka Mariupol is on white scheme. Perhaps in Donetsk just hand has not yet reached this kind of investigations and arrests, but the level of “supervision” there is another, and Zakharchenko will not come to mind to follow the tastes of the old oligarchy (although Makiivka railway junction, through which all the coal has not been canceled).

The actions of the beekeeper was such a media because of the desire to preserve an ongoing investigation in security. It is not clear, in hopes that the Colonel, when coming across the waves. Perhaps people genuinely fighting for a cause, not noticing the complex political intrigues around. Another option is finding more and more evidence: the head of the MGB of the LC still got support in Moscow. Only this can explain the sad return of the Carpenter home, creating a strange “Committee on fight against corruption”, which with great pathos and walked Miroshnik, is the key suspect in all the corruption schemes. There is no sense now to list all the names of the suspects and accomplices, but the vast majority of them belong to the old oligarchy.

In addition, this situation gives much cause for conversation in the Ukrainian media and in supporting them Moscow. But in itself it is not a result of LC. It is about overcoming the old Ukrainian system of corruption, which came up with not even Yanukovych. Only now to solve this issue will be Colonel beekeeper who gives up a million bribes. Not the President Poroshenko.


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