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Friday, February 23, 2018

Group Plazma: “We are faithful to its traditions”

In anticipation of the release of the new album, the lead singer of Roman Chernitsyn Maxim Bed and remembered what ambitions began his career, spoke about the idea of creating a video for the song “Tame your ghosts” and shared plans for the future.

Photo: press service of the artist

Had some set goals in the beginning of his career in the late 90s? Planned to revolutionize the pop music scene?

We sincerely believed that we will go the millions starved by censorship artists! We were confident that the performance of songs in the international language of pop and rock music will be in our country is absolutely commonplace, and will be welcomed by censorship and media. Alas the Miracle did not happen. There are, of course, in some places, and taken separately, but… well, the revival of patriotism, probably doesn’t need to. Perform songs in the language of “our partners” is not the right policy. But we are steadfast in our work, despite the fact that the patriots.

— What has changed in the nearly 20 years in the Russian show-business?

There is a new person. New payment methods songs. Little changed recording technology. In the media tightened formats. The Internet has provided great opportunities for PR. All this, of course, affected the quality of the artists. Not always for the better, but often in a positive way. Increase the quality of public performance is the fact. In General, the changes are positive, though… Despite the presence of the Internet, we think of freedom about 15-20 years ago, the artist was more: the media was not as rigidly formatted.

— You have songs in Russian?

— There is only one successful experiment in the framework of the project PLAZMA&Alenavodonaeva. The song is called “Paper sky.” She was very warmly received by critics and audiences, but the media didn’t support her. But not on this. Within PLAZMA Russian songs are there. We are faithful to its traditions.

This winter you took a little uncharacteristic for your group clip, even cruel, for the song “Tame your ghosts”. Tell us more about it. Whose idea was it to create such a plot and why?

— A Novel Idea. We took a long time jointly discussed and decided for implementation. We wanted to film something special, with meaning, because a little fed up with the endless glamorous video. Decided that can afford something unformatted and telerealite. And let still!

— Were there any other ideas for this song?

— Of course. We many Directors offered a beautiful shooting in Norway. Fjords. Girl. Beautiful fluttering red dress. But we insisted, and got what you got. In principle, the idea conveyed is true (thanks to the crew and personally Valery Vardanyan). Then it all just depends on the audience.

— How often do you have disagreements happen within the group? How do you reach a compromise?

— From time to time happen. Somehow reaching a compromise. We are not evil people.

— What do you consider the biggest success in your life?

— We managed to prove at the time that Russian guys singing only in English, in Russia is not nonsense, but it is a popular reality. To many it opened the space for creativity and pushed the limits of censorship.

— Lately it has become fashionable to write joint tracks from numerous popular artists. Do not plan such a project?

— So far no plans, but anything can happen.

— Tell us about your plans. You have already started to collect songs for the new album?

— Already gathered! And added a new one. The album will be diverse and very interesting. It will be presented in chronological order, all unreleased and raznoeksport works.


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