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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Former astronaut said that aliens exist, and predicted the death of the Earth

Leroy Chiao, a former astronaut of the American space Agency NASA expressed confidence that the Earth is not the only planet in the Universe inhabited by living beings. According to Chiao, the mankind is extremely arrogant to believe that in all of space there are no aliens, and only our planet was lucky enough to shelter life.

photo: pixabay.com

The astronaut, who last was aboard the International space station for 230 days, noted that his attitude towards alien life may surprise many. According to Chiao, primarily his belief that the Earth can’t be the only one of its kind, was formed during his flight, when he looked from the orbit of the planet, its moon and endless space. At the same time, a former employee of NASA recognized that even in the case of the existence of life beyond Earth to find it can be quite simple. Although the astronaut is sure that in the vast Universe there was a place for the other Islands of life, he is not convinced that the closest island is not in the hundreds of millions of light years away. In this way even to the nearest star after the Sun at the present level of technology development would amount to about 80 thousand years. However, experts do not lose hope that humanity will not need to leave the Solar system to find extraterrestrial life — for example, still does not exclude the possibility that under the surface of Mars can be inhabited by microorganisms.

Chiao also said he believes the imminent destruction of the Earth in the future. From his point of view, the life on the planet most likely to destroy the people themselves. However, whether human or natural processes, the appearance and disappearance of life on some planet astronaut calls as natural and inevitable as birth and death of living beings. “I believe that at any point in time in some parts of the Universe the source of life, and some die,” said Leroy Chiao.

Earlier that far away from the Earth may exist life and even entire alien civilizations, he said, including NASA astronaut Tom Jones, and even the head of the us space Agency Charles Bolden. While they both stressed that a fairly high probability of the existence of life on other planets does not mean that people should believe in obviously questionable stories about visits to the Land of aliens.


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