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Sunday, October 23, 2016

For the loan will be sufficient to bring the Bank phone

To beg the citizens ‘ access to credit and other financial services plans the Ministry of communications. Running for paper certificates to obtain a loan or mortgage will leave in the past.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

As explained by the Deputy head of the Ministry of communications Alexey Kozyrev, at the moment, several banks in the region have already agreed to participate in a pilot project on the abandonment of paper forms of communication with customers. If the experiment is successful, the new system will be introduced everywhere. It will look something like this: a potential borrower comes to the Bank, having at itself only the passport or other identity document. In addition, the office of the credit institution will have to grab a mobile phone. When the Bank clerk will know which set of documents he needs, he will send via the Internet a request for a single portal of public services. In this way it will be possible to request a income certificate, details of the property, no debt, room INN or SNILS. Further, the citizen will receive an SMS with the code. It will have to enter in the website services in the section “my account” and thus approve the surgery. Only with the consent of a citizen to access financiers to its data, the database will send the documents in electronic format protected by digital signature — the information come as a separate file directly to the Bank. Legal documents are equivalent to paper versions. So the bankers will not be able to deny credit on the grounds that the client did not carry any certificate. And the borrower will be relieved of the need to run to the tax office, the Pension Fund for police officers and other authorities. If the client is not registered on the portal, this can be done directly in the office of financial institutions.


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