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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

DJ Piligrim: from priest to mantras

Year in 2007, tearful song DJ Piligrim (Ilkhom Yulchiev) with a hysterical chorus of “you make me forget you I forgive you my dark nights do not call” capped tops of the charts and sounded on every corner. If before the artist was known mainly in his native Uzbekistan, the album “You, me…”, to whom she gave the name, brought him popularity in Russia, CIS countries and has sold an impressive circulation. And then the mysterious “wanderer” disappeared from radar suddenly appeared on the capital’s stage now with the album “OM” of the 12 Indian mantras.

photo: Murat Karimov

The presentation was held in an appropriate atmosphere: the scene — big Buddha statue, on the table — the gourmet vegetarian treats. However, the public has the most heterogeneous (ladies in evening dresses, men in suits, fun young people in jeans), and strange characters in Hindu costumes was observed. On the screen behind the pilgrim was broadcasted juicy video sequence of images of deities, bright abstract images and figures of the artist, cheerfully dancing to their remixes. People supported the musician and also actively danced to rhythmic tracks, which, it should be noted, sacred songs very delicately interwoven with the dynamic electronics. It is easy to imagine these songs sounding almost any modern club or open-air. In the intervals between dances Ilkhom conducted the educational program, brief and unobtrusive talking about each track and the meaning of the mantras which he has chosen. Apart from these, the album includes six bonus tracks in English, Indian, Spanish, Uzbek and Russian, among them a cover of deathless prose of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Permit her entry to the pilgrim gave the widow of a legend, Yoko Ono. Among friends who came to support artist was the singer Linda, who had with him a truly jam-improvisation. After the concert, “ZD” decided to ask the musician about who and why such a strange, but definitely a positive and interesting project.

— It would seem that the sacred texts and pop-music phenomenon from different worlds. As you occur to them to connect?

— I decided, why not try to combine the ancient sounds of the universe with the most advanced sound know-how, fashionable, actual sound. We hired a professional team that understands the trends in how today’s developing sound, and worked on the project. The idea was born to me during a trip to India, and there, at the Sivananda Ashram, I started working on the album. I wanted to bring those good vibrations to the public, so I deliberately did a cover version of the mantra in dance-pop style, which is close and available to people. Fortunately, all has managed.

Speech you said that in the recording process there were many difficulties…

— We had to overcome certain obstacles. For example, during recording one of the tracks singer we fainted, then mysteriously shut off all equipment… We went to another Studio — all began to work. In General, suffered very much, but the result was worth it. You saw today dancing youth? I hope they listen to this music.

— About you a few years nothing was heard in show business. What have you been doing all this time?

— When I got in the Russian show-business and everything began to turn, I realized that I not close: fame, money, popularity is not the goal, which really should strive for. They indulge the ego but does not bring happiness. I have come to a period when I wanted spiritual development, inner growth. And I left the big stage. In yourself, in yoga practice, began to study himself, trying to understand who I am…

— How did you choose the mantra for the album? Their own there are so many…

— Very difficult question. We have altered what happened. The work was a lot more things — 40 of mantras, but we were not able to cope with the rhythm, and cutting these texts, we remake them, of course, did not. The Vedas say that now — the era of ignorance and degradation. We set a goal at least to do something to ensure that people are not degraded completely.

People who just love to dance in the club, far from the Hindu culture, does not seem such a strange opus?

— All of these work on an unconscious level, the level of vibration, even if people do not understand what they represent. The energy of sound is one of the strongest at all. We add also the energy of light — video. And people on the dance floor just getting good, they unconsciously flushed. This is a very important project for me. I’m happy that, for example, in night clubs interspersed with some songs that sometimes made under the influence of drugs and alcohol, will sound these things created for positive energies. These mantras are doing their job. And the more I listen, the more open and your consciousness.

Today you showed a brand new clip, which even, as I understand it, still not finish until the end. This is a strange video where alternate some strange images — Oriental girl, a sleeping child, not the Vikings, not the Norse gods… what’s the idea?

— The Director and the author of this clip — Tashkent guy Sanjar of Maniatv. He is engaged in computer graphics. I gave it to him for mercy, said, “we Think up something and take off whatever you want”. I think he managed to capture the mood. He wrote the script, acted as producer, Director, himself mounted the roller and is now doing the finishing touches — she is working on computer graphics.

— As I understand it, the album is not just for the audience?

— Yes, I would like to capture American and European audience. I live in Barcelona and I see that the European countries, having, in fact, all of the necessary material values, are now in need of spiritual development. There is money, and suffering will not go away, so thousands of people are now engaged in practices of self-knowledge. Today yoga is no longer the fashion, it is necessity. I think people in Europe are well accepted by our music. It is perfect not only for club events but also for festivals, for example. On the one hand, this project — specific focus, but it builds on dance-pop music, which appeals to a wide audience of all ages.

— The curtain today you suddenly sang his old hit “You make me forget.” How to fulfill his new status, so to speak?

— Completely comfortable. Can’t say that I reinterpreted this song. The guys gave it to me in the new arrangement. I wasn’t planning on singing tonight neither this nor any other thing in Russian chant from the album, but turned out to be so impromptu, impulse, I felt that it would be appropriate.


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