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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Biden has threatened Kiev with Europe is emerging from a regime of anti-Russian sanctions

Vice-President Joe Biden, who does not hide that instructs the Ukrainian government on the phone, this time lean on Kiev if Poroshenko regime is not fulfilling the commitments to the West, the EU may lift sanctions against Russia. As noted in Moscow, Biden urged Ukrainians to pull their socks up and give the EU an excuse to relieve the burden of sanctions. After all, as stated Biden, for five EU countries ready for it.

Vice President Joe Biden has warned Kiev that the EU may lift sanctions against Russia if the Ukrainian authorities will not pursue promised economic and political reforms.

“The West is tired of Ukraine, but to refuse to support it can’t, so they will fight to the end that there was at least the appearance of reforms

This can be considered the result of the meeting of Biden with President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the sidelines of the meeting of the UN General Assembly in new York. “Ukraine promised to reform and received from the United States and Western partners for financial assistance, but her progress in the reforms so far are mixed,” stated Reuters.

“We know that if the Ukrainians would give the EU reason that at the present moment there are at least five countries who are willing to say, “We want out” of sanctions against Moscow,” he warned (or threatened) Biden, speaking at the Council on foreign relations in new York.

This statement by the us Vice President have ridiculed the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova: “In translation it reads: “Brothers Ukrainians! We still have to pull their socks up. Forget the meaning, don’t think about the consequences. Your goal – to extend sanctions against Russia! Repeat this three times a day, and the happiness of our children will be a consolation for yours,” she said.

Telephone right Joe Biden

Biden, who not without reason is the unofficial curator of the current Ukrainian authorities, said: since the crisis began in Ukraine, he was forced to spend two to three hours a week on the phone with the Kiev authorities, trying to persuade them to carry out “reforms”. “All this time I didn’t let the Ukrainians, stressing that they must understand that they all want to blame the victim, and therefore it is better to draw conclusions and act accordingly,” – he stressed.

As informed, Vice-President of the United States, “we will now draw up a detailed roadmap of steps to be done in the first and in the second place”. “First of all security guarantees from policy measures to be taken by Ukraine. Some of these steps will make it very difficult,” warned Biden, citing the example of “the special status of Donbass, which would require amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine. In addition, he reiterated that Russia does not fulfill its part of obligations under those agreements.

“Exerted the strongest pressure on all of Europe”

Saying that “at least five countries of the EU are tired of the sanctions, Biden did not specify which States of the EU had in mind.

But recall that not so long ago the President of Cyprus Nikos Anastasiadis said that the sanctions do not help to solve the problem in Ukraine. Slovak Prime Minister Robert fico also said that sanctions hurt European countries and benefit only US.

Meanwhile, the Austrian foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, previously also advocated the lifting of sanctions, on Thursday added that Ukrainians need to improve relations with Russia: “We need a free and stable Ukraine, which will have good relations with the Russian Federation and the European Union” – quoted by Kurtz TASS.

We should not forget that sanctions against already by both houses of the French Parliament, but also the power of the four Italian regions.

Also from the Vice-President of the USA was that Washington must “push” and the major European powers – not on the issue of sanctions, and in regard to the Minsk agreements. “We put tremendous pressure on all of Europe, particularly Merkel and Hollande, to hinder them (from the Minsk process),” said Vice President Biden.

He made it clear that the United States “there is reason for concern,” why Washington “has doubled efforts so that Ukraine has done what needs to be done, and further hinder the Europeans exit from the Minsk process.

However, that process has stalled, is not necessary to speak: on the eve in Minsk signed a framework decision of the Contact group on Ukraine about breeding forces in the Donbass. Later, the text of the agreement was published.

“Fatigue and fracture”

“The point is that the West is tired of Ukraine, but to refuse to support it can’t, so they will fight to the end to spend at least the appearance of reforms, – said the newspaper VIEW political scientist, Dean of the faculty of world politics and Economics school of Economics Sergei Karaganov. But because outward signs no, Biden said: “Do something, so we can put pressure on the Europeans.”

The expert believes that the prospect of lifting sanctions in the next year or two is hardly possible. “But the slow destruction of the Kiev regime all sorts of ways very likely,” he said. It is also likely, and destruction of all that is the European Union. But it’s not very good news. The European Union if it begins to crumble, will create more problems than they still it is understandable, though not always friendly, that we had until now”, – said the expert.

The source explained that while the Kiev authorities, to put it mildly, heavily dependent on Western aid, “the Europeans don’t know where to go, they have no options. They have maneuvered themselves into a rather difficult situation, which is not connected with Russia, but the Russian direction it was reflected in the fact that the Europeans tried to organize themselves around a familiar enemy. But to direct this energy inward they have not obtained. And how long will this situation, nobody knows and they do not know”, – concluded the expert.

Ukraine may become for the U.S. a “problem passenger”

According to the analyst, associate Professor of political theory at MGIMO Kirill Koktysh, a statement Zakharova that the goal of Ukraine – to extend sanctions against Russia, it is hard not to agree. “Biden sent by Poroshenko and his administration a fairly clear signal: either the Ukrainian authorities fulfill their support, or Ukraine becomes for US a “problem passenger,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

If to speak about the reforms demanded from Kiev Biden, according to Koktysh, the US wants from Ukraine is the same as the IMF – to reduce the level of corruption, with even greater reductions in social spending, the provision of foreign capital greater access to key Ukrainian assets. “On the financial interests of the same Joe Biden in Ukraine has long been known. So, I think, Biden is to talk with the Ukrainian authorities”, – he explained.

We will remind that the son of Joe Biden hunter is a member of the Board of the gas company Burisma Holdings, which is the largest private gas production company in Ukraine. In her plans at the time included the extraction of shale gas on the territory of Donbass.


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