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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Attempt to save Italy from extinction resulted in the scandal

On Thursday Italy will celebrate the first Day of childbirth, designed to prevent a demographic disaster. For several reasons, the Italians flatly refused to give birth, and social scientists promise the country a bleak future, where local residents displace migrants, especially since the government is so profitable. But it is already clear that the event was a failure – the very idea of it resulted in a resounding scandal.

In the summer the Minister of health of Italy Beatrice Lorenzin announced that on 22 September the whole country will be celebrating the Day of childbirth (literally the Day of fertility”), and the country froze in anticipation, because never before such a holiday in Italy was not. By August there was the first gala posters, and the country exploded in anger.

“The government is encouraging the birth rate among migrants, because it is low cost than to provide maternity leave and kindergartens to local”

Good taste posters really no different. One of them slyly smiling woman shows the hourglass next to the slogan “Beauty is eternal, fertility – no. Another poster reads: “Young parents is the best kind of creativity. In parallel, the Ministry of health has launched a special website and released a computer game for future moms and dads. This programme of celebrations, of course, is not limited to: Rome, Padua, Bologna and Catania will be held round tables, lectures, concerts, mass events, and so forth. All in order to stop the process, called in the media “the extinction of Italy.”

However, the reaction of Italians to this propaganda campaign was unexpectedly fierce. Twitter Beatrice lorenzin the overflowing indignant feedback from users who considered the promotion of procreation insulting, demeaning, sexist and even fascist. The softest opinion sounded like this: “Wake me when the Day of childbirth”.

It is supposed that the action will bring to Italy the attention of the world. Even her website is the English name. Their attention to the international community the intention of the Minister and indeed not cheated. Leftists and feminists conducted a well-orchestrated attack on the holiday, and the world’s leading media gave them a platform. In particular, critics remembered the Italian Ministry of health as the posters of Mussolini, in which women were encouraged to “give more children Home.” “Echoes of fascist past” called propaganda of the Day of childbirth and the Italian journalists. Popular journalist and writer, author of “Gomorrah” Roberto Saviano has said that it “offends all who have no children, and all those who can’t afford them, because in Italy there is simply no work.”

Struck by the universal indignation of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was forced to distance himself from the new occasion, he quipped that “after watching this ad campaign, none of my friends any more children will not do”.

Such a reaction of the Italians on this ridiculous campaign in his own paradoxical, but is easily explained. With children in Italy is really a big problem. The number of births per woman is lower there than in depressed and affected by out-migration EU countries like Bulgaria and Estonia. In 2015, the country was born only 488 thousand children – the lowest figure in the history of Italy starting in 1861. But as they say the critics of the Day of birth, the country needs not the slogans and lectures on the topic of conception, but the real work in the field of protection of motherhood and childhood. While the government of Matteo Renzi has made only one step in this direction: in 2014, families with incomes below average receive from 80 to 160 euros per month for each novorozdennogo. However, these measures are mainly for migrants, in their large and poor families from traditionally non-working mothers such money help. In a typical Italian family with one child the allowance will go “in diapers” and will not help to hire a nanny so that the mother could go to work.

Theoretically, in Italy, there are well-paid maternity leave. In practice, most employers force women to sign contracts under which they become pregnant, should write a letter of resignation. Otherwise, the work is sometimes to be found, and more than 40 percent of young people under 25 years are unemployed. Moreover, among all age groups, the number of unemployed women is much higher than the number of unemployed men. “The only social security we have is a grandmother,” say the Italians.

As a result, in a country where 90 percent of the population call themselves Catholics, and old ladies still stroking pregnant women belly for luck a raging violent demographic crisis. A serious relationship women do not give birth until they find work, and children are not at risk to give birth, until they provide themselves an independent source of income that would “stay afloat” with a small child. In such hands of responsible motherhood in Italy is only possible after forty. And the Minister of health Beatrice Lorenzin a typical example of such a strategy: she dared to give birth to just last year when she turned 43. This despite the fact that she and the father of her twins belong to the upper strata of the middle class, and poverty they are not threatened.

Advertising campaign the day of birth really gives a typical clumsiness propagandist who does not believe in those values, for which campaigning. Today the majority of Italians are forced either to look for work, or – if found it is to enjoy the consumption, because long-term investments – in children or in real estate – they ordered. Price threshold such pleasures as building a home or a large family too high for most people in the country. Therefore, an advertising campaign calling to be fruitful and multiply, and hurt the Italians.

In parallel, the Italian government is trying to prevent a “demographic Apocalypse,” which experts predict, in the traditional way, which has nothing to do with the Day of childbirth. The major peak of births in Italy occurred in the 1950s and 1960s years when the economic recovery brought in the Italian city huge family of the rural poor. How these families survive and how they broke into the middle class, you can watch films of neorealism.

Today’s children Rocco and his brothers” refuse to procreate. In their place are a large family of migrants from Romania, Albania, countries in the Middle East and Africa, who similarly stormed the Italian city and are happy to live in unbearable, in the opinion of the local conditions, if only their children took place in my life. And the government is encouraging the birth rate among migrants, because it is low cost than to provide maternity leave and kindergartens for local moms. From 2014, every child born in Italy, if he is studying in primary or secondary school, will be issued an Italian passport.

It is not surprising that, according to the national statistics Agency Istat, 37 percent are satisfied with their lives Italians accounted for more than 60 percent of all the happy workers.


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