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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The President of the Philippines to the EU sent to hell for his people

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte “sent” the European Union, commenting on the European Parliament’s resolution condemning the Filipino methods of combating drug trafficking. “I was reading the EU resolution, I tell them to go to hell!” – so delicately translate his words. The Philippine Chapter showed their invisible opponents of the EU the middle finger. Duterte becomes prominent newsmaker — not so long ago he called Obama a “son of a bitch”. What happened to the President of the Philippines?

Duterte added that European enterprises do not have the right so “hypocritical” to condemn him in the background of their actions in the middle East.

photo: youtube.com

Watch the video on “the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte the European Union sent “to hell””

The leader of the Philippines took office recently as the beginning of summer, however, his tenacity and ferocity in the fight against drug trafficking made him popular among the inhabitants of Asian countries. Duterte earned fame for its extremely harsh and sometimes even offensive remarks against their enemies and sometimes allies.

So, in September, Duterte called us President Barack Obama a “son of a bitch”, answering a journalist’s question about how he would explain to the White house crack down on local drug dealers. After harsh words, the US government even canceled a planned official meeting between Obama and Duterte. However, the heads of state still met at a regional summit in Laos, however, the level of these negotiations have already been assessed as informal.

Watch the video on “the President of the Philippines called Obama “son of a bitch”: “I will curse you!””

“Son of a bitch” (or “son of a whore”) is a favorite expression of Duterte, as you can tell from his statements. It was applied to Pope Francis when he visits the island nation. Duterte then complained that during the visit of the head of the Catholic Church the capital stood in traffic jams. “I wanted to tell him: Dad, you son of a bitch, go home. Don’t come any more”, – said Duterte.

When experts of human rights from the UN criticized the Philippine President for the fact that he encourages the murder of drug dealers, he called them “stupid” and said that it was his country out of the UN. However, he later clarified that his words were a joke.

Tough fight against drug traffickers – the main point of criticism of Duarte, which made it the main part of the election program. “Forget the laws of human rights, said Duterte, as mayor of Manila. – If I enter the presidential Palace, then I will do what I promised in the mayoral post. Drug dealers I’ll kill you.”

“Such ostentatious rudeness of the Philippine President part of the tradition of the behavior of some leaders of South-East Asia, – said the “MK” head of the School of Oriental studies of the HSE Alexey Maslov. – This was common in 20-30 years, when there was a struggle for independence. This type of leader is very well perceived by the local people.

While such statements are usually made in relation to the external people, foreigners, and almost not done in relation to their. This simulated being rude to a certain extent accentuates the folksy appeal.

In terms of a marginal tradition, it is not perceived as familiarity. This was common among Malaysian and at one time among Indonesian leaders. Under this there is a certain rationale. The countries of South-East Asia are very sensitive to any attempts to somehow put pressure on their independence. This is primarily due to the colonial past, which still lives in the hearts of the people. Therefore, any attempt to put pressure causes a strong reaction”.


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