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Monday, March 19, 2018

The party of the right things

So, the elections to the Duma took place. “United Russia” in Moscow received the most votes. It was voted 37,55 percent of the voters. All candidates-odnomandatniki from the party “United Russia” had won in their districts. Muscovites clearly made a choice in favor of candidates who have confirmed their intent to make the capital more beautiful and the life of its inhabitants better. In preparation for the elections, United Russia has chosen the tactics of visible real cases and proved to their voters that they are ready to listen to their voices and are professional enough to do your hard work efficiently.

Photo: The Agency “Moscow”

Nevertheless, the results of the single voting day continue to cause fierce debate among the competitors of “United Russia”. The question is raised about the low voter turnout (of 35.18% ), and the inconsistency of results of exit polls with the actual results.

The turnout was not low, but commensurate with all international norms and standards. In America, for example, in the last parliamentary elections was 36% of the electorate, says political scientist Oleg Matveychev. — The fact that the current turnout is considered low in comparison with 2011. (Then in Moscow at the end of voting it was 61.7%. — “MK”). But if you compare with 2011, you need to keep in mind two things. First, changed the date of the single voting day. In 2011 the people voted in December when there are holiday and summer seasons. Since then, both have introduced a single day of voting in September, each year raises the question of turnout. It was the election of the mayor, and many others. Take our most disciplined voters — pensioners. Many of them till October, live in the cottages. There they and the harvest, and conservation of land for the winter, especially for the sake of voting in the city they will not go. The second reason is the failure of “United Russia” for the sake of purity of elections from the administrative mobilization. Who misses the big turnout, even ask himself the question: I would like for him to go back to the time when all were driven by whips and carrots to the polls. The low turnout is just evidence that the administrative resource was not used. Great turnout, however, always indicates something wrong. Either this means that there is a kind of powerful mobilization, or that society is not all right and there is a protest. When everything is in the normal mode, the turnout was just exactly what was in these elections.

Experts note that Moscow is established and effectively operate a new system of regular feedback from residents — such as portal Gorod.mos.ru and Active citizen. Thus, the election has ceased to be the only feedback channel Muscovites authority.

Besides the victory of United Russia — a vivid example of choosing the right strategy of the election campaign the party’s candidates. While the opposition campaigned on the Internet, the candidates went from house to house and solve real problems of people. While others promised the party members doing real things. Only in preparation for the primaries, the candidates have held hundreds of meetings with Muscovites, during which revealed numerous problems of the city and many of them were able to solve before the election. Thus, at the initiative of United Russia, the disabled returned the full amount of benefits for housing and communal services was introduced 50 percent discount on payment of contributions for capital repairs, for Muscovites over the age of 70 years and total exemption from payment for residents over the age of 80 years. In record time managed to realize the project on the organization of urban school camps Moscow change”. Well-known ecological projects became a reality with the support of the candidates of the “ER”: the elimination of landfill in printers and rebirth golubinskaja forest. The party has initiated and intends to fully implement the project to build a “Green belt” around the capital.

“ER” has achieved renewal of resident Parking permits and the cancellation of advance payment for evacuation of cars. Initiative to review the current legislation relating to the procedure for the return of evacuated cars to their owners, also belongs to the “United Russia”. And the appearance of the capital in recent years, much has changed for the better. The city has built hundreds of kilometers of new roads, metro went outside Moscow, developed a completely new public space. All these changes are appreciated by Muscovites. And that is why the “United Russia” won in the capital with such a tangible advantage. Support for the party is to support the changes that occur in the city.

The campaign “United Russia” in Moscow is, on the one hand, full support to the President, and with another — the decision of concrete problems of Muscovites, — said political analyst Dmitry Gusev. — With these two General lines of the party went to the polls. They justified themselves. What is being done in terms of children’s activities, beautification of the city, the introduction of incentives for different categories of Muscovites — it’s all good policy. With regard to the integrity of elections — the results speak for themselves. In Moscow, there were about five competitive districts. Look at the result on 206-mu Tushino district. Beeps and Onishchenko, head to head went. View, where he won a Communist is a district 200. View County, where there were Rashkin and fat. View district, where there was frost. It’s all competitive, military district. This competition and subsequent election results is the best proof of their honesty. If it were not open struggle, there would have been different, would have won the candidates there’s a 90 percent margin. So this competition is a direct confirmation of the fairness of elections.

“United Russia” did bet on the honesty and transparency of the vote. It was under the control of the Public mission of observers under the leadership of the liberal Alexei Venediktov. Specially trained observers together with independent groups of lawyers through the video surveillance system monitored the voting process in the PECs. In principle, to observe what happens at the polling stations, could any person through online translation. And here is the result: for the entire election day, no serious complaints of administrative resources and the violation of electoral laws.

This is not the first election in Moscow, which are held so that even the most radical opponents claim virtually no, — said political analyst Boris Makarenko. — “United Russia” won the intense competition. Many of the party got above-average performance in Russia, including many new parties, for example, “homeland.” But the fact that United Russia won in all 13 single-member districts, where they were nominated, this is understandable, because people value “their” MP, and they see in it, first of all, legislator and defender of local interests. To be a defender, a member must be in good standing with the government. Here’s a pragmatic logic.


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