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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The government will no longer renew the privatization of apartments

The Ministry of construction proposed to stop the privatization of housing. As reported by Deputy Minister Oleg Betin, the right to issue a municipal apartment in the property only orphaned children who are given a choice: leave it as is, or to privatize selected state “square meters” a few years after receiving. The bill has already been transferred to the Ministry of economic development.

photo: Denis Staff

From the point of view of officials, this approach seems fair. In the history of privatization, which has lasted since 1991, Russia had privatized approximately 85% of the housing stock, i.e. the majority. However, in recent years, the state has come to see privatization rather evil. First, according to Oleg Betina, its opportunities are used by citizens with income and hide them. In addition, mass privatization has led to the fact that the housing Fund under the contract of social hiring has declined, and the remaining apartments are not enough to provide all socially vulnerable categories of citizens.

Privatization wanted to stop at the beginning of this year. It urged the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who has spoken out against the infinite extension of the right to free privatization of housing. The abolition was first raised over a decade ago: ever since the world saw a new Housing code of the Russian Federation, and it happened in 2005. It was marked with a fatal date – 1 March 2007. Then it was repeatedly postponed – for 2010, 2013, 2015 and finally in 2016-th year. But the Russians again deferred, this time until March 1, 2017.

His “weakness of character” the government is always explained by the fact that still many people do not have time to issue housing in property. And it’s not just uncollected citizens, postponing everything to the last moment. But those who without their fault do not ready to an hour “X”: the inhabitants of emergency houses, hostels, barracks, waiting, standing on the account decades, orphans – all who are waiting for an apartment from the state on conditions of social hiring. Then to the list of added residents of the Crimea, which also had to match the legislation. Well this year in favor of privatization played a more and elections to the state Duma – not a good time for unpopular decisions.

But the election is behind us, and, judging by the statements from the Ministry of construction, the need to “flirt” with the privatization disappeared. Further developments not hard to predict. Anyone who still has not issued apartment in the property because of sloppiness or disputes with relatives, most likely, will not go beyond the remaining five months. After March 1, 2017 to privatize housing it will be impossible even for the money. For the rest of the citizens who are waiting for social housing without state aid cannot solve the housing problem, worth waiting for separate decisions. Previously, the government promised to retain the right to free privatization for the residents of dilapidated and emergency houses, children-orphans and the inhabitants of the Crimea. But the initiative was rejected because of injustice “selective” approach. Now, apparently, the issue came back.

“The fact that the Ministry was just pointing out children-orphans, hardly means that other preferential categories of citizens of the right to privatization of housing will not receive. Most likely, all of them will consider this act and then the problems with the end of privatization in Russia will not be, – considers the Executive Director of the Consulting HEADS Nikita Kulikov. – Of course, among ordinary citizens dissatisfied with the appear. But in a global sense the presence or absence of privatization means little. The need of the population in this Institute are practically exhausted”.

On the contrary, much more relevant today is the issue of de-privatization. After the introduction of mandatory payment for the overhaul of the property turned out to be quite a considerable burden and many who have been in the “skin” of the owner, do not want to bear the costs of the housing. Go to people in the social status of the employer allows the Housing code, but the detailed algorithm of action, unfortunately, it is not prescribed.


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