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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Putin wins the West

Vladimir Putin’s victory in the Duma elections in Russia provoked the usual comments on the West – say, of course, Putin’s rating is, but it’s all thanks to the authoritarianism and intimidation of opponents”. While Putin’s popularity in the West (not to mention the East) continues to grow – although the local inhabitants, the Russian President, certainly not “intimidating”. So the Putin factor will play its role not only in the American elections.

The approach is almost inevitable victory trump at the election of the President of the United States makes the American establishment to do everything in order to stop the uncontrollable billionaire. And one of the main accusations against trump is his “Putinism”. Trump is accused of sympathy to Putin on the grounds that the presidential candidate constantly opposes him as a strong leader “weak Obama”. Because says it will establish a good relationship with the Russian President.

“In the era of globalization in Putin I see a man defending the national interests of their people and the state”

By American standards, especially in a “hot” propaganda war” with Russia, it’s outrageous adulation of “foreign tyrant”. And trump for a year beat it “Putin” – thinking thereby to discredit it in the eyes of voters. But the opposite is happening – “Putinism” is not harmful and only helps Trump. That is American globalist establishment are so divorced from ordinary voters that stubbornly do not notice how changed their sentiments. And today has become known the results of the poll confirm – Putinism helps Trump, but does not interfere.

As he writes in The Financail Times, held in August, the Economist and YouGov survey revealed that only 27 percent of registered Republicans have a negative attitude to the Russian President. Despite the fact that two years ago the figure was 66 percent. And among voters who support trump, the support rating of the Russian President is even higher: every third supporter said that a positive attitude to Putin.

It is clear that Putin can be an idol for most Americans is their view of it is a global mass media which characterizes the President of Russia as an authoritarian ruler, suppressing civil liberties, almost as a dictator. More importantly, how is the us media Russia – Russophobia from the mouth which since the early 20th century was interrupted only a couple of times for short periods of time (in 1941-1945, and at the turn of 80-90 years). But at the same time since 2014 the proportion had a negative attitude to Putin, was reduced more than twice – from 66 to 27 percent.

According to the same survey, 85 percent of Republicans believe Putin is a strong leader – and only 18 percent of Republicans said the same thing about Barack Obama.

The Financail Times trying to analyze what is happening:

“Adding to the list of numerous unforeseen circumstances of the American elections. Being under sanctions, Vladimir Putin, who for years was condemned by Western leaders and was criticized by human rights groups, there was a small but impressive fan club in certain parts of the United States, especially among voters supporting Donald trump. What seems even more incredible – this fan club, appears to be growing…

This shift in perception comes at a time when relations between Russia and the USA are at the lowest level since the cold war. Differences over Ukraine and Syria. Meanwhile, some supporters trump said that the confrontations are aroused even more sympathy for Putin and his worldview – especially in light of the fact that he and personal qualities, and policy looks the direct opposite of Obama… the Majority of supporters trump said that they had a positive attitude to Putin even before trump praised him as a strong leader, however, pleased with the similarities between the two politicians”

That is, see in Putin a strong leader and therefore set it apart from the rest of the world “leaders” – the newspaper quoted one of the respondents:

“I think he is the only leader of a major state, which are currently allocated. It acts in the interests of his country and does not hide it”

The growth of Putin’s popularity in the United States is not surprising – after all, if the trump for a year using this subject, he clearly makes this not so much out of sympathy to the President of Russia or desire to review the relations between the two countries, but primarily on the basis of electoral considerations – it is only strange that American analysts just noticed it. Although most likely, they just didn’t want to admit it – just as a very long time “did not believe” in the phenomenon of trump.

Funny some of the current comments of a prominent Republican ideologues of antitermite – Financail Times quoted the editor of the Weekly Standard neocons bill Kristol:

“The most serious harm that trump could apply to the American conservative movement, is to turn it into a movement in support of Putin, not freedom”

Trump will make the conservative movement in the United States in the Putin fan club – and it’s Kristol says quite seriously. Despite the fact that it is impossible not to understand the absurdity of this suspicion, accusations.

The fact that Putin is becoming increasingly popular in the West is explained very simply – in the era of globalization see it as the person defending the national interests of their people and the state. This is more than enough for a growing number of ordinary citizens and non-system, anti-system and just opposition politicians of the West. The system and those in power just can’t afford to say what I think – the Atlantic, the matrix will not allow it – but retirees often start to talk quite Pro-Putin.

Of course, defending the national interests of the leader is not only Russia – China is XI Jinping, in Iran – Ayatollah Khamenei in Hungary – Orban. But Iran has been demonized not worse than Russia, China for the West, it all the other world, and Hungary is a small country. And Putin openly challenged the Atlanticist – first with Snowden and Syria, and then with the Crimea and that Russia has the reputation of not just the great powers (albeit in the West thought that this greatness has remained in the recent past), but also of the country, always going their own way. So Putin is really becoming a symbol of resistance of the national States in the Atlantic globalist project, the same supranational global elites for whom there is neither Russian nor German.

Just recently the British media protested the statement by the new leader of the Party United Kingdom independence Diane James. In his first interview, she did not give up his words that Putin is her political hero. The fact that last spring James, even as a simple member of the European Parliament from his party (a party of eurosceptics in the 2014 won the elections to the European Parliament, beating and conservatives, and labour), said he respected Putin as a “very nationalistic” and “strong leader”.

Then she is just put on view – and now, when she was replaced by Nigel Farage as leader of the party, again reminded of this. The presenter asked her about who, in addition to Vladimir Putin, is for her political heroes, and, according to The Spectator, she did not abandon his words:

“It is not denied that the Russian leader is not one of them. She also said that neither Clinton nor trump are not the heroes. And when Andrew insisted on the fact that she named her heroes, she mentioned Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill. Then Andrew, in summary, it said that in this case the heroes are Putin, Churchill, and Thatcher. And James confirmed it”

Horror. “Thus, the leader of the third largest political party in the United Kingdom does not deny that Putin is a politician with authoritarian tendencies, and flouting international law – is one of her heroes, writes The Spectator. – Refusal to renounce Putin looks quite strange, because earlier in the same interview, she stated acceptance is based on libertarianism and the free trade concept, which was proposed by Douglas Carswell for UKIP the United Kingdom”

About “third party” is, judging by the results of the parliamentary elections and the independence Party won the elections the European elections, but also defeated in the struggle for Brickset. So while the Premiership James is not threatened, yet her appeal to Putin confirms the General trend antielitnye based on the dissatisfied masses politically movement in the West increasingly talking about their solidarity with Putin or even call him a role model.

Understanding a new phenomenon is the subject of today’s article in the Italian La Repubblica. In the article “everybody loves Putin”, starting from the results of the Duma elections in Russia, the newspaper tries to explain its popularity not only in Russia but also abroad:

“There is no doubt that Putin, like many other political leaders in our time, is a great populist. But populism is not enough to explain the attractiveness – both in political and in personal terms, which was able to achieve Putin outside of Russia”

The newspaper notes that in most cases, people who are admired by Vladimir Putin as a statesman, at the same time believe that Russia is a dangerous enemy and did not approve of her foreign policy – “in other words, today much more popular than Putin’s Russia.”

It is absurd to believe that Donald trump is configured Pro-Russian, writes La Repubblica, however, his admiration for Putin seems to be very sincere.

“Putin openly says no to globalization and Yes to the “classic” sovereignty. Every day people have less confidence in the projects aimed at the future, and because many seem very convincing idea that the solution to the current problems can be found, going back in time, to the great of Russia, the ideology of “America first” and a Republican, and culturally homogeneous France”

It is certainly not in the appeal to the past – and that Putin really stands for national sovereignty. In the era of globalization, almost winning it’s worth it.


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