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Thursday, March 22, 2018

On the potentially habitable moons of Jupiter discovered suspicious activity

The American space Agency NASA has announced a press conference at which experts will tell about a discovery made during observations of Europe, a moon of Jupiter. As reported, new data show highly unusual activity on the satellite, which has long been considered one of the most suitable for the origin of life the celestial bodies in the Solar system.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

New data on the processes occurring on the satellite, as reported, were obtained using the Hubble space telescope. The conference declared astrophysicists of NASA, is scheduled for September 26 and to be held at 21 o’clock Moscow time.

As reported in a press release, a mysterious activity presumably is connected with the subsurface ocean of Europa. This ocean of liquid water hidden beneath the ice, has long attracted the attention of many researchers by itself, the water is one of the key conditions for the emergence of life, and it is possible that it can be dissolved and the other components required for the emergence of the first living organisms.

How seriously scientists refer to the probability of the existence of life on Europa shows, including the final phase of the mission recently reached the orbit of Jupiter probe “Yunona”. When the probe completes its work, it will be sent to the gas giant’s atmosphere is due to the fact that otherwise it can accidentally collide with Europe and other major moons of Jupiter, thereby violating the “purity” of future experiments on the search for these cosmic objects living organisms.

We will remind, recently the specialists from laboratory of jet movement NASA in Pasadena conducted a simulation, which showed that the under-ice ocean on Europa may be similar to the Earth’s oceans and the chemical composition, and what is happening in it processes, and hence, the chances of birth in this life can be considered very significant.


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