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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Named unexpected the main use of peanuts and eggs for kids

Children who eat chicken eggs and peanuts from a very early age, in the future less likely to suffer from allergies to these products. To such conclusion the group of researchers from Imperial College in London. This, of course, small children in any case should not be fed foods Allergy symptoms that they are already scientists.

photo: pixabay.com

The experts summarized the results of nearly 150 earlier studies, which were collectively gathered data on more than 200 thousand children. During each of these studies have revealed the age at which children were first fed a particular food product. In the new study, experts primarily interested in the peanuts and eggs, often acting as food allergens.

As it turned out, the children who first tried krainie eggs at the age of four to six months, the child developed 40 percent less likely than those whose parents begin to feed eggs later. In turn, the “tasting” peanut in age from four to eleven months reduced the likelihood of developing an Allergy to it even more — 70 percent.

However, as scholars have noted, similar trends were not observed in the case with many other dishes such as cow’s milk, fish and seafood, almond flour or wheat products.

As scholars have noted, in the UK from some form of food Allergy suffers every twentieth child. The investigations on this topic carried out previously, often showed conflicting results. Some experts are even of the opinion that foods like eggs and peanuts to children is to protect from allergies to give as late as possible. The authors of the new study believe that the data gathered by them is a serious argument to the contrary, but also does not put an end to this dispute.

Also, the specialists underline that even if their data is correct, parents should consult with a doctor before giving children new foods to ensure that they do not suffer from allergies to them from birth. In addition, the researchers clarify that at an early age a child is much safer not to feed peanuts and peanut butter.

Scientific work focused on the results, the scientists published in the journal JAMA.


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