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Sunday, March 18, 2018

In search of damage from Soviet occupation” of the Baltic States raises the old documents

Lithuania continues to figure out who will feed in Soviet times – Moscow, the Baltic States, or Vice versa. Now the case has entered the Lithuanian science, which has developed a special method of calculation of damage from “the Soviet occupation”. Seeking, as stated, to “break the myths”, Vilnius actually implants a new.

In Soviet times, Lithuania is approximately 6% of its budget paid to the budget of the Soviet Union, and this proves that Lithuania, like other Baltic countries, was not a concubine of the Soviet Union, and the donor, said on Tuesday the portal Delfi and referred to the rector of the Latvian Vidzeme University of applied Sciences of Gatis krūmiņš, which is part of the Commission to assess the damage from the “Soviet occupation” of the neighboring Latvia.

“In the same Lithuania 25% of all budget expenditures was spent on the work of the Ministry of internal Affairs and MGB, and it was much more than the cost of industrialization of the Republic”

Together with the government delegation of experts, rector, arrived in Vilnius, where he presented the methodology of calculation of damage from “the Soviet occupation” and collected archival of financial documents.

“Spent to fight the resistance against the Soviet regime”

“All the literature of the Soviet period suggests that helped us a lot from the Central budget”, – quotes the krūmiņš Lithuanian portal. He added that Lithuania is “not so much, but about 5-6% of their budget subsidized the budget of the USSR.” According to the presented calculations, in Lithuania, in 1949 national income and the revenues paid from the Central budget of the USSR, amounted to 2.61 billion rubles, expenses – of the order of 2.46 billion rubles.

Kruminsh has no doubt that his technique will be useful in the calculation of Lithuania, damage caused by the occupation. “But compensation from Russia for me personally, the “second thing”, – quotes the portal of the rector. It is much more important to “we broke those myths.

As the newspaper VIEW, on 8 September in an interview with the newspaper VIEW head of the center for the study of genocide and resistance of residents of Lithuania Birute Bureyskaya announced the intention to examine the archival documents and to calculate the balance of financial flows between Vilnius and Moscow in the Soviet period the Republic’s history.

In an interview with the newspaper VIEW Gatis Krumins reported that several months studying the documents on the budgetary relations of the republics and Moscow and his method was the comparative analysis of translations from Vilnius to the Federal authorities and back. However, it is only on the second half of the 40-ies, so that the figure of 6% applies only to this period.

“At different times, of course, was different, but in Latvia and Lithuania in average, typically, 50-55% of the income remained in the Republican budget and 40-45% of revenues was spent in the Union budget. Some part of these revenues returned to the Republic, but for the defense expenses or costs associated with police activities. In addition, large sums went to other regions of the Soviet Union,” said kruminish. According to the rector, in relation to Latvia he has seen the statistics from 1946 to 1991, with regard to Lithuania, he worked only with documents 1940-ies, but here the trend is clear.

“A semblance of scientific character, and in fact – politicking”

“Of course, a percentage of the money coming to the USSR from Lithuania, was a bit smaller than Latvia, but still, Lithuania was in the postwar years more developed region than other parts of the USSR, to a lesser extent affected by the war. Raised me the same calculations of the Republican branch of the Central Bank of the USSR refute the myth about the huge subsidies to the budgets of the Baltic republics. In the same Lithuania 25% of all budget expenditures was spent on the work of the Ministry of internal Affairs and MGB, and it was much more than the cost of industrialization of the Republic. In fact, the money spent on the struggle with the resistance to the Soviet regime,” said kruminish. According to him, he gained access to secret documents about the expenditure on the army and the KGB in the Baltic States and ready to answer for every penny”.

However, Kruminsh admitted that in the calculations did not take into account the fact that Lithuania was in Soviet times, has acquired about a third of the current site, including the current capital Vilnius.

In 1940, the area of Lithuania was less than one third. Vilnius and Klaipeda districts, and part of the Suwałki region was transferred to Lithuania after 1945. Moreover, even before the great Patriotic war, Moscow has spent PLN 7.5 million dollars to purchase “Suwałki salient” area of over 8 thousand km (the current area of Lithuania is 65.3 thousands km). For comparison, this is more than three times the territory of Moscow. It is obvious that any financier today is not able to estimate the cost of such acquisition, including the capital.

“It is impossible to calculate the expense in the scale of prices”, – said the Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Zharikhin, Recalling that the main thing here is how to count. According to him, in the planned economy was a multistage system of prices: for example, oil and gas supplied to the Baltic States at prices below the cost of production and prices in the Lithuanian radio was, on the contrary, high.

In such calculations the analyst called political entertainment of Vilnius. “Everyone understands that no one owes nothing to pay. But it should be fun. In fact, they have to show themselves championing the interests of their people, reviving the industry of Lithuania, which is in terrible condition, ” said Zharikhin the newspaper VIEW. – It is necessary to make a decision contrary to the recommendations of the European Union, re-run the Ignalina nuclear power plant and thus save the country from import costs of electricity. But it is difficult, but to chew the fat about the fact that soon we in Russia will take hundreds of billions of dollars and live his heart’s content, – it is possible”.

In addition, Zharikhin questioned the veracity of statements that the budget money was mostly for the secret services and the struggle with the Lithuanian partisans, and offered to lay out specific documents. “How is it possible to count? Where Krumins took the costs of special services? This information was stored in the Kremlin, and not in Vilnius! All this visibility of scientific character, and in fact, the political manoeuvring,” says the Zharikhin.

The European Union is feeding Lithuania, as did the USSR

Apart from the territory of Lithuania, as other Baltic and many other Soviet Republic, which is actually a lot more received from the Federal budget than they give, as evidenced by simple numbers.

As already wrote the newspaper VIEW, before the war Lithuania were an agricultural country, and agriculture was really bad. According to various estimates, the damage to the Republic from the war as a whole amounted to $ 30 billion. Were also destroyed almost the whole energy, factories, transportation, bridges, ports.

The Federal budget invested heavily in the creation of a machine tool, light industry and chemical industry of Lithuania. It was built two plants for fertilizer production, plant for production of synthetic fibers, refinery. In the Republic there were the food industry and mechanical engineering. Built houses, roads, ferries were restored in the port of klaipėda. In Klaipeda there shipyard. Kaunas hydroelectric power plants and elektrėnai Ignalina NPP (closed already in the post) – all the Soviet legacy. In many respects the infrastructure Lithuanians continue to use to this day.

The Soviet Union also raised the agriculture of the Republic, invested in medicine, education, culture, the construction of health centers and sports. Annual cash donations to the Lithuanian SSR from Federal funds totaled 1 billion rubles (at the then official rate of the dollar to 60 cents). In Soviet years the population of Lithuania increased: from 2.5 million people in 1940 to 3.7 million people in 1990.

According to the newspaper “Soviet Russia” in 1992, in 1985, in Lithuania the consumption was 23.9 per thousand dollars per capita per year, and production – a total of 13 thousand dollars, in 1989 consumed 26.1 thousand dollars a year against production of 15.6 thousand USD in 1990 to 23.3 thousand dollars to 13 million dollars (in 1990 prices). Lithuanians consume an average of 10 thousand dollars a year more than it produces. A similar situation was observed, by the way, in Estonia and Latvia (the latter was a little “modest”).

In other words, the Lithuanians in Soviet times, lived beyond their means, spending more than they earn. In the Baltic States had some of the highest salaries in the Union. In the first place on wages was Estonia, at the second RSFSR, on the third and fourth Latvia and Lithuania (above or about 300 rubles). At what expense is it possible? Due to the huge investments from the Union budget, unpaid fees from Moscow. 75% of the Union budget replenished at the expense of the Russian Federation.

Incidentally, the same yesterday and today, and the European Union, which includes Lithuania. Annual subsidy of Brussels Lithuania, open data, be 1.6–1.9 billion euros.


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