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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Expert: the head of the LC Carpenter fears of a coup

It is very difficult to believe that some people in Moscow and Kiev, decided to combine their efforts to kill LC with the help of a coup. But it insists the self-proclaimed head of the Republic Igor Carpentry. “MK” has understood, that his words might be true and what is not.

photo: youtube.com

In the air, “the Republican channel” Chapter LNR Igor Carpenter reported that he managed to prevent a coup in the breakaway Republic, which was the enemies of the leader of the militias in Lugansk, Kiev and maybe even in Moscow. The objective of the conspirators was to create visibility for the “outrage of the Ukrainian people” to the rescue which was to come the Ukrainian army.

The Ukrainian side’s interest in such developments, indeed, no doubt, but where in Moscow could take the renegades, which also trust the inhabitants of LC, hard to say.

But for anybody not a secret that Carpenter has enemies inside the LC. From the first days of his election to the post of head of the Republic, a number of warlords began to criticize him for his betrayal of the interests of the “Russian spring”. Coincidentally or not, the most striking of his opponents were killed in 2015.

New year’s eve, “while resisting arrest, was shot grenade launchers, the former Minister of defense of LPR Alexander Bednov. The next day after the murder the authorities of the self-proclaimed Republic accused the deceased robbery, abductions and torture of people.

The main opponent of the Carpenter – the commander of the battalion “Ghost” Alexey Brain, which is actually possessed absolute power over alchevs’k, was killed by unknown may 23, 2015. His first car blew up and then fired on with machine guns. The authorities LNR blamed Kiev, but supporters of field commanders were convinced that the real culprits should be sought within Republic.

The last significant enemy Carpenter was the leader of the Cossack national guard LC Pavel Dremov. His car exploded in the day of his wedding, 12th December 2015. The friends of the deceased said that he had already booby-trapped car was given him for the occasion. Official Lugansk again criticized Ukrainian saboteurs, but close to the chieftain nodded at Carpenter.

Whoever was behind the series of assassinations of leaders of the militias, in 2016, the head of the LC, not a single serious opponent that would dare publicly to Express their disagreement with held in the people’s Republic policy. Despite this, in late may Carpenter fired a new commander of a “Ghost” – because he dared to set in Alchevsk monument Brain, but to demolish the statue still did not (as he said, afraid to anger local residents, who loved the deceased field commander).

How soured relations between the head of the LC and the rest of the militia finally became clear on August 6, when the car Carpenter was blown up in Lugansk. The leader of the people’s Republic and several of his attendants were seriously injured, but survived. Kiev has again received their portion of the charges of terrorism. As a result, Carpenter was seriously worried for my own safety. Now armed men are patrolling not only the infield of a private house, but also bypass the nearby streets.

Perhaps the fear of internal opposition superimposed on the threat of military invasion of Ukraine, but even so it is still unclear why the coup the head of the LC to connect Russia?

The answer to this question can be publicized in the Russian and Ukrainian media on the eve of performances of Carpenter’s message about the death of his parents, poisoned with mushrooms in the Voronezh region.

Nina and Benedict Carpenter moved from Chernivtsi region of Ukraine in the Voronezh region of Russia in 2014, right after their son headed the Luhansk militia. Its decision they explained spoiled relations with its neighbors. As reported by the Voronezh mass-media, on September 10-11, the parents of the leader of the breakaway Republic was admitted to a hospital in Voronezh with symptoms of severe mushroom poisoning, where the doctors decided to send them to the Moscow experts. However, despite the efforts of the capital’s doctors, a few days later Carpenter died.

After that, the head of the head of LC could easily be born the thought of him trying to get through the parents and in the difficult days to deal a decisive blow. But all this is only speculation.

His opinion about what was guided by a Carpenter, when he said about the foiled coup, “MK” stated Denis DENISOV, head of the Ukrainian branch of the CIS Institute:

The Republic is in the process of formation, which cannot take place painlessly. In particular, he is accompanied by redistribution of property and spheres of influence. Interested in destabilizing the situation in Luhansk is Ukraine, but in Russia there are businessmen and politicians who don’t always agree with the Kremlin and through the events in the Donbas to try to undermine the situation in Moscow.

Why do you think that in the LC there are problems with warlords who claim to power, and there DNI?

– In Donetsk, was originally the center of power around which was concentrated the warlords, and eventually most of them were included in the authority of the NPT or of its force structure. In Lugansk, the political and military elements of government were separated from each other. Many of the leaders of the militia did not share the position of power and tried to impose their views by force.

– Could have a Carpenter to develop paranoia amid the recent attempt by the news of the death of his parents, which they have poisoned with mushrooms in the Voronezh region?

– In terms of the ongoing war with Ukraine, the threat of assassination and coup is commonplace. The enemy is interested in any ways to achieve your goal. So the Carpenter’s statement was justified, but it is difficult to say to what extent.

– In November 2018 to be held the next elections of the head LNR, as I think Carpenter will be able to get elected?

– If, from the point of view of the population, it will not cope with their responsibilities, and he will be a worthy competitor, quite possibly, the Republic will be headed by new people. In any case, whatever the people decided LC, Russia will not interfere in their choice.

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