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Monday, March 19, 2018

Diarmud, Mcdouglas: About five in the morning in my cell went two

“We were stopped by heavily armed paramilitary police officers. The police did not like what I have called the name into Gaelic. They demanded that I have anglicized the name and address. I refused as my name is my name”, – told the newspaper LOOK activist “Republican Sinn FEIN” Diarmud, Mcdouglas, commenting on his arrest in the UK.

On Sunday in Moscow will bring together representatives of national liberation movements from all over the world – from California, Texas, Puerto Rico, Catalonia, Ireland and so forth, to participate in the international conference on the right of peoples to self-determination, told the Russia Today TV channel.

“If someone says, that is common with the IRA, it can easily send him to jail, because they are the lists of terrorists, many governments”

The event was organized by the anti-Globalization movement of Russia (the leader – Alexander Ions), which believes that the world is faced with the necessity of unification of the large social and political organizations who are fighting against the ideology of global domination and economic exploitation. In connection with this motion I propose to focus on the people’s right to self-determination.

It is expected that one of the guests of the forum will be the representative of “Republican Sinn FEIN” Diarmud, Mcdouglas. 52-year Diarmud, Mcdouglas is the father of four children. The party has held several different posts, including in the party Treasury. In an interview with the newspaper VIEW of Diarmud, Mcdouglas told about why Northern Ireland should become independent from Britain.

OPINION: Mr. Mcdouglas, preserved today in Northern Ireland, the hostility between the Irish and British at the household level?

DeArmond, Mcdouglas: As an Irish Republican I don’t care what people’s race, skin color, religion and gender. If someone treats me appropriately, I say the same thing. Contrary to popular belief, Republicans do not hate the British.

However, I use the terms “Occupied six counties” instead of Northern Ireland and the “Twenty six counties” instead of the Republic of Ireland because the Republic of Ireland was made in 1922. Both titles – “Northern Ireland” and “Republic” are the structures of imperialism that avoids the terms “occupation” and “illegal separation of the actual Republic.”

How would you assess the results of the vote on Brickset in the “six counties”?

D. M.: the Results were very unexpected. While the votes still were counted, we think that will continue to remain in the EU. However, the high turnout played into the hands of those who wanted to secede from the Union. “Sinn féin (PSF) Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness campaigned for it to remain in the EU, constituting thus tandem with the tories. But PSF was opposed to EU membership for many years! Some Republicans in the “six counties” voted tactical reasons for withdrawal from the EU, believing that it opens the door to the disintegration of the United Kingdom.

OPINION: all the time You claimed not to require a referendum on secession and require just the departure of the British from Northern Ireland. But if this tactic for many years leads nowhere, isn’t it time to correct?

D. M.: This issue is behind the red line, because we will never ask the occupier to leave the occupied zone. This is akin to politely ask the squatter to leave your house. We demand that they left, or at least allow the necessary time to withdraw from the occupied territories. There is no other, as you say, tactics.

Yeah, right, until today she has not worked in our opinion, this is because the British always managed to either bribe or intimidate the Republicans so that they accept the status quo.

From 1922 onwards, many in the Republican groups bought into one of two ideas – either a negotiated settlement or the acceptance of an unnatural border, which the British had in 1922. Every time a minority or even a majority of Republicans bought into the belief that the output of the negotiations is possible, they slowly, but firmly assimilated into what is a British state system. They left behind the basic principle of the unification of Ireland. However, I remember the adage: “Better to live one day as a lion and die than to live a thousand years goat”.

OPINION: they Say, your party (a breakaway in 1986 from the “Sinn FEIN”) is still in contact with one of the sections of the IRA (Irish Republican army)? If there’s no smoke without fire?

D. M.:Republican Sinn FEIN” is not broke. During the party split in 1986, Yes, most went with the PSF, but we in Republican Sinn féin remained faithful to the Constitution of the party, so we can say that they broke away from us.

If someone says that they’re with the IRA, it can easily send him to jail, as they are in the terrorist lists in many governments. This is despite the fact that in recent months made public was the fact that the British army in fact, she participated in increased interfaith tensions in the “six counties” for many years. The British military is arming different groups, supplied data about the people who had to kill themselves, and even went outside and killed innocent people in an attempt to intimidate entire communities. Not to mention the public murders committed by the so-called police for civil rights (civil rights policing).

OPINION: IN my Facebook you wrote that you spent time in prison for what you just spoke Gaelic. How did this happen?

D. M.: One afternoon in 2014 we went with a friend from friends in Derry (this is also part of Ireland occupied by UK), we were stopped by heavily armed paramilitary police officers. At their request we as law-abiding people called their names and addresses. However, the police did not like what I have called the name into Gaelic. They demanded that I have anglicized the name and address. I refused as my name is my name. In a few minutes the dispute has threatened me with arrest if I did not obey. It is impossible to imagine that the same is demanded from a Russian or a person of another nationality! But for me and my friend it was nothing like antiislanding manifestation of racism. I refused, was arrested and taken to the police station.

The next morning I appeared in court and was accused of violating British anti-terrorism legislation. I confess, even the judge remarked how strange it sounds, the prosecution only in the fact that my name and address was sounded in the native language, but he couldn’t close the deal.

One night, about five in the morning, my camera went two. I can only assume that they were from MI-5 or MI-6 (British secret service – approx. OPINION). They asked if I had any information about so-called dissident Republican activity. I said nothing, turned his back and pulled the blanket his head, and they left. Any arrested person may be interviewed by the British intelligence services. Often these are young people, incited to throw “evidence” in people’s homes.

I was arrested several times. I accept it as an integral part of the life of a Republican. This is a simple example of the oppression of the Irish people, who are suffering in occupied Ireland. This has happened with many people: men, women and even children.

For example, this year opened a memorial garden in Armagh (the other part of the territory of “six counties”). All raised to pay for the creation of this garden. The opening was attended by about 1,500 people. When it was over and people went quietly home again, armed police, most of them in civilian clothes, came in cars and arrested 12 people, accused them of “taking part in illegal parade” and “membership in an illegal organization”.

Then these people released, but they may yet appear before the court, waiting for a final decision. After those initial arrests followed the others, already 60 people have received notices that they may be arrested and will be charged.

OPINION: What do you think about the problem of Russian in Ukraine? Is it possible to draw an analogy between him and the Irish in the UK?

D. M.: the Problem of Ukraine is complicated, and I’m not fully aware of the history of the region. Know that Ukraine was part of Russia for thousands of years. Many people in Ukraine consider themselves Russian, especially those living in the East of the country. Crimea was under Ukrainian control only the last 60 years.

In recent years external forces have actively participated in agitation in Ukraine to achieve a complete break with Russia. The European Union along with the United States supported the government, which can only be described as extreme right. This government, along with other right-wing paramilitary groups involved in killings of those who opposed the break with Russia, as well as left-wing activists.

From this point of view, there really is a resemblance with the occupied portion of Ireland: the oppression of the weak, murder and no real investigation, interference by external forces who are only interested in destabilization of the neighboring territories for its selfish ends.


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