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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Collectors waiting for the law on the import and export of antiquities

On Wednesday in the Public chamber held public hearings on broad issues related to collecting, especially because, as it turned out, about 40% of Russians have as Hobbies or other gathering, albeit small. It is clear that a serious, consistent collectors much less, but anyway substantial gaps in the legislation complicate their lives.

photo: pixabay.com

First, the speakers of the round table declared bonistika and numismatics of the most popular types of collecting in the country (which should, in particular, of an active online communication); behind them in the “budget segment” — fans of phonograph records, postcards, toys and other things like that. Although, of course, we cannot forget the Antiques (samovars Yes infinite irons), an old painting, about philately, about the weapons… So name them, collectors — are Legion.

However, only a small percentage of collectors enters the market, in exhibition space. A smaller percentage contributes to the promotion of collecting in the shadows; that this, again, is a serious problem that the industry is transparent and attractive to the objects lying on the chests and attics, and “went out”, and need the support of the media and specialized magazines, and the normal relations of collectors with the same law enforcement agencies. Not to say that the gathering is in a very chaotic flight, as in 90-e years, some progress there, but the basic points are still not registered.

All of the participants (and this collectors, and representatives of the Ministry of culture, Museum Directors) understand that we need to help the development of the collectibles in the country — says “MK”, the Chairman of the Commission of OP on culture Andrey Kovalchuk.

— And simple people it is not always clear that it stimulates the art market, stimulates artists to create new works… not all trace that causality.

— Alas, in the everyday sense, the collector is only a collector of paintings. But in addition to painting there are a wide range of interests of our citizens, and to call the collectors can be hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people. The theme for many. But there are unresolved legislative issues. One is the issue of import and export of works of art…

— This issue is being discussed with the 90-ies, and things are there.

— And his very different community members, representatives of the Ministry of culture, of law enforcement. Therefore, it is important to develop a common consolidated position than we actually do. Need to correct the law — no kinks for collectors, but also guarding the interests of the state. The adoption of the law, of course, will deal with the new convocation of the state Duma; the law only in the development stage, many disputes, controversies. Changes are needed — everyone knows it. The process goes the gun as the scope is being born.

And what’s encouraging is legalized.

— Of course. We must remember that from private collections eventually grew all of our best museums. If we help collectors, and future generations will see the current “modern art”. This is an important point. So we will form a working group and the best, most thoughtful proposal sent to the culture Committee of the state Duma.

— Alas, sometimes the society itself in the mass, must Mature to a new civilized standards. They are ripe?

Society gradually Matures. This can be seen in the interest in museums, to art, to high-profile exhibitions Serov, Aivazovsky, to the contemporary exhibition projects. So people are ready to adequate perception…

But the adoption of the law — this is not the case next year?

— It’s hard to say, but I think that the new composition will take up this law with great enthusiasm. And besides, there is not yet adopted laws on culture, on patronage… All this together will give a strong positive result.


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