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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Cats accused in the extermination of the 63 species of animals

It is well known that the sight of potential prey, most domestic cats transformed from cute animals in a ruthless and cruel predators. However, a group of Australian researchers led by Tim Daugherty from Deakin University recently concluded that on a global scale the consequences of this transformation looks truly frightening: half a Millennium cats completely destroyed 63 species of domestic animals and put many other species on the brink of destruction.

photo: pixabay.com

To a large extent the disappearance from the face of the Earth species, destroyed by the cats remain on the conscience of man. It is the people, having settled around the world, contributed to the spread of it and their Pets, and new places those cats who, due to various reasons alienated, began to actively hunt the local fauna.

It is known that invasive species, once in the “established” ecosystem, often leading to its destruction — either due to the fact that local production is unable them to oppose anything, either because they themselves “guests” are not accepted by local predators as food. In the new study, experts have tried to find out how strong was the impact of resettlement in the new territory animals, “pestered”. To determine this, experts have used the data of the International Union for conservation of nature and several other sources. As it turned out, and invasive species are guilty, at least in the destruction of the 87 species of birds, 45 species of mammals and 10 species. Nearly 600 species are on the brink of destruction because the animals spread around the world together with man.

The contribution of cats in the extermination of various animals has been more than impressive — for five hundred years they have played a key role in the disappearance of 63 different species of animals. All rodents are collectively “responsible” for the disappearance of 75 species, and, for example, dogs only 10.

Experts note that the different effects of invasive species on ecosystems in the past was devoted to the many various studies, however, they were not allowed to see the global picture of the extent to which this allows a new job.

Their conclusion, scientists reported in the journal Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences.


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