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Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Wake-up call

To start this story since the 1990-ies, when lived in Moscow officer Dmitry Kosarev. He has worked in various ministries and departments, but, like Gogol’s Akaky had a big dream. However, it seems, dreamed of Dmitry about his coat, and on returning Russia to an absolute monarchy.

He dreamed actively. Kosarev contacted the heirs of the Romanovs, wrote various letters, offered to improve the Constitution. One time he actively sought the provision of Romanov guest house in the capital and highlight the contents of public funds. As a true monarchist, Kosarev wanted to serve the heirs to the throne. It seemed to him that most of the benefit it will bring as a Treasurer. However, the Romanovs were in no hurry to appoint Kosarev to the position. But state funds are not allocated, instead of the guest house suggested a strange country, the Constitution is not copied. Neither fame nor money, the monarchy did not bring.

Kosarev would have remained an unknown dreamer, if in the mid-2000s met another monarchist — businessman Konstantin Malofeev. The latter was a man of a very different kind. His interests were varied: he modernized the Russian telephone, then built the dairy company “Nutritek”.

True, there were courts, and outstanding loans of hundreds of millions of dollars, and the seizure of documents by the investigative authorities. But Malofeyev was happy talent, and good communication.

In 2006, Kosarev worked in the office of the Public chamber, and malafeew created the Orthodox gymnasium of St. Basil the Great, where the children are over 600 thousand rubles a year get the true Orthodox education. Comrades brought together the monarchical idea. So they began to do business together. Kosarev quickly appreciated the advantages of friendship with Malofeev and began to follow him. He was the head of some contractors, a subsidiary company, just modestly appointed to the Board of Directors of one of his companies. However, over the years, the monarchists began to evolve: the idea of the return of the king the people’s popularity is not particularly used, and therefore, the income is not brought. Hope came from not waiting for — from Bulgaria.

In Bulgaria at that time went bankrupt, the owner of the largest cellular operator of the country Vivacom Tsvetan Vasilev. In addition Vivacom he owned and Corporate commercial Bank, which, as sometimes happens, became interested in terminal assets. As a result of this activity, he was unable to pay on loans, including those taken from VTB. In the end, it was a criminal case, and the businessman was declared wanted by Interpol. According to press reports, at the moment he is hiding in Serbia. Their assets he lost, something as Vivacom, has departed as collateral to the creditors, in this case, VTB. At this time, Tsvetana and told about our heroes. The history of the Bulgarian and Russian businessmen were largely similar, the common language they found quickly.

There was “wonderful” plan for Vivacom. Although it would seem that Russian businessmen-the monarchists could pay its debt to Russian Bank VTB.

At this time, VTB has exposed on auction of Vivacom shares, which were mortgaged to it. At auction, the company acquired the Bulgarian businessman Spas Rusev. The story this company has exhausted itself: the Bank returned the money, the company got a new reliable owner. But there is a kind of interest in the transaction showed our heroes. And Kosarev became the main protagonist of this story.

Kosarev said that he has a firm Empreno Ventures, and this little-known office own shares of Vivacom. However, no documents no one has seen.

Further Kosarev has regularly inform the media that the Russian Bank was illegally taken away from his company. If you want you can guess who was behind this operation.

The monarchists knew that to challenge the transaction difficult, so they went the other way. All ‘ flew complaints. Holders of debt securities of the company Vivacom — the illegality of the transaction. The Prime Minister — about the risks for the budget. They even came to the London court and there filed a lawsuit. Moreover, the amount of court costs — about 2 million pounds. It is clear that for a modest official and monarchist Kosareva this amount giant. But Malofeyev earned enough to be able to take the risk, when at stake was a large company.

However, despite all this, the auction was held, and the transaction has received all necessary approvals. Then history took an unexpected turn.

In the USA there is a structure called the Office of foreign assets control (OFAC) of the U.S. Treasury. This organization is just watching the entry and execution of sanctions against Russia imposed in 2014, immediately after the annexation of Crimea. In OFAC complained to the company Empreno Ventures. What bothered the owner, a true patriot of Russia? What he decided to inform us of the oversight bodies? That the transaction for the sale of Vivacom is in the interests of VTB, and therefore, in the interests of Russia, and on the basis that it should be banned? Such an unexpected gust could be of interest to American officials, which are difficult to be suspected of love for Russia. After all, the US don’t like it when foreigners mix politics with business. So now the attention of American officials may be directed to the monarchists.

Interestingly, neither Kosarev, no Malofeev never abandoned their monarchist views. Although both would look at this king, he comes back to Russia?

Sanctions . Chronicle of events

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