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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Tsarev murder Zilina: nothing political, just business

In 1997 Evgeny Zhilin graduated from the Kharkiv University of internal Affairs and entered the service of the Department for combating organized crime of the interior Ministry in the Kharkov region. In 2005 he was transferred to the regional SBU, but the career that was supposed to go to the mountain, suddenly came to a halt. From 2005 to 2007, he was in a Kharkiv jail on suspicion of undermining the car of the mayor Gennady Kernes. However, in 2007, he was completely acquitted and reinstated in all rights, what he took back to his native Kharkiv Department of the Ministry of interior to combat organized crime groups. He worked there until 2008 and 34 years retired on superannuation with the rank of captain of militia.

photo: youtube.com

Without work Zhilin was sitting for long. Having acquired during his service in law enforcement contacts in Kharkov, he quickly built a network of charities, public organizations and commercial enterprises under the common title “Hold.” The greatest popularity was gained eponymous sports club, which not only exposed their fighters to compete in fights without rules, but also played an important role in the development of the armed forces of the breakaway republics of Donbass.

In April 2013, when the Maidan was just starting to gain momentum, Zhilin together with 150 soldiers “Stronghold” organized an exhibition near the monument to Nikolay Vatutin in Kiev, devoted to the crimes of OUN-UPA. And in January 2014 he improvised was blocked by Automaidan and called Viktor Yanukovych to use force against protesters. When the President fled Kiev, Zhilin began to send its athletes to the militia of the breakaway republics. In August of the same year he became an adviser of the head of DND on economic issues.As he was in Moscow and what could have died, “MK” told the former candidate in presidents of Ukraine and ex-leader of new Russia Oleg TSAREV:

— Zhilin was one of those who was behind the creation of the people’s militia Donbass in 2014. If not for him, never would have appeared, “Hold”, and Alexander Zakharchenko, who was then his subordinates, not the head of the DNI. But at this stage Zhilin has had no influence on political life in the Republic.

— What Zhilin was doing in Moscow?

— He was engaged in business, sports, stop sports and business sources, in Zilina was semi-legal security business in the capital. — “MK”). In addition, initially he moved from the Ukraine to Moscow, because there it was easier to develop a “Stronghold” in the Donbass.

— In your version, who could become the customer of murder?

— I don’t think he was killed because of the business. In addition to the political motives I can’t think of. Kiev has a secret unit to eliminate enemies of Ukraine abroad. On the other hand, despite all his services to Donetsk, he was never a public figure. I’m not sure that the Ukrainian government has set itself the task of his physical elimination.

However, Ukrainian government still had a grudge against the former policeman. In particular, he filed a series of criminal cases: for the creation of an illegal armed formation, laundering 1 billion through bogus firms in the period from 2012 to 2014, and abduction of people on the Maidan. The latest prosecution of Pechersk district court of Kiev in absentia arrested Zilina at the end of January 2016.

Badly wounded comrade Zhilin turned out to be 39-year-old Andrew Kozar. In the case of the murder of the leader of “Oplot”, he goes as bodyguard victims, but in Kiev say that searching for him in 2011 on suspicion in murder of the editor of the Kharkov newspaper “Novy stil” Vasily Klimentyev. The first suspect was the leader of “Oplot”, as the murdered journalist published in his newspaper an open letter to the Prosecutor of Kharkov with the requirement to deal with “unlawful recovery of Zilina in the bodies of internal Affairs”. But as the investigation, investigators came to the conclusion that the actual perpetrator is another employee of the Kharkov UBOP Kozar Andrey Vladimirovich, born on 17 September 1977. In addition, in 2012 the chief investigator of the interior Ministry of Ukraine Vasyl Farinnik said that in addition to journalist Kozar also killed an officer of the tax police and then disguised their actions under the suicide. And the current head of the Transcarpathian Gennady Moskal, who was then a member of Parliament in the same year claimed that Kozar was behind the series of attacks on collectors in Kharkov. According to Ukrainian media, Kosary managed to escape from persecution in Russia, where he continued to maintain friendly contacts with Zhilin. When the two friends reunited in Moscow, the suspect was a bodyguard of the leader of “Oplot” and even tried to close it with his body, when the killer opened fire…


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