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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The study showed that the child inherits the mother’s intelligence and intuition of the father

The level of intelligence of the child primarily depends on the genes of his mother, while the instincts of genes from the father. This was stated in his blog, American psychologist Jennifer Delgado, referring to the results obtained by scientists in several studies

photo: pixabay.com

According to Delgado, the genes for intelligence in its modern sense, is located in the X chromosome, and it is one of the factors that explain the “inheritance” of intelligence on the maternal side in women X chromosome two, while the men — one adjacent to the Y-chromosome. This is the reason that certain genes associated with intelligence, twice as often transmitted from mother. For this reason, men are about a third more likely to suffer from significant deviations of mental development, adds psychologist.

Another factor defining the influence of women on the potential IQ of their children, are the so-called “conditional genes”. As he explains, they are active only if inherited from one parent (the mother in the case of some of these genes and the father in the other). As it turned out, a parent “caused by genes” often have an impact on cognitive abilities such as memory, language and thinking. Same genes, inherited from father, often influenced by instincts and basic reactions of an organism, such as hunger or aggression.

The psychologist calls, as in the case with other similar studies, do not overestimate the influence of genetics on how to grow this or that person. Although genes, according to Delgado, and are one of the important factors that partly determine the child’s intelligence, much greater is the role of his education and upbringing, which should be part of both parents.


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