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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The skeleton of the owner of two thousand years of “ancient Greek computer”

At the crash site of Anticarsia the famous ship, which sank about two thousand years ago, underwater archaeologists found the remains of a man who was probably the owner of the first computer in human history — the so-called anticarsia mechanism. Fragments of the skeleton is planned to send for a DNA examination.

A lot of the Antikythera ship sank off the Greek island of Antikythera. It is assumed that the ship was built by the Greeks and sailed to Rome when crashed. Discovered the ship was in 1900, and excavations on this place three years, marking the beginning of underwater archaeology. “One of the most famous shipwrecks on Earth,” the disaster which overtook the ship, became known after the archaeologists among the other artifacts found mechanical device, containing at least 30 bronze gears and two dials. “A lot of the Antikythera mechanism, sometimes called “the first computer in history.” As expected, it served to calculate the motion of heavenly bodies.

Recently, scientists have discovered a partially preserved skull with three teeth, the bones of the hands and legs, fragments of ribs and several other bones. All these remains, in all probability, belonged to one and the same person. So far, experts are unable to say with certainty who this man was, but assumed that his age was about 25 years old. Archaeologists are inclined to believe that he was one of the crew members of the ship, but do not exclude that he could be rich by the passenger (and perhaps the owner of anticarsia mechanism) or even a slave.

The researchers emphasize that the detection of human remains in place so long ago by shipwreck — a great success, because often the body takes over or eaten by marine life. If the first in the history of the DNA examination of the remains, two thousand years lain under water, is successful, it will allow you to learn more about the people who sailed on the ship, scientists hope. In particular, DNA analysis can tell us about the hair color and the human eye, possible hereditary diseases, and probably even about its origin.


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