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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The failure of truce in Syria: what will the U.S. and Russia

The cease-fire in Syria, with numerous violations, but if observed by the 12 of September, is over. The Syrian military laying blame for the renewed hostilities to the terrorist group; in addition, the U.S. air force on 17 September struck a powerful airstrike by government forces in Syria near the city of Deir ez-Zor.

photo: morguefile.com

Representatives of the Russian General staff noted that in such circumstances, the continuation of the truce is meaningless. Later, the situation is even more complicated – was dealt a blow on the convoy near Aleppo, forcing Washington to talk about the revision of the prospects for cooperation with Moscow on the Syrian track.

“U.S. outraged by reports that a humanitarian convoy was bombed from Aleppo – said the press-Secretary of the state Department, John Kirby. – Given the flagrant violations of the cease-fire we will review the prospects of cooperation with Russia.” According to Kirby, about the route of the convoy knew and Damascus, and Moscow. Question about this incident the USA intend to discuss directly with Russia.

To wherever these future discussions, it is clear – another truce in Syria have failed. Whether it is possible in the short term to solve the crisis in the country?

“To resolve the Syrian crisis there are different ways, – said in an interview with “MK” on Islam, President of the Institute of religion and policy, member of the Council for cooperation with religious associations under the President of the Russian Federation Alexander Ignatenko. In particular, the division of the country into zones of influence. This kind of areas there are already formed. Those groups which immediately made it clear they do not recognize the truce, for example, jabhat al Fatah al-sham” (formerly “Front EN-Nusra”, banned in Russia), said that preparing for the creation and proclamation of the territorial-administrative formation. Its purpose is to represent and defend the interests of the Sunnis in Syria.”

“The fact that even before the beginning of the truce, 23 large group said that will not join in with him, talked about the fact that what Kerry and Lavrov agreement will be implemented with great difficulty. The question is — was it possible at all to implement a truce? The government side in Syria to exercise maximum patience, but it could not last long, because there is no unilateral truce”, – the expert emphasizes.

According to Alexander Ignatenko, it is unlikely that the ceasefire can be restored: “And for the above reasons, and due to the fact that many Sunni groups at the behest of their sponsors and creators – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey – take a definite position. Obviously, the solution to the Syrian crisis will be carried out in other ways.”

The resolution of the Syrian crisis is not only Washington makes claims Moscow. Press Secretary of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov 20 September expressed regret of the Kremlin that the Americans failed to carry out the disengagement of terrorists and so-called moderate opposition”. However, the cooperation between Russia and the United States on the Syrian track, it is highly desirable, and possible, said Alexander Ignatenko: “the documents that was signed by Lavrov and Kerry, is evidence of the reality of such cooperation, even if it has not received proper development. The problem is that the two great powers – Russia and the United States began attempts to resolve the Syrian crisis without taking into account the fact that its initiators is a number of the States having their interests in Syria. This is referred to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Iran. And those centers of power who have absolutely no interest in the forms of the solution to the crisis developed in very difficult circumstances Lavrov and Kerry”.


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