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Sunday, March 18, 2018

The chamber announced a multimillion-dollar irregularities in RSUH

The chamber announced a multimillion-dollar irregularities in RSUH

17 Jan 2013, 20:51

Text: Roman Kretsul


Russian audit chamber revealed violations in 156.2 million rubles in one of the best known arts universities – the Russian state humanitarian University. The University management said in response that formally improper way the money spent is the increase of salaries of teachers and thus they have reached the goal set by the leadership of the country.

Auditors of the accounting chamber on the audit that took place last year, revealed financial violations in the Moscow energy Institute (MEI) and the Russian state humanitarian University (RGGU).

“In such famous universities as the Humanities and MEI were identified serious violations that require intervention of law enforcement bodies”, – told RIA “news” the auditor of the Russian audit chamber Sergei Agaptsov.

According to him, these universities were admitted misuse of funds, additional budget financing. “RSUH inappropriately used funds in the amount of 156,2 million, MEI – 34.7 million rubles. A significant portion of the funds to be spending on the maintenance and development of material-technical base was used by the leadership of the universities for salaries of administrative personnel”, – he said.

“In addition, violations were detected in part of rent of Federal property – added Agaptsov. – As a result, the universities have suffered damages in the amount of unpaid amounts of rent for the use of Federal property. Because of the violations committed by the leadership of the MEI, the amount of damage amounted to 18.5 million roubles.

“The rector of the RSUH also has been exceeded, authority to dispose of property assigned to the University, when making decisions about grant granting guest rooms of apartment type, was created by order of the rector in the residential part of the building”, – said the auditor.

In the administration of the RSUH deny the charges. “What’s formally called the misuse of these funds went to 70% on the most important goal identified by the leadership of the country – increase of salaries of the teaching staff and to a much lesser extent – the salary of administrative and support staff of the University,” – said the head of Department on public relations and mass media of the Russian state humanitarian University Dmitry Sokolov.

“We can check it, because the budget of the University is closed, – said the newspaper VIEW, Professor of Institute of linguistics RGGU Tatiana Volkova. We repeatedly suggested the administration to make the budget transparent, but it was not accepted. At the end of the year, we increased the salary by several thousand, but did not specify which resources. At a staff meeting with the Board at the end of the year we were told that validation of the accounting chamber passed successfully. About checking repeated all year, and it was obvious that the administration is very worried, but shortly before the New year we were told that everything is fine, no problems, and that the University was able to raise wages”.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the letter allegedly on behalf of the staff and lecturers of RSUH, without providing specific names, which contains a request to President Putin to pay attention to the situation. In it, in particular, it is noted that the University teachers in 1900, half of which the main place of work is another organization, with regular monthly salary of the ordinary teacher without taxes is about 18 thousand rubles, PhD associate Professor – about 29 thousand doctors of Sciences as a Professor – 35 thousand, while the average salary in Moscow makes up 45,6 thousand rubles. “On labor remuneration and other payments in 2011, the University spent 1639,4 million. Even if you count that in high school full-time employs 1,000 people and another 1,000 part-time on half or quarter rate, then each should be 1 million 93 thousand rubles a year, or 91 thousand rubles a month. Therefore, if the monthly income of the main mass is less than 30 thousand, the remaining two-thirds are received by someone else. Who could it be?” the document reads, and then lists the names of the employees, combining several posts.

“It’s not the teachers RGGU, these strangers is written, – Tetyana Volkova. – It doesn’t say who the author is, no contacts. This is an attempt to attribute to teachers the words they never said, attempting to show that the University has an internal conflict, in line with the information campaign about the ineffectiveness of the Russian state humanitarian University. Part of this letter might be true, indeed, we have quite a lot of bureaucracy. Don’t know if we have a bribe – I have not seen, we at the faculty of bribes there. But, despite the fact that the part of the letter really doubtful that teachers would appeal to Putin and ask him to punish our corrupt administration”.

In November last year, Russian state University for Humanities on the results of monitoring activities of Federal educational institutions of higher professional education conducted by the Ministry of education and science, made the list of inefficient universities. “I was extremely surprised appearance of the RSUH in the so-called inefficient. RSUH is one of the leaders of the Russian humanitarian education. There are different people with someone you can agree with someone there, but the University with his face,” – said the newspaper VIEW Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education Oleg Smolin, adding that, according to him, there are certain forces interested in the reorganization of the University.

According to Tatyana Volkova, the interest to the University of some forces is indeed observed. “Recently in the media increase in stories about the alleged “bribes” in RSUH. This campaign clearly someone on hand. Perhaps the organization that compete for our space in the center of Moscow. But who is this, we don’t know yet”, she said.

We will remind, in the end of last year there was a scandal around another University included in the list is ineffective, Russian state trade-economic University (rgteu). 19 Dec students rgteu have gone on strike against the decision of the Ministry of education and science on the reorganization of the University. According to protesters, the monitoring data only for 2011, but for the past year, 2012, the University “seriously added,” and it can be documented.

25 Dec rsute rector Sergey Baburin was removed from his post and appointed in his place, Vice-rector REU named after Plekhanov – that is what the University should join rgteu – Andrey Shklyaev, which, however, the students in the building were not allowed. The excitement lasted until the end of December, when the Commission was created by the merger of the two universities.

Meanwhile, Sergei Baburin, who at first refused to recognize his dismissal is legitimate, he said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW that his University was a profitable institution. According to him, this year the budget revenues rgteu is 3 billion 350 million rubles, of which 20% of the state sources of income. “The state has given this year, only 650 million, the rest we earned ourselves”, – said the rector.


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