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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sleepy people declared a menace to society

Those who argue that sleep is enough for them only a few hours a day, not only cheat themselves but also can pose a threat to others — even if it seems that they are really quite cheerful and adequate. To such conclusion the group of scientists from the University of Utah.

photo: pixabay.com

The study involved 839 volunteers, which the experts divided into two groups. The first group included those who for months slept an average of 7-12 hours every night. The second group, the researchers included participants who said that the last time he devotes to sleep on average less than six hours daily. Then from the second group, the researchers identified a specific “subgroup” — those who, despite the lack of sleep, didn’t feel sleepy.

Scientists for some time with the help of the scanner watched, how was the brain of the volunteers, and came to the conclusion that some of them dozed for a few minutes during this test. It was typical first of all for representatives of the second group, including those who are sleepy do not consider myself. Moreover, although changes in the activity of the brain was evidence of short-term immersion of a person in sleep, the volunteers were confident that they were awake throughout the experiment.

Scientists came to the conclusion that with the help of short and imperceptible to the individual intervals of slumber, his body tries to compensate for the lack of “full” sleep. First, it suggests that people who devote sleep less than seven hours a day, faced with the consequences of lack of sleep, even if they themselves don’t think so. In the second, according to scientists, this regularity gives grounds to fear that the people did not pay the proper attention to sleep, the result can fall asleep at the most inopportune moment — for example, driving. More likely people underestimate the extent of their own lack of sleep, can sleep on the important but boring meeting — in essence, the situation will be similar to that in which study participants were during the experiment.

The results of their study, the researchers presented on the pages of the scientific journal Brain and Behavior.


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