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Friday, February 23, 2018

Sakhalin audience voted for traditional love

Sakhalin international festival “on the Edge” was held for the sixth time. Its honorary President is the film Director Alla Surikova, but the team working a new one. Still left with the change of the Governor.

Krzysztof Zanussi

This year it was headed by Sergey Novozhilov, who organized the film festival “Amur autumn” in Blagoveshchensk. About the work in the far East, he told the “MK”.

The specifics of the work – people. The island has a very special people. You can not talk about the specifics of the far East, and on the island. People live in a separate area, separated from the mainland and it is felt. They have a completely different level of consciousness. On Sakhalin are very educated people and they want to see a lot. Still, the team asked the festival with a high level on structure of participants and the program. Many filmmakers are flying in for the exotic. There are a lot of foreign companies working watch method. Next – South Korea, Japan and China, countries with a high level of development. There is a sense of the interpenetration of different cultures, diversity. The Orthodox, as far as I know, only about 30 percent. When people relate differently to God, it generates a lot of nuances in the perception of ourselves and the world. Accounting program, I decided to show a man on the verge, once the festival is called “on the Edge”. And it looks really cool. In it are paintings of a very high level. But if Sakhalin viewer so sharply to be reconstructed? Young people have supported us. We realized after vstrechi with bloggers. Whether you want to develop in this direction or to adapt the program to different ages of the audience to make the competition more tolerant — we will think about it. Krzysztof Zanussi as the President of the jury sets a high standard. Some said that it is not necessary to go here, because the team has changed, and now brought to Sakhalin Amur autumn”-2. I have been doing festivals for 30 years and try not to repeat one another. We wanted to preserve what made our predecessors, and to slightly expand the range. It is not always remembered that it is necessary to specify the age requirement, then it would be less of a problem.

The jury was headed by the classic of Polish cinema Krzysztof Zanussi. He believes that it is impossible to follow the tastes undemanding audience, were encouraged to be open to the world and to everything new. While the jury noted all the same the movies more relaxing. With the exception of Japanese paintings.

“A foreign body” nemeckogo Director Christian Werner won the main prize. He is a successful documentary filmmaker, once coped with a deadly disease and even made a film about it. In my games the picture Werner told about a man on the edge. The main character after the operation peresadke kidney meets his donor, which knocked out power to earn money for his family living in Ukraine. Played her ex from Kiev Janina Elkin.

Japanese a Capella Hitoshi Yazaki awarded a special prize. The picture reminds me of “the Dreamers” by Bernardo Bertolucci. The same late 60’s, and Japan marked a revolution in the minds. This is probably the most radical film of the competition. Hitoshi Yazaki said that his position in the cinema of his homeland to the name of the festival: “Here I am somewhere on the edge of Japanese cinema”. The film’s heroine – an active high school student, leading the fight for the abolition of school uniforms, attending feminist events. In the cafe “a Cappella”, she met with the student that will change her entire life. Love brings continuous suffering. You will not realize in love with her partner in a sister or friend. When the truth is revealed, will come directly after the series finale, spoil with unnecessary melodrama.

Two awards went to the Georgian film “Life of Anna” Nino Basilaia – directing and acting work. Actress Eka Demetradze played a single mother, barely bringing the ends meet, earning a living for themselves and the son is autistic. The attractiveness of the picture – in the atmosphere, which are able to create in his paintings of modern Georgian filmmakers.

Vladimir Mishukov has won awards for the best male role in the film “Fish-a dream” by Anton Bilzho. Actor he has become recently, this was a great photographer. And played humble proofreader from St. Petersburg arrived in the Estonian town to work in peace. A meeting with the unusual girl from the deep sea will change his life. On “Kinotavr” the picture was met without much enthusiasm, and at “the Edge” she blended.

Another Japanese painting “the Broken children” young Director Tetsuya Mariko was left without attention of the jury. In the small port city Mitsuhama ever happen fight. The film’s protagonist constantly wyzywienia, attacking random passers-by. Tetsuya Mariko tried to understand the origins of the violence, having become acquainted with a man who had a lot of fights: “they Say that during the fight, the body experiences a jolt. We have Ehime Prefecture. There is a holiday during which all fighting. People at this point experience an extraordinary burst of energy and good mood”.

“My mother’s hands” (Austria-Germany) Florian Eichinger on victims of domestic violence came as a shock to the audience. Forty-year-old hero remembers about the secret, about what in his childhood has a mother alone with him. Interestingly, adult actor Anders Doller plays and child. But it initially so tense and does not change what is ruining all the efforts of the Director. Throughout the film, it turns out that violence is a family tradition, and an elderly aunt of the hero as a girl was being harassed father and uncle. Viewers often think that such things are incredible, they are outraged, but life proves the contrary.

Another unusual member of the program – the South Korean Director Chung JI lim, representing the film “Beyond boredom”. In his student years he participated in anti-government actions, went to prison, where he spent 8 years. There he emerged as a Director. But these paintings Sakhalin spectator chose a cloudless Russian almanac “Petersburg. Only for love”, filmed seven women Directors from to Renata Litvinova, Avdotya Smirnova. He received the prize of spectator sympathies.


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