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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Roscosmos began experiments to simulate the work of a man on the moon

A series of experiments to test the actions of man on the moon began specialists of RSC Energia. They will be using a unique stand “Selenium”, allowing to simulate the force of gravity on the surface of the satellite.

As reported by “MK” in RKK “Energy”, during one of the first experiments equipped in space suits “Orlan-DM” the chief of flight test division of corporations mark Serov and instructor-test-cosmonaut, 1st class, head of the scientific-technical center of RSC “Energia” Alexander Kaleri worked in the lunar gravity complex movements that simulate the work of an astronaut on the moon’s surface. In particular, it was simulated the entry and exit of the astronauts from the Rover and also demonstrated the possibility of walking on the lunar surface. An imitation of the moon, the weaker gravity than the Earth, at the expense of maintaining astronauts in spacesuits with the help of the lifting mechanism.

Historical lunar stand “Selenium” was created in the Flight space center, RSC Energia in the period of the Soviet lunar program of the early 1970s years. After the completion of the modernization in 2015, the bench again came in handy for training astronauts.

“We conduct such experiments in order to test we were then able to recommend something to the developers of the systems perspective of ergonomics when working on the moon”, – says Alexander Poleshchuk, Deputy head of the scientific-technical center of RSC Energia flight space activities:

Besides training astronauts change on the eve of flying to the moon will undergo and design spacesuits. In their modifications will be additional joints will become more pliable some hard elements of the design. It is necessary for a person to be at fall on the surface of the moon had the opportunity to stand up without assistance.


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