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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Putin said the weapons in question about their family traditions

Vladimir Putin has arrived to Izhevsk, to visit the Kalashnikov concern and to hold the next meeting of the military-industrial Commission. However, the conversation with the arms gathered in one of the shops of the plant, from the beginning took an unexpected turn. “Do you have any family traditions? “- asked the President one of the workers.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The head of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov good half hour stood around the stand with the newest sniper rifles. Some samples, as told by employees of “Kalashnikov”, has been improved in accordance with the wishes of those directly involved in the protection of the first persons.

Next on the table was the only in the world of plastic machine weighing only 2.5 kg. His group has developed specially for arming pilots and tank crews. As well as new modifications of small arms with guns and rifle butts, painted camouflage.

Journalists naively assumed it was a special party for Syria too the color resembled the color of sand and desert. But gunsmiths disappointed: using a non standard color scheme — is a world trend. The fact that night vision devices perfectly distinguish black that makes life easier for terrorists, guns, usually in the dark. Other color devices can’t see, so small arms will gradually be repainted. Especially when it comes to weapons of the special forces.

The former Manager of President Vladimir Kozhin, now in the status of the assistant of the head of state, was more interested in hunting rifles. Their production plant was forced to establish in 2014, when it came under anti-Russian sanctions. 70% of small arms produced for export, then left in the warehouses. But fortunately, not for long. The group quickly found a new, less scrupulous buyers, and for two years the portfolio of foreign orders increased by 4 times. Vladimir Putin praised the weapon for something that is not confused and in parallel with the search for alternative customers quickly began to produce a wide range of civil products. And this is how it turned out in the course of the tour, not just hunting guns but also drones, assault boats, speed boats and so on. Their sales have recently increased by 10 times.

– I was surprised to learn that many foreign small team in the competition act with our sporting guns. Once they choose it, then it’s best – shared the President their experiences with the workers gathered in one of the shops of the plant. This enterprise development strategy, he said, needs to continue. “Rush orders within the state defense order will be in 2021-22 years, after which the “hills” it will not be because the troops will be supplied with modern equipment on a scheduled basis, said the GDP – By this time you should increase the amount of civilian products to fill capacity and keep jobs.”

Workers hurried to thank the Chapter for establishing their professional holiday – Day gunsmith, who yesterday celebrated the fifth time.

For our group it is a good tradition, and do you have any traditions, and family, for example? workers obviously decided not to miss the opportunity to ask the President a question, has long been thrilling the whole country.

– Tradition? – confused said Putin.

– Well, Yes, traditions of family plan – did not give up the electorate.

– Specifically ask about family, ” chuckled GDP – need to Love your neighbor is the most important tradition is more important than nothing. I hope you are in the family and in the team will be.

And hurried to change the subject, asked:”what salary do you what?”


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