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Friday, March 16, 2018

Jacqueline Bisset looked at the performance based on the Medina Wall

“Even if we will never reach the heights of Cannes or Venice, can still be special and loved by the festival. After all, our highlight – the huge world of cinema of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region”, – says General Director and artistic Director of IFF “Pacific Meridian” Efim Senacki.

Jacqueline Bisset

The originality of this festival and the huge interest aroused by the movie lovers expertly assembled, a varied program, appreciate not only beginners, but also the most famous Directors of all big film industries. Not surprisingly, even the distance of 9288 km separating Vladivostok from the capital of Russia, does not become an obstacle to the guests of the festival.

By the way, the prize of the Governor of the territory “9 288 km” was awarded to Sergei Solovyov. He came to Vladivostok for the first time after a long separation, 67 years after childhood. In this town where the service was his father, here is our classic spent his early years. Now Solovyov brought his new film and actively looking to shoot young. For fourteen years “Meridian” has opened a lot of new names, showing the work of newcomers from the Asia-Pacific region in programs full and short films.


Grand Prix XIV of the festival was taken to his native China 29-year-old debutant Chania Zhang. His film “life after Life” finds love in the cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky, but the young Director has managed its own, unique tone. The script, and then the production of the film was supported by the producer, the famous Director Jia zhangke, Chania when Zhang was hit in his special program to support young Directors.

The origins of the story were born from the mysterious village of the legends of the transmigration of souls, heard by the author in childhood. The spirit of the deceased mother instilled in her young son, inspires him and directs them. The boy in the abandoned village transplant almost dead tree, which his mother gave once to a wedding by her father. Semi-mystical and at the same time, the real story, the fascinating and the slow pace of the film, its visual beauty won over the jury headed by Vladimir Khotinenko.

The short film won the Russian debutants – Nika Barabash and Andreas Kastanakis, the recent disciples of Bakur Bakuradze, Dmitry Mamulia, Nikolai Khomeriki. The film “Zabelin” rare in our cinema example of current social-psychological film, made with passion, skill and talent.

The prize of spectator sympathies has won roles “Collector” with Konstantin Khabensky in the title role … For a Director and screenwriter Alexei Krasovsky’s film debut and another festival a success.

Fyodor Bondarchuk and Paulina Andreeva


On the “Meridians” has its own tradition – the annual turnover of power. At the head of the festival managed to visit Vladimir Menshov, Karen Shakhnazarov, this year in the role of the President was Fyodor Bondarchuk. At the opening ceremony he was named an outstanding Director of modernity, that he was confused. Not surprising: after all in the hall were his senior colleagues Sergei Solovyov, Vladimir Khotinenko, Pavel Lungin.

Bondarchuk was a man not inclined to indulge the audience with their appearances. He opened a retrospective of his directorial and acting work – “the 9th company”, “Down house,” “Two day,” “Indifference” and others, held a recital and disappeared from the eyes of the festival of the people. An exception was made for the birthday of Jacqueline Bisset. In a restaurant where he congratulated a famous actress, Bondarchuk came with a bouquet of white roses and spent the whole evening with the birthday girl. And even picked up choral singing, inviting “bottoms up!”, which honored the star guest of the Gypsy ensemble.

“You should always go to people, not be afraid of them, not to avoid contact, because our popularity depends on the audience,” gave wise counsel to the legend movie the President of the festival. Bondarchuk followed and at the close “Meridianow quiet” appeared on the red carpet come to his girlfriend Paulina Andreeva, not avoiding photographers and autographs.


In years past, the festival has hosted many world movie stars. This year the guest of honor was Jacqueline Bisset. Despite the French sounding name and the fact that the first fame was brought to her Oscar-winning “American night” by françois Truffaut, Jacqueline is not French. Born in England, in London at her house, but most of the time she spends in Los Angeles.

Vladivostok Bisset has made such a strong impression that the meeting with the audience, she said that she would like to live in this city. The actress made a big walk along the streets of Vladivostok and visited two factories – confectionery and for the production of caviar.

“I love looking at how people are doing something, show your skills. I wonder how there are amazing things. In any profession there is depth, its subtleties. I don’t have a sweet tooth, but watch how to make mouth-watering pastries are very nice. Red caviar is an exquisite delicacy, it is important to understand that in order to make it appear on the tables, people at the factory put a huge amount of work”, – admired inquisitive Jacqueline.

In addition to purely material things, Bisset is interested in politics, photography, theatre and of course cinema. Love talked about the movie a 35-year-old “Rich and famous”, which in her honor was shown at the “Meridians”. This painting, along with another famous beauty candice Bergen she played female friends-rivals, took the legendary Hollywood Director George cukor. He has his best role he played, the icons of Hollywood: Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe to Ingrid Bergman and Audrey Hepburn. “Rich and famous” was the last creation of the master. During the filming of George Kokoro was 81, two years later, he was gone. The fate of Jacqueline, it was the turning work, it began to appreciate not only attractive and sexy appearance , but also recognize as an intellectual actress.

In the theatre for the festival days Bisset visited twice. The first thing I saw “Giselle” at the Seaside stage of the Mariinsky theatre: all her life she loves ballet, and she began as a dancer. Saw and the main premiere of the season in the Primorsky regional academic drama theatre.Gorky. It is a densely populated is the play book of the Russian culture Minister, Vladimir Medinsky, “the Wall”. She liked that on the big stage fit a huge number of members in beautiful period costumes.

“Beyond these large-scale Broadway productions will not meet,” – shared his impressions of Jacqueline. Events, which tells the performance wasn’t very clear, but the scale of the action, the passion and the teamwork of the actors she appreciated. However, for this it was quite first action.

As for films, more that I was interested in made in a lush Baroque style Queen of Spades by Pavel Lungin and black-and-past art house “Ke-dy” by Sergei Solovyov.

“This is an antiwar movie?” – said Jacqueline have accompanied her Los Angeles-based friend and translator of Vladimir Ferkelman. Admired: “What a talented young Director!” And was very surprised to learn that Sergei Solovyov her age. Bissette turned 72 years old. “I accept and am aware of your age without any tantrums,” she says. However, the gift was happy as a child. The Board of Directors presented her with a bright red Pavlovo Posad shawl. Yefim Senacki donated a beautiful doll with long, “ballet” feet – like most bissette. Before leaving, slender Jacqueline complained that now urgently need to lose weight and not to eat anything except vegetable soups, which she expertly prepares and varied. Festival hospitality increased waist, and she needs to be in good shape. Ahead of the role in the new film of the Director, with whom she had long wanted to work.In his new project Jacqueline Bisset invited françois Ozon.


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