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Friday, June 16, 2017

Engineers have created a cute robot that can jump, climb and open doors

A team of specialists representing the University of Pennsylvania, has developed a four-legged robot, with direct drive of the legs that can climb the mesh Netting or ordinary stairs, open doors and perform many other unusual activity. The ability of your offspring called Ghost Minitaur engineers demonstrated on video.

photo: youtube.com

thus, to get back on them if he accidentally or intentionally turned upside down. In addition, the robot is high enough for its size jumps. Doors it opens, rising to “hind legs” and with a small jump by pressing the handle. If the door is opened any other way to open it, the robot is unable. It is also worth noting that climbs on the fences it’s not too fast on the video this process is shown in the eightfold fast. However, to follow the action of the mechanism is quite interesting.

The robot weight is six kilograms, and a height of about 40 centimeters. It can move at speeds of two meters per second, or seven miles per hour — that is significantly faster than the average person, walking at a relaxed pace. Battery Ghost Minitaur can last for 20 minutes of active use. Unlike similar designs, the existing robot is not equipped with spring joints, absorb shock loads. To cope with this task directly to the motors, which are attached to his legs, which also allows to make production less expensive robot, and its movement more accurate.

Experts admit that they have developed a mechanism may be useful, including in the conduct of military search and rescue operations, as well as in the study of rough surfaces on other planets.

Recently, another technology has become a party to quite a funny episode — an elderly woman walking her dog stumbled upon a group of engineers, “accompanied by” a large humanoid design, and removed them on video, in the future, who scored many hits on the Internet.


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