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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Elections to the state Duma caused a disagreement between Ukraine and the West

The last two years, official Kyiv has traditionally echoed the U.S. on almost all issues of the international agenda. Elections to the state Duma exception: if the Americans praised them as “transparent,” the Ukrainians, in principle refused to recognize their results. But in a sense, Ukraine is consistent – it again makes things worse only to itself.

Ukraine’s position is categorical – full-recognition of the elections in Russia in General and in Crimea in particular, calls to initiate criminal proceedings and to impose sanctions against all those involved in the organization of voting, including observers from parties.

“Crimeans clearly don’t intend to feel like outcasts in their own country”

Poland also questioned the outcome of the vote. “The foreign Ministry does not recognize the results of parliamentary elections in the state Duma, conducted on the territory of the Crimean Peninsula belonging in accordance with the law of Ukraine. In this context, the choice of deputies from the occupied territories casts doubt on the legitimacy of the elections in General,” – said in a statement the Polish foreign Ministry.

The EU does not recognize the results of elections to the state Duma of the Russian Federation on the Crimean Peninsula, as it believes illegal “Russian annexation”. It is stressed that the observer mission of the OSCE Office for democratic institutions and human rights (ODIHR) of the OSCE has not conducted any activities “on the illegally annexed territories”. However, claims for the elections in General, at Brussels no.

In the OSCE / ODIHR stated that they have no claims on the organization of international observation and their observers are preparing a lengthy report on the elections to the state Duma. But again, “emphasize” that “because of the lack of consensus on the issue of Crimea and Sevastopol Crimean situation in the report to describe not.

Finally, the statement of the US state Department says that the state Duma elections were transparent, however, there have been a number of violations. The word “Crimea” is not mentioned. However, the American foreign Ministry on the eve of the vote said that the United States considers illegitimate elections in the state Duma, which will be held on the territory of Crimea and does not recognize their results: “Our position on Crimea is clear: the Peninsula remains an integral part of Ukraine. Anti-Russian sanctions in connection with accession of the Crimea, will not be lifted until Russia will regain control over the region to Ukraine.”

The Russian foreign Ministry attacks from foreign colleagues has ignored. In fact, it is difficult to add anything to the words of Vladimir Putin, which he delivered on 16 September in Bishkek. “Russia does not annexed, and all that happened to the Crimea, – the result of illegal actions of certain political forces in Ukraine, which brought her to the coup. Crimea joined Russia as a result of expression of people living on this territory”, – said the President of Russia.

Speaking with the same type of statements about “non-recognition”, the foreign Ministry put their state in a vulnerable position. Despite, to put it mildly, complicated and contradictory relations between Russia and Ukraine, Russia and the European Union, or rather, in short, between Russia and the United States satellites, international cooperation between us is still not minimized.

It turns out that any European parliamentarian or American Congressman who arrives in Russia for talks with colleagues, will be compelled to clarify – and not whether one of the participants of the meeting from the Russian side was elected by Crimeans? Given the national popularity of the public Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya, it is unlikely it will be in the new Duma as an ordinary MP. And what to do then the heads of foreign delegations? Refuse to meet her? The result will be an international scandal, the consequences of which will be unprofitable, primarily by foreign visitors.

Besides, Moscow will always be the right response is to refuse to accept, for example, the Spanish deputies from Catalonia or American from California or Texas. Russia is not one of those States which can be unanswered blackmail. In fact, the history of sanctions is shown very clearly.

Crimeans clearly don’t intend to feel like outcasts in their own country for reunification with whom they massively voted. And it is unlikely that the allocation of posts in the State Duma will be someone to consider, from the Crimea or from Kamchatka elected a Deputy.

Therefore, foreign policy Department, and MEPs are plenty to the delight of Kiev to declare the “non-recognition” or “disagree.” Real politics, as the economy looks different, as evidenced by regular violations of the sanctions regime by the US or the first place of Ukraine on the ship calls at Crimean ports.

To isolate Russia is impossible. As it is impossible not to recognize one of the branches of state power. No matter what rhetoric may now made by Western and Ukrainian politicians, the result is the same – that they will have to eventually find ways to restore relationships with our members.

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