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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Astronomers have discovered that the horoscopes have become obsolete due to change places of zodiac signs

Experts from the American space Agency NASA, published a partly humorous article, which said that today the Sun passes through the zodiacal constellations is not on the same days as three thousand years ago. Thus, the horoscopes that appear today in the glamour magazines, not really meet, even if we assume that the position of the stars really affect people’s lives.

photo: pixabay.com

Signs of the zodiac “reversed” because of the precession of the earth’s axis — changes the axis of rotation of the planet under the influence of the attraction of the moon and Sun. In the position in which they were 3 thousand years ago, the zodiacal constellations will return only after another 23 thousand years. At the present day, the Sun passes through different constellations on the following dates: Capricorn: January 20 — February 16; Aquarius: February 16 — March 11; Pisces: March 11 — April 18; Aries: April 18 — may 13; Taurus: may 13 — June 21; Gemini: June 21 — July 20; Cancer: July 20 — August 10; Leo: August 10 — September 16; Virgo: September 16 — October 30; Libra: October 30 to November 23; Scorpio: 23 November — 29 November Ophiuchus: November 29 — December 17; Sagittarius: December 17 — January 20.

It should be noted that the dates corresponding to different signs of the zodiac, does not fully correspond to the periods of the passage of the Sun through the various constellations even the original. For example, Ophiuchus was immediately “eliminated” ancient astronomers of the zodiacal constellations, although technically those were — it is believed that this was done due to the fact that the number 12 was seen more “magic” and at the same time in a sense more convenient than the 13. For example, the 12 signs can be equally divided into four elements. Besides, the Sun never was in various constellations about equally. Today in the constellation of Scorpio it is only 7 days, and in the constellation Virgo — 44.

Of course, astronomers stress that astrology is in any case can not be called science in the modern sense of the word: there is no real evidence that distant stars affect the character or future of a person. However, some are much less “mysterious” relationship between the month when a person was born, and his fate some scientists from time to time discover. In particular, according to various studies, born from October to March, the children more often suffer from dyslexia or attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, and those who were born from November to January, more cases are prone to asthma due to weak lungs.


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