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Friday, March 16, 2018

As if the election

343 of the mandate of the “United Russia” following the results of parliamentary elections in 2016 is the best description of the state of our society at the moment.

“People began to live worse, but still continue to choose the “United Russia”, — rightly noted strange at first glance, the trend of President Vladimir Putin at a meeting at campaign headquarters on election night. As if by inertia, despite the well-known “no money but you keep”, people still continue to distribute the trust to the President at once founded them (or rather, not only them, but it doesn’t matter) party. After all, Russia is an incredibly inertial country. Space dictates its own laws, and it cannot be ignored. Someone claims that the Russian liberals have always been about the Russian people better than he is. And I’ll tell you the opposite — our people always underestimated. And, alas, not only liberals. But more on that later.

Welcome to the new-old political reality. If after belolentochnye protests last parliamentary elections was formed by the Duma, stamp laws, as fresh pies, what is the speed of decision-making will demonstrate new Russian Parliament?! If the former, a relative majority officials steal billions, what’s stopping them now? It seems that the bearer of the highest authority in the country finally gave up on the idea of the need to maintain at least the facade of a multiparty system, a little more than fully relying on growing by leaps and bounds intelligence. Not without reason on the day of elections has information about large-scale reform, which will affect the FSB, FSO, SVR and the Ministry of emergency situations.

However, with all the external victorious the result achieved is associated with several disturbing trends. First and foremost is a clear disregard for the electoral procedure, shown as Central Russia, the Northern regions and Siberia, and (traditionally) major cities. People do not see the sense to prefer the election of the potatoes (lucky enough, with a barbecue) and the country. 25 percent of St. Petersburg’s turnout is an indicator of the support of the authorities in the hometown of the current Russian elite. Whether due to the fact that “to choose not one,” whether in principle, due (fair), unbelief in consequence of the present Duma in a new environment people decided to vote with their feet. What’s the point wasting your time on maintaining the illusion of legitimacy of the centre-of-sight of the sovereign decrees, and if it (the centre) is, in essence, does not depend on? The problem is — in case of (inevitable with such a policy) the onset of the next crisis and the subsequent potential protests the most important function of a steam release — that the Parliament not be able to perform. Thus, we can say — this election facade-stabilizing functions lay the bomb in the base system. We already hear certain statements on the fact that in the presence of the constitutional majority “an United Russia” does not necessarily sharing of the Duma posts with the opposition. This is a very alarming trend to push to the back of the already weak opposition to take all the power. That is alarming because the answer then (in the pre-election 2017-2018) will have alone.

But back to our multinational and suffering people. It is a typical representative — grandmother from the residential district medium-sized city — coming to the polling station with the intention to vote “for Putin”. Explain to her that Putin in the parliamentary elections did not participate, but is the party “United Russia”, which she eventually chooses, preferring “boring” of the Communist party. Our people are simple, and selects the Crimea (i.e. Putin, is United Russia), even if he was not there since the student youth. And chooses in the first place according to party lists, because the majority of candidates almost do not know and moreover did not consider it necessary to learn without really understanding the value of these “single-mandate” as an institution, firmly forgotten already since 2003. Indeed, over the thirteen years it was possible to forget.

The reason of the success of the LDPR is simple — the agenda where you hunted all these years, Zhirinovsky, the last couple of years has become a major. So if yesterday the slogan “together… uh… zhahnem Tbilisi” from the mouth of the leader of the liberal democratic party, in a clip was seen as a joke, now it’s almost a Federal trend. While some believe that the liberal democratic party supported the “chavs” of major cities — not the people who came to numerous meetings with the candidates in the yards, who had staked the other party. On this campaign “door to door” was replaced by the principle “from the air to the airwaves and from billboards to the Billboard”.

What to do in this situation “losing” the left parties? Of course, should be made HR conclusions. And the Communist party and “Fair Russia” as the air must now bring to the forefront of people, standing behind the broad backs of the party leaders. Otherwise their ratings will continue to decline steadily. Deputy Gennady Zyuganov on ideology Dmitry Novikov (you know him?) and the leader of the Communists of the Moscow city Duma Andrey Klychkov, who won in the Altai writer Sergei Shargunov and Irkutsk single-seat districts Michael Shchapov (Irkutsk oblast showed the best result of the Communist party in the country), the representative of the defense industry and industry of Voronezh Sergey Gavrilov and won the capital district the “green” Mitvol young Denis Parfenov. Now they have to define the new face of the Communists. However, and “spravorossy” have to significantly change my bench speakers. However, in their case, it is not very clear to whom.

The author of these lines were on election day in Irkutsk in the company of a few European MPs. Arrived to look at the electoral process in Russia, they were surprised by a few things. In a good way — electronic ballot boxes, and occasionally there are online broadcasts from polling stations. In a bad — disappointingly low turnout and the buying of votes. For example, the Deputy of Parliament of Greece Stavros Tassos was a bit confused when near one polling station of the Angarsk approached by a woman who offered to bring 50 people to vote for the “right candidate” for 500 rubles to the nose. Greek was very surprised and called the police, but she was gone. It was somewhat uncomfortable before the Europeans — member of European Parliament Momchil of Neka told me that in Bulgaria, too, is buying votes, but they have one vote costs 25 Euro (1850 rubles), and we have less than 8 euros. It turns out that the voice of the Russians three times cheaper.

After a period of “sovereign democracy” is the time of democracy and the sociological. But unlike Europe where the agenda is set by elite, which adapts to the society in our country, all the trends are set by the government in the ballpark (somewhere in the eye) requests His Majesty’s People.

As if the election ended. Draw conclusions and live.

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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