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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The results of the elections: “the Voter has chosen candidates checked”

“A good result”, – stated President Putin, summing up in the election headquarters of “United Russia” the results of the Duma campaign. EP wins a convincing victory for the vote on party lists and in single mandate districts. What explains the result of all voting political forces?

“Indeed, people showed civic position. It lies in the turnout, it’s not the biggest that we saw in the previous election campaign, but it is high. And for “United Russia”, of course, the result is important in the same way as for any party, this is a good result”, – said Vladimir Putin, commenting on the preliminary results of the elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation.

United Russia” participated in elections with the program as close as possible to the preferences of the voters”

We can confidently speak about the victory of “United Russia” in the elections, stated the head of state.

We will remind, the Central election Commission of Russia said: the state Duma elections after counting 12% of reports on Federal lists leader “United Russia” from 46.76% of the vote, according to data of the State automated system “Elections”.

It is noted that on the second place – LDPR from 17.03%, the Communist party receives 16,4%, “Fair Russia” – 6,44%. None of the non-parliamentary parties have not yet overcome the 5% barrier in the Duma.

“Hard, hard, and people still for the “United Russia” voted”

“We know that people live not easy, there are many problems and unresolved questions are many, and, nevertheless, the result here is what it is. Well, it is already clear, and the exit poll is clear, there are small differences, but in General, Dmitry Anatolyevich (Medvedev) said, it is safe to say already that the party achieved a very good result, win,” – said Putin, speaking at the headquarters of the EP.

Note that according to the exit poll published by Foundation “Public opinion” (FOM), “United Russia” is gaining 48.7% of the vote, the Communist party – 16,3%, LDPR – 14,2%, “Fair Russia” – 7,6%.

According to the survey, Apple scored a 3,1%, the pensioners Party – 1,9%, – 1.8%, the Communists of Russia – 1,5%, the Party of growth of 1.4%, PARNAS – 1,0%, “Green” – 0,7%, “Patriots of Russia” – 0,6%, “Civic platform” – 0,2%, “Civil force” – 0,1% of the vote. Similar results showed the survey conducted by VTSIOM.

The result shown the “United Russia” demonstrates that the people see that the representatives of the EP that really work sincerely and try for people, even if not everything, – the President said Vladimir Putin, speaking at the party’s headquarters.

“However, skeptics can say that maybe not as good as it would be necessary, just better, nobody is working,” the President added.

Putin said: “I think this is due to the growing political maturity. This maturity is that ordinary citizens understand that empty promises are worth nothing. Of course, I want to live better, of course, want to salary was two to three times above to pensions grew better themes than they do now, all I want, the question is how to do it.”

The first odnomandatniki

As is known, feature of the current Federal election was the return of the vote in constituencies. And in this case, the candidates nominated by United Russia, showed impressive results. After counting 11% of protocols of United Russia is leading in 136 of 153 single-member districts (i.e. those where the results are already announced).

The Communist party and the liberal democratic party is lead by four single-seat districts, “Fair Russia” – six. The “homeland”, “the Civil platform” and “Parnas” most gain for a single candidate.

All recall elections were held for 225 single-mandate districts, United Russia fielded candidates in 206 districts.

The results of the elections are not contested

Elections to the state Duma of the seventh convocation continued for almost a day because of the large number of timezones. The first, on 17 October at 23.00 Moscow time opened stations in Kamchatka and Chukotka (there it was 8.00). Recent polls closed on 18 October at 21.00 GMT in the Kaliningrad region.

Elections to legislative assemblies were also held in 39 regions of the country in seven regions there were direct election of senior officials, has also passed the order of 5 thousand municipal campaigns.

“We already have full confidence that our elections are legitimate. We have a lot to do,” stated following the vote, the Chairman of the Central election Commission, Ella Pamfilova. The head of the CEC, in particular, noted that “talking about some massive “carousel” with absentee ballots at least just powerless”, she said in the information centre of the CEC of Russia.

The first among the opposition parties the election results recognized the liberal democratic party. “We have elections, of course, recognize and appreciate positive,” said party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, however, noting that “there have been certain violations”.


“The face of the new Duma will be more representative”

“The result is a mixed model of elections, when the deputies are elected on party lists and single-mandate constituencies, the face of the new Duma will be more representative. The Deputy corps in a greater extent than before, be able to accumulate the preferences of voters”, – stated in conversation with the newspaper LOOK member of the expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies (ISAPI) Alexei Zudin.

According to him, the new state Duma will feature more political weight than the previous one, and the Parliament will start to build a relationship with the government “in a more binding format.”

According to experts, the “United Russia” was the result of the work the party did in the election campaign – and largely in single-member districts. “United Russia” participated in elections with the program as close as possible to the preferences of voters and formed on a series of industry forums, where she held run-in relevant environments,” – said Alexei Zudin, stressing that “with the EP program also acts as a conductor of the course of President Vladimir Putin.”

In addition, according to observers, will continue the already established trend of contacts between MPs from the “United Russia” with the expert community and the public. Such public dialogue implies a continuing interaction with the constructive opposition that the EP showed, not consciously putting candidates in 19 constituencies where the opposition parties put forward candidates, enjoying public support.

Commenting on the election results, the experts draw attention to the traditionally high result shown of the Communist party in many constituencies. The fact that according to preliminary results of CEC, the party of Gennady Zyuganov was not on the second, and in third place behind the liberal democratic party), according to observers, is explained by the fact that social issues, which traditionally based their campaign of the Communist party, now used a number of “minority parties” (“Communists of Russia”, “Russian party of pensioners for justice, Patriots of Russia” and others) that a few have blurred the traditional electorate of the Communists.

“First and foremost is the support of a broad Patriotic coalition”

“Of course, we can say that the election met their expectations in terms of competitiveness and transparency,” – said in comments the newspaper VIEW Director of the Institute of political studies, Public chamber member Sergei Markov. The course of the parliamentary election campaign of 2016, Markov States: “Significantly increased the number of parties participating in election campaign while in the electoral list of the party sharply disagree with the President and the government on fundamental issues.”

Also significantly increased the openness of the electoral process, said the source. “Sociologists have already fixed the growing trust of Russians to the election, since openness increases the legitimacy of the Parliament in the eyes of citizens,” – said Markov.

According to Markov, the election in 2016 were not some “bright show”, but, added the analyst, “our citizens go to the polls and Express their support in the first place a broad Patriotic coalition, and that all the parliamentary parties and extra-parliamentary majority”.

“Sure, this broad coalition will get 90-98% of the votes in the Parliament – says the source. – The choice in favor of Putin voters have already made, and they come to the polls in order to maintain the political system in General.

It is also important to pay attention to the reaction of Western partners to these elections, adds Markov. The fact is that, as you know, the first time they take place in Crimea. “It is clear that the West does not recognize the results of the single-seat districts. But, in the case of a party list, our Western partners have not to recognize the Russian Parliament, says the analyst. – But if they recognize that this is the first step to the recognition of the Crimea as part of Russia. Otherwise, only will worsen relations between the West and Russia and will lose the possibility of counter-sanctions”.

“The new system demonstrates the efficiency of the”

“Now we can confidently say that the elections to the State Duma of the seventh convocation was held,” – said in comments the newspaper VIEW political scientist, Director of the International Institute of the newest States Alexey Martynov.

“Looking at the election campaign, observing the competition between different parties and between the candidates in single-mandate constituencies, we can confidently say that political reform, carried out over four years, has fully justified itself, – says Martynov. – The new system demonstrated its efficiency”.

The spokesman stressed: “with this campaign, I am convinced that the winners were those candidates who met directly with people in neighborhoods, cities and towns, listened to their complaints, took on obligations. The best result today will show those who were able to inspire the trust of the voters. We can say that the elections back to the people.”

As for the chances to enter the Parliament for the representatives of the so-called “non-systemic opposition”, they Martynov considers as minimal. “Interest of our citizens they failed, these people almost uninteresting voters, I think, in the case of non-systemic opposition, we will deal with them voting for themselves”, – said the analyst.

“The Communist party and CP would be better to work with a social agenda”

“These elections were a test for the updated political system – said in an interview with the newspaper VIEW political scientist, Professor of practical philosophy, national research UNIVERSITY “Higher school of Economics Oleg Matveychev. “Now we can say that in terms of increased openness, competitiveness, and overall increase the legitimacy of the Duma in the eyes of the electorate, the system has passed this test”.

Matveychev noted that the reports about violations at polling stations, but not so much. “It’s clear that many of the losers will start to argue about fraud, but I think the community wouldn’t hear them, wait Maidan on the results of these elections will have”, – said Matveichev.

“According to the source, most efficiently conducted the election campaign the representatives of “United Russia”, having selected the most worthy candidates in a preliminary vote – primaries.

“The Communist party and “Fair Russia”, would work better with the social agenda against the background of deteriorating economic conditions. As for the liberal democratic party that they, for their hard Patriotic rhetoric, on the contrary, performed very well”, says Matveychev.

“New political projects have not shown much success”

In addition, in comparison with the previous election cycle, this election provided the voter a greater opportunity for choice, said in comments the newspaper VIEW political analyst Gleb Kuznetsov.

However, as the expert said, “the party variety – it’s still a possibility, but not guarantee broad representation in the state Duma”. The voter was guided how the candidates worked with voters – in full accordance with the proverb “as stamped and burst,” says the source. “But in the end, we can confidently say that the voter has chosen candidates are checked – as they say, “the old horse furrow not spoil,” – said Kuznetsov.

“Those parties which were represented in the previous composition of the state Duma, will remain in the current convocation, – predicts analyst. – New party projects yet to show any success.”

In this case, “using the primaries “United Russia” could, obviously, first, to set the tone of the campaign, and secondly to significantly upgrade the bench players,” – said Kuznetsov.

Commenting on reports on possible violations during the vote, Kuznetsov noted that the case “on mass violations by the so-called Federal district can not speak”. “All of what is said – rather, violations at local elections – said Kuznetsov. – The number of regions held, including elections to the regional legislative Assembly, city councils, the campaign goes on several levels. “Local” candidates, who are fighting for seats in the regional legislative assemblies, such violations happen, but the major political forces that do not bind”. Perhaps this purity has also become an important innovation, said Kuznetsov.

“What we had hoped for, conducting a five-year political reform, what we have received”, – says the expert. Violations are technical in nature, and occur in the elections of lower level than the elections to the State Duma, the expert concludes.

All the news on the elections to the state Duma in 2016


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