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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The main joke of the election: in Adygeya won the single-seat districts Reznik, the enemy of the Spaniards

If there was a contest called “Fun of our elections”: the first place it certainly would have taken Vladislav Matusovich Reznik, as if the only independent single-seat districts-a candidate who came to the new Duma from the Republic of Adygea. This is United Russia, which has long been big tooth wears away, the Spanish Prosecutor who tried to put him on the international wanted list.

photo: RIA Novosti

Vladislav Reznik

Mr. Reznik, a native of Peter, came to the state Duma in 1999 on the list of “Unity” – Association, which later transformed into the “United Russia”. Since then he was re-elected on the list of “United Russia” in 2003 and in 2007 and in 2011.

He has always been considered an influential MP, a lobbyist for the insurance lobby, first worked in the Committee on budget and taxes, then the two convocations was the head of the financial market Committee (it was called earlier the Committee on credit organizations and financial markets), and in the sixth convocation held the post of first Deputy of the Committee. One time even entered the Supreme Council of “United Russia”.

Spanish police since 2008, trying to attract Mr. Resnick to account for the alleged connection with the Tambovskaya criminal group and money laundering in Spain. Itself g-n Reznik these relationships categorically denied and denied. In the spring of this year the Spanish Prosecutor Balthazar Garzon even tried to declare the Deputy of the state Duma on the international wanted list…

Deputy Mr. Reznik was previously very active. But in this convocation about the little that was heard.

In return for the 2015 Vladislav Reznik, earlier it always used to be one of the richest deputies of the Duma, pointed suddenly a small cash income: about 72 million rubles. His wife, judging by the Declaration, no more.

But there is a share of 16 big land, plot for residential construction, residential house in 2765 sq m and shares in several outbuildings. Fleet, Mr. Resnick is wide: 12 cars, among them “Maybach” several Mercedes cars and a few trucks. The entire property of Mr. Reznik located in Russia.

Immunity and diplomatic passport after the announcement of the election results this MP is provided. Why Resnik followed the Adyghe district, and not native to St. Petersburg, which represented so many years in the state Duma it is hard to say. But it will be very strange if this independent member will not join the faction “United Russia”.

Vladislav Reznik scored 58,20% of the vote. However, from the ruling party in the Republic was not the single-seat districts, and other political parties fielded candidates as if for show. In particular, opponents Reznik was Valery Brinikh from “Green” Sergey Ghukasyan from “Communists of Russia”, Nina Konovalova from “homeland”, Alexander Loboda from “Fair Russia”, Denis Ogienko from the liberal democratic party and Eugene Salov from the Communist party.

His election by the company these people started only a week before the election, while Resnick has joined the race in early August.

First, he made the whole Maykop their banners, posters and leaflets, which often contain party symbols of “United Russia”. And rightly so, as reported by the local media, before the existence of Reznik in Adygea if someone did, I didn’t tell anyone.

With undisguised surprise, many noted that the posting of promotional materials policy doing even local officials — employees of the city administration. However, the laughter soon gave way to tears, entrepreneurs began to complain that in case of refusal to host the image Reznik warned them about a “hypothetical problem”.

In the end, the flyers filled the hospitals, schools, hospitals and even kindergartens. The crown election campaign Reznik become distributed to the students for the day of Maykop sheets for drawings with the mention of independent candidate of United Russia.

In addition, Resnick has focused on meetings with voters, organized by the administration of Maykop. Sometimes the events were attended personally by the head of the city Alexander Narolin.

Hence the natural result, the nearest “pursuers” Reznik Salov and Konovalov scored 15,19 and of 7.26% of the vote respectively.

It is characteristic that for the “United Russia” voted 61% came to the polls Adygei, for the Communist party — of 13.62%, and LDPR — 12,12%. All other parties won less than 4% of votes; turnout was from 49.66% of the population of the Republic.

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