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Friday, April 28, 2017

The head of LDPR Zhirinovsky after the election wished the Communists “fall”

Although politicians before the election admitted the chances of the liberal democratic party beat the Communists to take second place in the elections to the state Duma after United Russia, in the headquarters of the party was dominated by an amazing tranquility. The journalists recalled how in past years here, even in broad daylight, poured the brandy, but this time there was only tea, but with a signature blue and yellow symbols. Bored waiting for the briefing, cameramen photographed on the background cardboard Zhirinovsky and looked at his numerous portraits hanging on the walls.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The leader of the party to the press during the day did not go, delegating it’s odnomandatniki. The elections were held peacefully, without mass violations of all that could show rivals the liberal Democrats – a few threats and smeared with symbols of the liberal democratic party the door in one of the suburban houses.

Andrey Svintsov complained that the electoral campaign, especially for single-seat districts, was extremely sluggish. Before the last elections he had 11 live broadcasts, and this year, the debate in Moscow abolished, and the majority of holocausi with candidates met at the polls.

However, the greatest outrage in the headquarters of the liberal democratic party was caused by the attempts (though none of their authors is not directly called) to boost the turnout in Moscow. According to Lead, the people gather in Moscow region and on buses driven to the capital to vote. “We have been offering to transfer a single voting day in the spring, so people had the opportunity to examine in more detail the program of parties and candidates and consciously make your choice,” he said.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, surrounded by a dozen good fellows, appeared in the headquarters, about 21 at night, but nothing new compared with his colleagues said. “The fact that 57 million came to vote – it’s a shame!” he said. The leader of LDPR has underlined that recognize the election results and hopes to overtake the Communist party.

“We have long time to become the second political force in the country, and the Communists fail!” “he called out. However, because the parties are “neck and neck”, night, according to Zhirinovsky, it will be hectic. Drinking champagne too early, and age, in truth, is not the same… Already at ten o’clock the headquarters of the liberal democratic party was empty.

According to the latest data of the CEC after processing of 25% of protocols of election commissions, the liberal democratic party gained 15% of votes, CPRF — 14,85%. That is, the difference was within statistical error.

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Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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