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Friday, March 16, 2018

Terrorists threw explosives on garbage cans

A series of terrorist attacks and attempted terrorist attacks occurred in recent days in the United States. Dozens of people were injured. By all indications we are talking about a terrorist network. There is no direct evidence that the perpetrators are Islamic radicals. However, as it was organized attack, suggests exactly who might stand behind them.

The Federal Bureau of investigation announced in tracing the 28-year-old U.S. citizen Ahmad Khan Rahimi. As reported on the Agency’s website, this native of Afghanistan are looking to ask questions in connection with the terrorist attack in new York on Saturday.

“I don’t think this event actually affect the election campaign in USA”

Another terrorist attack, presumably associated with the new York explosion was averted on Monday. The explosive device was discovered in the same locality where, according to the FBI, lived Ahmad Khan Rahimi – town of Elizabeth in new Jersey. A homemade bomb was in a backpack left in a trash can located near the entrance to one of the local night bars. Backpack found two homeless people. They took him, thinking that there is something valuable, however, noticed a loose wire and put his discovery into a safe place, call the police.

Arrived on the scene, law enforcement officers quickly determined that the backpack is a bomb. Perhaps the plans of the attacker (or attackers) had a blast in the dead of night or in the morning when the bar goes visitors. However, the mayor of the city Christian Balwadi in an interview with reporters did not rule out that the perp just decided for some reason to get rid of the bomb. So came to the first station and dropped the bag in the trash. In favor of this version shows that the explosive device was not found the timer.

Demining was carried out using a special robot. He, judging by the interview of the mayor of CNN acted not absolutely successfully. The result was an explosion. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Perhaps the incident wouldn’t draw much attention, if not the preceding events. On Saturday at 20.30 explosion in the Chelsea district in Manhattan, new York. There, as in Elizabeth, the bomb was in a trash can. Injured 29 people: the explosion occurred near the center of assistance to the blind and near a number of cafes and bars. At 11 am a few blocks from the scene of the explosion found another improvised explosive device. It failed to disarm.

Another Saturday night, but the day of the tragedy almost happened in Seaside Park in new Jersey. And again the bomb was hidden with a garbage can. An improvised explosive device, apparently planned to detonate during a charity race. The race, which was going to take up to five thousand people, was postponed due to delays of some runners. As it turned out, it was able to prevent the tragedy. A suspicious object was found. The place where he was found, was cordoned off. While the bomb squad came, the explosion occurred, but no one was hurt. Next found another bomb of small capacity manufactured in a similar way.

The explosive device was made of improvised means – scraps of pipe, pressure cookers, garlands. And explosives, was apparently purchased legally. The bomb was Packed with tannerite – sold openly in the United States, a component for production of drilling operations.

On Saturday in the popular U.S. social networks Trumble has a record, the anonymous author of which confessed to new York terrorist attack. In the confusing, the text says that the explosion was “only a test”. The author of the note apologized for any “mistakes will never happen again” and spoke about his dislike for Donald Trump, which he called “a misogynist, a xenophobe, a racist and Islamophobia”. The author reported only one detail: he is homosexual, and therefore he does not like American society, where such as he, “look down”.

The police did not hurry to accept this recognition on faith. The video from the terrorist attacks in new York and close to the detection there of the explosive device really captures a man – and he, incidentally, very similar to Ahmad Khan Rahimi. However, first, the unknown author of the entry has not informed any details of the attack, which would be impossible to find on the Internet and from news feeds. Second, it has claimed responsibility for the explosion in Seaside Park, although a failed attack there and the terrorist attack in new York – obviously the links in a chain. Therefore, it is highly likely that the US operates a terrorist cell.

All of these attempts of terrorist attacks can be traced to one relationship. The authors don’t seem to have seen as your target any particular group of people. The attacks were not directed against, say, of the representatives of any ethnic group or profession. The bombs were placed in crowded areas on purpose, to maim or to kill as many bystanders.

The circumstances of the attacks are forced to remember the tragedy during the Boston marathon on 15 April 2013. Then three people were killed and about 200 injured in the explosion of a homemade bomb. As we know, the perpetrators of this crime were recognized as brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Tamerlan was killed during the arrest, and Dzhokhar was arrested and in may 2015, was sentenced to death. The court found that two brothers acted alone, having no direct connection with any terrorist groups, but under the influence of Islamist ideas.

It is possible that, if the terrorist attacks in new York and new Jersey and in fact are generated not by single and organized group, they also do not look straight track the “Islamic state*” or “al-Qaeda”. Perhaps the terrorists have acted only under the influence of Islamist propaganda.

In the American press suggested that these attacks may affect the progress of the campaign. I remember a mass murder in San Bernardino December 2, 2015, when a pair of Pakistani origin, with Islamist views, killed 14 people at the center for persons with disabilities. As a result, in the leaders started the race behind Donald trump. He actively criticized the American government and his opponents, the Republicans for being too liberal, in his opinion, immigration policy, the consequence of which, he believes, was the penetration into the U.S. aliens with extremist views.

However, as suggested by researcher, Institute of USA and Canada, Vasily Sokolov, now neither Hillary Clinton nor Trump the tragedy points will be added.

“I don’t think this event actually affect the election campaign. She has long passed the initial stage, goes on, and somehow radically change its course, giving one of the opponents the advantage, the attacks, such as those that occurred in new York and new Jersey,” he told the newspaper VIEW.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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