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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Terrible election night Zyuganov: the Communist faction in the Duma will be reduced by half

The night was for the leadership of the Communist party hard: amid reports of increasingly deafening success of the “United Russia” Communists threatened loss have become traditional in elections the second place. In the morning, after handle the volume of ballots, the Communist party still left the liberal democratic party behind. Communists consider this situation a result of “administrative resource this time worked not only on the party in power, but the liberal democratic party”…

(Recall that, according to the latest data of the CEC, the Communist party of 13.61%, LDPR – 13,37 – after processing of 80% of protocols from polling stations).

… Immediately after polling stations closed, the audience in very close lounge and the building of the party Central Committee the reporters came a member of the Presidium of the CPRF Central Committee, Deputy head of the legal service Andrey Klychkov.

He spoke about “nearly 1,000 complaints submitted to the CEC and regional election commissions.” With the election was shot through-the candidates in the Nizhny Novgorod region as opposed to the Communists was billed more than 20 “doubles” with names similar to mixing. “There is not only a twins candidate, but the twins-party,” said Mr. Klychkov, referring to the party “Communists of Russia” and “Party of pensioners”…

Mr. Klychkov said that the Communist party organized a system of election monitoring called “Red control” and has written “about 500 thousand of their representatives (members of election commissions and observers) on stations across the country.

“If the CEC will have a desire to reveal the facts of ballot box stuffing – just look at the video from the cameras installed at stations,” said Mr. Klychkov.

After 21-00 announced the results of the exit polls of the major sociological services, reporters had to wait another half hour before his statement did the leadership of the party. These data, as first announced by the Central election Commission figures, did not please members: the second place was occupied by the hated liberal democratic party.

Gennady Zyuganov, coming to the press conference, looked tired and annoyed – upset. “We are conducting a parallel count, the picture is basically different”,- with these words he began his conversation.

“Zhirinovsky in the list only a few people own, all the lists of the liberal democratic party was formed in the presidential administration, they dragged their to have a constitutional majority in the Duma!” – explained the essence of the leader of the Communist party.

Then it was not known that the “ER” podstelil a straw in the form of the party of Vladimir Zhirinovsky in vain: the constitutional majority it would have without it.

In any case, says Mr. Zyuganov, the election results – “is a dangerous delusion, which will inevitably result in undermining the stability of those settings, which gave the President”. Install these (so that the country will trust the results and the election was a competition of programs and commands) is not met, the leader of the Communist party.

He lashed out at the party system and electoral legislation, and tailored in recent years. Among the 14 games, released on elections, were the spoilers, the “lying party” assisted in funding specifically in order to take away votes from the Communist party and affect the result, believe in the Communist party (it was on the same party of pensioners and “Communists of Russia” in the end scored with about 4% of the vote).

“When “ER” will shout their victory, let them know that no victory, but there is a solid defeat of the country and nation, this election, add the split in the country, God forbid, the President falter smoked or Donbass – oooo, like everyone will crawl”, – said the leader of the Communist party shortly before his victory was announced at the headquarters of “ER” came to Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin

On 19-20 September and other days after the election, the Communist party and 34 organizations submitted applications for holding protests in a number of regions, said Mr. Zyuganov, but the intention to challenge the results said.

The head of the electoral headquarters of the Communist party Ivan Melnikov has led the first data of parallel counting of votes which showed that “ER” scored less than 40%, and the Communist party – about 21% of the votes and is in second place. “We are talking to all of you: do not go with the parcels until morning, wait until you get your hands on the protocols!” – interrupted the speech colleagues Gennady Zyuganov, referring thus to the representatives of the Communist party running in the election commissions and observers.

Mr. Melnikov also said that the main technology that was used against the Communists is hauling them votes in other parties which do not even have structures in the regions. Another old technology that appeared “particularly bright” – the distortion of public opinion with opinion polls, trying to influence him on the eve of the vote.

Particular criticism has received VTSIOM, 5 days before the election, declared the second place of LDPR. “If before the administrative resource served only the ruling party, in this election – and “ER,” and LDPR” – said Mr. Melnikov.

He said low and “very low” turnout in the country in General and in Moscow and other biggest cities in particular: 10% less than 5 years ago – “it is also a serious signal to the authorities, why is this happening”. One explanation, which is the Communist party – the attendance has reduced the postponement of elections in September, when the country still is not finished work, but in the countryside it’s harvest vegetables.

Report to journalists, the leadership of the Communist party withdrew, anxiously watching the changing figures on the monitors. “I think we will reach the second place, it seems so”, said employees of the headquarters, but little confidence in their voices was not. Over night the Communist party and the liberal democratic party several times changed places.

And in the morning it became clear that, even maintaining second place in the party standings, the Communist party is unlikely to consider the election results are good: after all, less than 14% of the vote and 7 single-seat districts indicate an imminent downsizing of the Communist party faction in the state Duma more than doubled, from the current 92 seats 40 with a small…

Elections to the State Duma 2016. Chronicle of events

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