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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Putin explained why people “still” vote for the EP

President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev after the election, came to the headquarters of the EP.

The scenario that the leadership of “United Russia” have prepared for the evening after voting in the elections in 2016, left no doubt that the party had been confident of victory. Already two hours before the polls closed in the square opposite the headquarters of United Russia in a lane under the cheerful songs of the Soviet music began to gather young people.

Police patrols and metal frame clearly showed that the empty party it will not be soon will welcome important guests.

photo: kremlin.ru

And indeed: as soon as the results of the exit polls, near the Park slowed down the motorcade Dmitry Medvedev. On a supposedly informal meeting the Prime Minister, unlike the hike to the polling station, dressed too informally – shirt and leather jacket. However, not in harmony with the attire suiting pants suggests that this is not the last Lady dressing up for the day.

Supporters greeted the leader of United Russia, shouting “Hurrah!” and “Russia!”. Medvedev thanked for the support. Someone in the back row said, “a little More – and I will give oak!” But the opportunity to shake the Prime Minister’s hand and make a festive selfie all a little cheered.

Photographed with those who are using a certain number of years, according to the calculations of the current party members will come in their place, Medvedev cheerfully walked to the main entrance of the headquarters. But the security service and police did not even think to relax: on the contrary – sticking together in a row, they began to push back the premiere of mourners crowd into the yard.

After a few minutes it became clear why: in the Bath lane zarulivaet limousine with the presidential flag. Putin’s visit to the headquarters of the party was a surprise for everyone, including the Kremlin pool of journalists covering events involving the President, but not to the top of the “Edra”.

In one of the rooms of the headquarters had already gathered students, greeted a Lady in the street and supporters seriously. Among the candidates and supporters of high growth allocated by the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin. Next to him was the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko. In the first row on the chair sat the head of Lenkom mark Zakharov, a little behind the singer Diana Gurtskaya. These people Dmitry Medvedev (and he was again dressed in a business suit) and Vladimir Putin decided to split first, as they say, the most sweet moments of victory.

The Prime Minister once again thanked for the support – now all citizens of the country. “The result is good, he said,” Our party will have in the Duma majority, but what kind of majority will be determined after the counting of votes”.

Vladimir Putin began with an unexpected confession: “I in recent days have often seen the entry where I urged people to come and vote. Time looked, two. Well, I think it’s time to remove me from the screen – I myself already tired”. However, the call turned out to be not useless. “People came to Express their civic position. The turnout is not the greatest from what we saw in the previous campaign, but it is high for you,” said the President. Recall that according to the CEC, the turnout at 18.00 in the whole country amounted to almost 40%. In the 2011 General elections in the state Duma have voted more than 60% of voters

The victory of “United Russia”, according to the President, due to the desire of people for stability: voters want the situation in the country in the political sphere in Parliament, was reliable. “That’s hard, hard, and people still for the “United Russia voted!” like himself, not believing, cried Putin.

Another component of the victory of the party in power is the growing political maturity of citizens. “This maturity is that they understand that empty promises are worth nothing,” – said the GDP. “Of course, skeptics may say that the party is working not as well as you should. But just better, nobody is working,” he added.

Of course, on the occasion of the arrival of the President to the headquarters of the party was covered with a chic table (even journalists were fed with three types of salads and various cakes). But Putin on the feast remained.

As for Dmitry Medvedev recently admitted Alexander Lukashenko, and all sitting on a diet: after six do not eat, and avoiding sweet and starchy foods. But a glass of champagne for the vast majority of “United Russiathe President and the Prime Minister still drank.

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photo: kremlin.ru
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