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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Putin explained the results of the elections to the state Duma the response of people to the sanctions

All night Vladimir Putin sought explanations for unexpectedly high results for United Russia” against the background of the difficult economic situation in the country and found at least three – request for stability, the growing maturity of the voters and a reaction to external pressure. The rate of the Kremlin after the elections, it seems, will not change. On Monday, Putin once again spoke about the need for structural reforms in the economy, national interests and readiness to cooperate with all political forces, if they are, of course, “patriotically oriented”.

photo: kremlin.ru

That was in the evening after the election headquarters of “United Russia”, read the report “Putin explained why people “still” vote for the ER.”

By Monday morning the Kremlin’s position has not changed. Dmitry Peskov, asked journalists “not to belittle the importance of numbers, that we have” (according to the CEC, stations visited by about 48% of the electorate), and to compare them with the elections in most European countries. “The turnout is much lower!” – assured the spokesman.

And generally – the main thing, in his opinion, not the turnout and the results. And they are very eloquent. “In some cities, the situation is worse than average stats, but again, this in no way affects the outcome of the elections and their credibility”, said Peskov. It is noteworthy that in 2011 he was asked to divide the support of “United Russia” support of the President. Now the rhetoric has changed. Voting for “Edro” is a de facto vote for President. “He once again received an impressive vote of confidence from the people of the country”, – said Peskov.

Vladimir Putin himself at the headquarters of the “Edra” in the evening after the election actually was quoting a famous joke about a hedgehog and a cactus: “Here is hard, hard, and people still for the “United Russia” voted!” In his opinion, this is due to the human desire for stability. They want the situation in the political sphere, the Parliament, have remained robust. In addition, in recent years, according to the President increased political maturity of voters who understand that “empty promises are worthless”.

By morning, Putin had another explanation for the apparent logical inconsistencies – incomes fall, and the results of the ruling party are growing. “This is a reaction to external pressure, threats, sanctions and attempts to destabilize the situation inside,” he said at a meeting with members of the government.

The head of state said that already has drawn conclusions from the results of the elections, the Russians are waiting for the next economic reform, but without a hint of “shock therapy”. Conversion, according to GDP, should lead to a change in the structure of the economy and increasing the impact of social support. “In no case should not be allowed shifting on the shoulders of people all load in the course of these transformations,” he said.

On the world arena Russia, he said, will continue to pursue a balanced line without any signs of aggressiveness, but with absolute respect for the national interests and ensuring national defense.

With regard to domestic policy, the Kremlin is going to listen to all political forces – irrespective of, they took place in the Parliament or not. The President once again promised to develop a multi-party system in the country and to support civil society, including NGOs. However, with one caveat – they must be “patriotically oriented”.

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