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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Public Council under the Ministry of defense discussed “the Army game”, the teachings and Warmia

“The army game” can be a prototype of the Olympic games, and China and Kazakhstan have already “booked” the right to host some competitions on their territories. About the modern army, as well as the achievements of the Armed forces over the past year, told journalists the head of the Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the meeting of the Public Council under the defense Ministry.

photo: structure.mil.ru

The defense Minister paid a lot of attention to two large-scale events held defense strategic command and staff exercises “Caucasus-2016” and “Army games”.

We held a mobilization not only equipment, but personnel in several subjects. It all went pretty well – have to thank for it and heads of administrations of regions, – the Minister said.

He also recalled that in the largest exercise of the year “Caucasus-2016” “was involved in almost the entire black sea fleet and the Caspian flotilla, air force, army, Marines, paratroopers. One of the key objectives of the exercise was “a reflection of the attack of a potential enemy and security areas.”

– Overall the exercise was attended by more than 125 thousand soldiers, 97 thousand civilian personnel, more than 300 aircraft, about helicopters as well, ” said Shoigu, adding that different parts of the exercise worked at 14 sites.

As for another no less large-scale events — “Army games”, according to Shoigu, in the next year can happen a number of changes. For example, the number of competitions of the International army games in the next year can pass not only in Kazakhstan but also in China.

– Today we have suggestions about additional contests and from a number of countries to hold a series of competitions on their territory. In particular, we are talking about China and Kazakhstan, and other countries. I think this would be useful for our cooperation with our parinari CSTO, as well as other of our colleagues from Latin America, Africa, Central Asia, – said the commander, adding that the defense Ministry will make many more efforts to ensure that the Military games have become a kind of Olympic games in the army.

Not paid attention Shoigu and an emerging movement of students, “Uname”. The Minister dispelled fears of society about the fact that the movement intends to militarize youth or force her “to go order”.

– Many say that we are engaged in the militarization of the country, so we’re all set go system… It certainly is not so. But we just don’t like that sometimes do in the certain subjects with young people and what is shown on television. Therefore, we have set ourselves a number of tasks, – said the Minister.

The defense Minister recalled that the first meeting yunarmeytsev was held in late may in the Park “Patriot”. In all regions of Russia, except Chukotka, organized and have registered these movements. The Minister invited members of the Public Council to take over the patronage of schools in which they once studied, and to organize there a branch of Warmii”.

Discussed by the Public Council of the situation with a volunteer army.

– During the year made more than 50 thousand soldiers under the contract, and the overall staffing of the contract exceeded 356 thousand people, 93% of the plan year, – concluded the head of the National defense control center, Lieutenant General Michael Mezentsev.

Thus, according to him, the defense Ministry said the steady increase in the staffing of the Armed forces, which in comparison with last year grew 1.4%.

As for the equipment, according to Mezentseva, in the past year on weapons has already received more than 2 million samples and more than 550 thousand units of special equipment and means of maintenance.

Mezentsev also said that “the basis of the combat training still account for interspecies and bilateral exercises. However, their number in comparison with the previous year, increased by 12 and 23%, respectively.

According to him, tactical and operational skills honed at 135 polygons, equipped with modern equipment. This year has already completed over 2.5 thousand exercises and teachings at various levels.

Military infrastructure in 2016 increased by 123 object as a whole, the defense Ministry deployed the scale of construction comparable only to the 1970-ies, also said little fingers.

According to him, this year, we completed construction and reconstruction of aerodromes “Engels” and “Tiksi” mooring geoport objects of Novorossiysk naval base, the presidential cadet school in Sevastopol. In addition, the complete overhaul of facilities of military towns in Alakurtti, Ryazan, Sochi, many of the objects in the Crimean Federal district and a number of others said the little fingers.

At the meeting attention was paid to the moral-psychological state of servicemen of the Russian army.

“The optimal level of morale of the Russian troops is confirmed by results of sociological monitoring, conducted in the Armed forces,” said the little fingers.

In his words, “an important measure of social support was increased in 2015 to 3.3 times the amount of monetary compensation for the sublease of premises, which allows to compensate at least 90% of the actual cost.” “There has been a significant increase in the number of participants in the cumulative mortgage system. Today, the registry includes about 172 thousand, which is two times more than in 2012. The annual increase in the number of participants of military mortgage is not less than 18 thousand,” he said. In his words, “a complex of treatment and preventive measures helped to reduce the total incidence of military personnel and increase the percentage of healthy military personnel to 92”.

Moreover, Mezentsev said that in the near future, the defense Ministry will create on its website of the “Electronic reception”.

“Now there is no need to go to Moscow, you can apply to the public reception at the place of service or residence, ask a question and get an answer in mode of videoconference”, – he said.

“In the future we plan to actively develop e-services and possible remote communication, and in the short term – to complete the creation of the “Electronic reception” on the website of the Ministry of defense,” said the little fingers.


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